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  1. Enjoyed BSP the year I saw them (2009?) - not sure about headlining though?
  2. Listening to Fleet Foxes new tune this afternoon - hope it's them, but guessing it won't be - presumably Latitude is an exclusive.
  3. Be happy with FRabbit after managing to miss them twice at Glastonbury last year.
  4. It's a great festival - you'll love it. Best thing is always finding new music. Saw some of my fave bands at EOTR before I'd ever bought any of their records.
  5. Go to something else and go to EOTR a year when it does take your fancy more?
  6. BW was fantastic in 2005 - sun was out, stood up on the hill abit, enjoying dry ground after the rain. Can't beat it. Saw him a couple (?) of years later doing 'That Lucky Old Sun' on the southbank and he still sounded amazing. I'm guessing 10 years have passed - does he still sound good? The years had taken their toll even 10 years ago but the band were stunning. I have no desire to see anything with Mike Love in, regardless of what it's called.
  7. Memory of my last Latitude was lots of teenagers and families. Not so much so for EOTR although it is family friendly - I just think the line-up doesn't attract a younger crowd. Definitely more beardy and aley, and not in a hipster way. The comedy / film is much less prominent - although there is some. As above, obv its a lot smaller. Easy to catch a lot more bands due to short distance between stages and campsite etc. There is less to do 'in to the night'. Much more of a sit around a fire type vibe that Latitude. Having done both a few times I def. feel if you enjoyed Latitude you'd enjoy EOTR, particularly if you want to see lots of acts that may be new to you.
  8. It's not massively disimilar. Will try and type a longer answer later! I would say the demographic is a bit different.
  9. There isn't really any need in my opinioin - main stages not too far from campsite and audible - except for the quiet area which is further from the main arena. I don't think I've ever heard a stereo in the campsite in all the years I've been.
  10. And remember - the price increases as you move through the tiers, so it will cost more nearer the time of the festival. It's a great, chilled festival. The one thing I can think to mention is I wouldn't say it gets wild in the evening, if that's your sort of thing. A very low idiot count. It's great!
  11. Yes - search the festival under Users and it is there.
  12. Honestly never heard of him so will check him out.
  13. Spotify list is full of songs now. That's my day sorted then! Lucinda Williams - familiar with the name but not the music - first song came on, bloody brilliant!
  14. So is it certain MDM is a Woods Stage headliner?
  15. Me too - saw him at Colston Hall last year (or year before) and he was very good, ILYHB was my joint (with Ezra F) album of the year before last, and the new single bodes well for the album. (Was earlier just pointing out how without the alter-ego {or whatever you call it} he was very different). Very pleased he's headlining. Just hope he plays Holy Shit! when he has another album to draw from.