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  1. I'd agree with this - wasn't there this year, but have felt in recent years as the demographic (arguably) has changed a bit the 'main' stages tend to get rammed, and the late night stuff, but the greenfields, avalon etc are generally bliss during the day. (i.e. dead).
  2. I'd agree with this. Was gutted to miss them this year, but suppose saw the same thing more or less in 2004!
  3. They are a funny band really, Hot Fuzz was amazing when it came out, great sets in 2004 & 2005, but I'm sorry, perhaps not their fault, but 2007 was appalling. I don't think they have necessarily been on the way down since, but the next album would be have to be pretty special for them not to be trading off 15 year old records in 2019.
  4. Levellers have the largest crowd don't they? (94?)
  5. Anyone but Muse or Coldplay again please.
  6. Not sure he's entirely serious.
  7. Never had as much fun as was had watching them in 13. Looked great on the telly this year too. Top stuff.
  8. Missed this year - but 100% agree with the above. I REALLY felt it this year, every band on the box was great and was devastated to miss Radiohead. Of all the years to miss!!!!! Nevermind. Hope everyone had a blast.
  9. Well done that man!! Chuffed for you!
  10. Yep, EOTR for us again too. Feel smug in September.
  11. Having missed a few now since the kids came along (after going for loads of years in a row) - I can only say, get yourself something fun booked in over the weekend. Makes it alot easier to be having fun elsewhere. But it is tough. We kind of chose not to go this year, but it's still killing me. Will make 2019 (tickets permitting!) all the more joyous though.
  12. Heard the interview and got the impression that it may not ever happen... I have always wondered if the reporting of it was tactical with landowners etc. Not sure if any new deal was done (?) but wonder now if it will never happen. Wouldn't really believe any of the reporting on it anymore.
  13. Friday the weakest day for me too.
  14. There aren't loads of people I am desperate to see, but of all those I've listened to and thought 'oh good, they are good I'll see them' - every single one clashes with another!
  15. Haven't read this whole thread, so forgive me if it's been said before - but I see clashfinder has Noel G doing an intro to supersonic on one day. Could it be him?