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  1. New Site Map

    Aah, didn't go last year - will look forward to checking out the new additions. 3 years since our last one!
  2. New Site Map

    Oooh, exciting. Trying to think what is normally where the karaoke bit has been put?
  3. Bands for 2017

    Most stages you can get to the front fairly easily I've found..... Garden stage can get very busy in the evening, but you'd still be able to see at any point. The Tipi is often a squeeze for a popular act, but that's it.
  4. When does the music stop?

    I don't think the 'arena' closes? It's an arena in the very loosest sense of the word anyway - cursory glance at the wrist band.
  5. Weather

    Like all festivals - there will be some sun and some rain, prepare for both. Bit of luck it will be more sun than rain.
  6. Thursday Night

    Visit the jacknife store and look at which poster I am going to buy.
  7. Thursday Night

    Not been since the music started on the Woods on a thurs. Normally, get a hot and spicy, try and get in the Tipi and give up... go for a wander and that's about it! I think sometimes the woods/library/disco ship end of the site has been shut if my memory serves me correct.
  8. Weather

    The site is Ok in the rain - been awhile since my last wet one but reckon you'd get by in walking boots, rather than them definitely being needed. I'll be taking them though, even if they are left in the car. Wellies and sun cream are essential regardless of forecast!
  9. Weather

    It's rained almost every day of the school holidays, I know that much. So hopefully some good weather is due. Historically there haven't been very many very bad years..... (famous last words).
  10. You get 10 bands and 10 bands only

    Sooo... Without much thought I have: Father John Misty Margaret Glaspy Aaron Lee Tasjan Real Estate Nadine Shah Vaduo Game Alvvays Julia Jacklin Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever Aldous Haring Really want to see Perfume Genius again, but fear we will have to bail by then, 1st day at school for sprogs in the morning. so happy bands are on Thursday to get an extra music evening out of it.
  11. Glastonbury Festival Wikipedia page

    Even clearer when looking at the pic from 1999. Back of stage inline with row of trees. Something I never knew and have been obsessing about now for 24 hours. ha!
  12. Glastonbury Festival Wikipedia page

    Aahh yes - I get it:
  13. Glastonbury Festival Wikipedia page

    Aah right. Old pics does look like there are a few more trees behing it, which would make sense. Interesting stuff. Can't imagine it being different to how it is now, but I suppose so much has evolved over time.
  14. Glastonbury Festival Wikipedia page

    @glasto-worker which way did the Pyramid face then before they 'twisted' it? Tried looking at old pics but can't quite work it out. I would have thought it would have always faced up the hill?
  15. Glen Campbell

    Anyone who knows little about GC should just read the list of records he played on - absolutely played a massive part in the soundtrack in all our lives. Recorded quite possibly the greatest vocal of all time on Wichita Lineman. Was hoping he'd do the legend slot a few years back when we was touring - the tour with the modern covers on. He would have been great. RIP.