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  1. Arcadia Lineup!

    I'm old.
  2. Would you like a fairer way to buy tickets?

    Personally think it was fairer when it took 24hours of f5 to get one - then the most persistent really did get one. Can't say it was enjoyable though!!
  3. Flares or Not?

    Sensible conclusion on the subject in my eyes.
  4. Flares or Not?

    So it's all about the Tories and not the specific of flares? Also we should piss in the streams?
  5. Flares or Not?

    Can I ask why it was brilliant?
  6. Rage Against the Machine

    Watchiing the C4 coverage of them in 1994 was what made me want to go to Glastonbury.
  7. Flares or Not?

    Now you are being silly :-)
  8. Where do we start?

    First stop - Cider Bus. Then a good wander - go and see the dragon and take obligatory pic, try and cover all corners of the site, talking about what's changed, remind yourself of the lay out... .... then back to the cider bus for the evening!
  9. Flares or Not?

    Don't the festival ask you not to bring them?
  10. Band of Horses

    Infinite Arms and Cease to Begin. Is EATT better then? Will give it a go. Bloody love a bit of Americana (if that is what it's classed as!).
  11. Band of Horses

    A must see for me - a band always on the periphery for me until recently when have had their 2 most popular albums on repeat.
  12. Flares or Not?

    I was going to type that there might be a relationship there, but thought I'd get someone's back up, so well done for pointing it out!
  13. Flares or Not?

    As someone else said - drunk people in charge of burning embers. Great. I'm sure I'll get shot down for this, but isn't it another 'look at me I'm on telly' type thing that has crept (well, much more than crept) in to the festival? I understand the argument that they look good, but I'm sure the screens/lasers/blahblah look great already and are safe. I must be getting old.
  14. BBC White Paper - Glasto reference

    A world without the BBC isn't worth thinking about - 10 minutes watching ITV or listening to commercial radio would tell you that. re: Glastonbury coverage. The BBC coverage is great, but it is a little excessive? Maybe it's just because we go most years, but how many people really do sit at home all day watching sets live on the red button and working their way around the site? Would love to know the figures of how many people watch the smaller stages and not the main BBC2 type coverage.
  15. stone roses

    I remember watching that Seahorses set on TV (or what they showed of it).... the bit whre it goes 'these waters run deep...' and he turns away and gives up.... painful to watch. You had to feel for him abit. Clearly thinks 'feck it' when he goes out in the crowd.