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  1. Mercury Rev headliner EOTR before that. 2008 I think it was.
  2. A good assessment - that 2004 gig was great, place was rammed, the tent was about 1/4 the size it is now (possibly less). Was that just after Mr Brightside was released? I remember the whole place went off. 2005 - who was that before? 2007 - yes, we were in the section of the crowding shouting 'turn it up, turn it up' - sounded like it was being played through a yoghurt pot on a bit of string. Bloody awful. That and the weather. When the firewords went off on the opening (Sam's town?) I thought it was going to be great, but it was awful. Never has a career trajectory been more disappointing than that of the Killers. Bloody loved Hot Fuss.
  3. We saw these in one of the theatre fields this year -they were bloody brilliant! Great fun! One of my random highlights of the festival....
  4. ha! In which case you owe me as at one point I'm sure I saved you from a certain face plant when coming over the top of us on your dinghy!
  5. Accurate post by LowerMead. We alternate it with Glastonbury these days - and take the kids. Can't afford to do x2 festivals in one year anymore, and I bloody love EOTR. I can only remember 2008 being muddy, but it was fine. The festival is small enough for it not to be too much of a concern. One thing about the weather - it can get VERY cold at night compared to festivals earlier in the year. Wrap up and take a wooly hat. Be prepared for it as once cold it's hard to warm up again.
  6. They sounded great - but it sill perplexes me out of all the acts that Alex could choose to put on he chooses to play the total knob. Having said that, by the end of it I *almost* found it amusing.
  7. In the last few years we've gone from 'every year' to 'every other year' - mainly due to family/money. What I will say is once you come to terms with it missing one isn't toooooooo bad. But the fact this year the headliners didn't do much for me does make me fear next year will be ones who I don't want to miss (RH), now that, would be bloody typical. However, still grateful we made it the year of the Stones.
  8. Yes! Thursday night we went - probably my favourite memory of the festival. All our group together, pissed and having a good sing, no pressure to be elsewhere or missing something else. If only someone hadn't spun it to dubstep, but nevermind!
  9. They played mid afternoon on the JP in 2013, which is equivalent I would say to a bit higher up in the Park? regardless, next album could either send them big or just stay the same level as they were following Hummingbird. Got tickets too :-) and high hopes.
  10. Good call on Local Natives - be interesting to see if the new album will increase their popularity or not. Great band.
  11. Great stuff. Hopefully karma will deal the thief a nasty blow.
  12. The soundbleed from the Stonebridge when watching someone on the Park is annoying. In the quiet moments (of which up there there can be plenty) often gets drowned out by whatever is going on in the tent.
  13. Yep, other stage is much better than it was. Used to dread seeing people on there but now it is great.
  14. Elbow should have headlined whatever year it was they did the sunset slot AGAIN. 2013 maybe? Opportunity lost.
  15. Naughty corner wasn't there in 2007, it was just Los Vaguness. Wouldn't apologies for your original post @Skoo - I feel similarly and have a bit of internal conflict about it.. It's worse now than I remember it being in 2000 to be honest. I like the edge the SE corner brings, but getting there is nightmare. I would happily go back to 'how it was' but it isn't going to happen.