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  1. Liam Gallagher

    Oasis at Finsbury Park (2002 I think?) was the messiest, grimmest gig I have ever been to. An absolute stinker of a day.
  2. The National

    Isn't this in place of Field Day or did I read it wrong?
  3. St Vincent Tour

    From what I've heard of the new album - sounds bloody brilliant.
  4. Tour Announcements & Upcoming Gigs

    I have pretty much stopped going to 'big' gigs cos of the price. Would have seen Arcade Fire, but £70! No thanks. Would have seen a lot of others too, but it just aint' worth it. I suppose the artists make less money through record sales what with streaming and the what not. I'm not sure the bubble is ready to pop yet, but the whole model of making money for acts has changed. Lanterns on the Lake this weekend - £16! :-)
  5. The National

    Please not a London Park - will be overpriced, beer, everything, will be full of casual big-day-outers, band will come on in daylight (hardly suited to the national), will be too quiet, and finished by 10pm or something silly. Do it somewhere else!
  6. Tour Announcements & Upcoming Gigs

    Great stuff! Not going. Mrs didn't fancy it and can't be doing with the drive there and back on my tod. :-(
  7. 30k more tickets for Glastonbury in future?

    Don't remember 2000 being too bad. But then it was my first one so maybe I didn't realise. It def. felt very quiet in 2002 in comparison.
  8. 30k more tickets for Glastonbury in future?

    Please no. Already less enjoyable down to it's size than it was pre-2007. :-( (still great though)
  9. The National

    23 songs - That gig went soooo quickly too.
  10. The National

    Fantastic gig! Thought the new songs were all ace - be interesting which ones make it into sets in future years. Day I Die, Carin at TLS, Guilty Party and This System... stood out for me. Didn't feel Dark Side of the Gym worked quite so well, and I love that tune, nor the title track (which I'm not too keen on anyway). Great to hear Vanderlyle at the end - loved it. If they play 20 ish songs, 10 of which are new, you have 10 spaces left for what 6 albums? Of which I guess 2 or 3 are gonna always be played (Mr November, Bloodbuzz etc).... someone is always going to be disappointed on set lists! Regardless of 'could have played this' the gig was flipping great. Band seemed to be having loads of fun - loved the cheer for the solo in This System... Loved the (unexpected) singalong of Need My Girl. The Queen cover - a band having fun on their last night of a 4 night run. Buzzing this morning and going to listen to Alligator in full.
  11. Tour Announcements & Upcoming Gigs

    Keep the faith. Holding out there will be some standing left.
  12. The National

    TONIGHT! Hoping for one of Geese of Bev Road or Daughters of Soho Riots, based on them both not being played last night. Hopefully get Slow Show again. To be honest, not too bothered, as you'll always get a couple you want and no more, such a huge number of songs that are great now, and I love the new album. Not seen them since the High Violet tour as had a sprog born when they toured TWFM and couldn't be doing with travelling to that there London. EXCITED!! :-)
  13. The National

    I hope they play Slow Show - Thursday in London for me. Yeah!
  14. The National

    All set lists looking great to me. Accept you will probably get a couple of older tracks you love, but probably miss a few too! That's the problem of liking bands who are still knocking out great new stuff and have the back catalogue to match.
  15. The National

    Because they don't like it as much as you? It's OK, it works on the album, as a closer. But I wouldn't hurry to go straight to that track to listen to it. Fits well, but not a stand out, which each of 7-11 is. FOR ME. :-)