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  1. thye Common announces

    Sadly, I will be in bed when this is all happening. Just please don't make a noise when you come back to your tents.
  2. thye Common announces

    I am so old and out of touch.
  3. Self Confirmed 2016

    It's a decent pop song with a very self aware cheesey video. It's supposed to be fun! Cheer up, I thought I was a miserable bugger. Being they were big REM fans I would compeltely guess the video is an attempt to hark back to the videos of Stand (take a look) and Shiny Happy People.... I wouldn't take it too seriously!
  4. Festival no 6 or ETR

    Check out the EOTR youtube channel for a good impression of what its like. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UChutwkiKO6B5p5yxepzU9BQ/
  5. Festival no 6 or ETR

    Same here (re: using it as fam fest).
  6. Festival no 6 or ETR

    If you like the top end of the line up you are also bound to find loads of stuff on the undercard that you hadn't heard of that you will end up liking. The first couplef of years we went I saw some of what are now my favourite bands playing there. Easy to cram loads of bands in over the course of the weekend, without any pressure of 'missing out' on a super big name.
  7. Festival no 6 or ETR

    Agree with all of this. It's also a very 'easy' festival due to its size. No lugging stuff for miles, you can get between stages easy and down the front easy. Loads for the kids if you have them. Good comedy, good film. Very safe feeling. Great food. I fancy Festival no.6 one year, but will be alternating Glastonbury & EOTR for the next few years still I think.
  8. Festival no 6 or ETR

    Its def not really a 'getting on it' sort of festival. great for a few ales and cider though
  9. Festival no 6 or ETR

    Can only comment on End of the Road.... to say, It's great! I suppose the closest thing to it at Glastonbury is to say it's like the Park both in line-up and atmosphere. Very low idiot quota, always a great line up (well, depending on your taste). Nice and small, friendly, loads of real ale. Very low w***er count. Lovely location. Lots of attention to detail on the site. They have the Cider Bus there. Depending on what you are after, the only thing that may ptu some off is that there isn't much if you want to party well into the early hours. There is stuff to do at night, but after the bands it's fairly low key. It also gets very gold at night, but is fine if you are prepared. An excellent festival though. My favourite. Video from 2013:
  10. Next Announcement thread

    That Avalon picture is definitely saying 'peak in here and see the line up very soon'
  11. Next Announcement thread

    Hopefully Avalon, quite fancy watching some small stage headliners this year, being the larger stages aren't (yet) floating my boat.
  12. Self Confirmed 2016

    In my opinion the first Travis album was a great indie pop album - More Than Us, All I Wanna Do Is Rock, Tied to the 90's - ace pop songs. The problem was they then went all wet and acoustic (which became all the rage after Wonderwall) and the next 2 albums simply didn't have as strong songs on them. Flowers In the Window is awful, U16 Girls was a great tune. They rode the wave of success around that acoustic music at the time.
  13. Silver Hayes Lineup

    I know very little about any of these, and doubt I will see (m)any, but IT'S EXCITING ALL THE SAME!
  14. Really sorry guys...

    Interesting to see how the results fit in at the end, but not as interesting as it will be to see how the questions work together... i.e. how long ago since 1st festival with change in cost etc.
  15. SE Corner

    Does make me wish I was younger and could stay up later!