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  1. Explosions In The Sky

    As an EOTR sort of regular (missed last year but been to a few) I always equate the Park with EOTR... headliners can sort of correspond and the acts in the day time. (In fact, the more time I spend at the Park at Glastonbury the more I think why bother with the hassle and not just do EOTR again this year!) Can't beat a good big act on the Pyramid though, as infrequent as good ones seem to be for me in latter years.
  2. Best Albums of 2015

    It's a great album (can't choose between it ofr Father John Misty for best album this year). Saw Ezra last month in Bristol - flipping fantastic. Hope he's at Glasto, he is back over next year for more dates I beleive.
  3. Sunday Legend 2016

    There's no way Macca could be anything but a headliner.    Hopefully it will be something closer to "all round music legend" type status this year rather than "guilty pleasures."
  4. Headliners 2016

    He played instead of Burt Bacarach I think on Sunday in 2000, just as Bablyon was out. Before REM in 03 when his next album was out. Don't recall him playing any other time nor headlining, but might be wrong.
  5. Explosions In The Sky

    Park headliner? 
  6. PJ Harvey

    Recent sales or chart positions...  This reminds me of the X Factor when they flash up those bits before the guests saying "120m youtube hits!"..... "10m twitter followers!".... "number one in 27 countries!"....  Popularity is no measure of greatness.   PJ Harvey is great. I'll be there, if it happens.
  7. Headliners 2016

    David Gray was on before REM if I remember correctly. He was enjoyable actually. 
  8. Headliners 2016

    Hi.. Not exactly what I said. Nothing to do with ethos or mainstream or right or wrong - just that the proportion of of people enjoying the mainstream at the festival has increased dramaticallly, and the proportion of what could be considered enjoying more of the alternative has decreased. Obviously there was some sense of generalisation in what I said, but not quite as harsh as 'everyone who wants to see...' as implied by your post.    Still, leaves plenty of room to get down the front of the other stages. :-)
  9. Headliners 2016

    Of course it's down to taste. I can see why the numbers and her popularity make it a coup. But musically, to my taste, it could be a miserable couple of hours stood in a field listening to piano ballads and mid paced pop. But each to their own! :-)  
  10. PJ Harvey

    PJ Harvey and John Grant back to back on some stage please! 
  11. Headliners 2016

    Probably right. It does feel like 2 festivals these days. Admittedly, not been since 2013, but that year it felt like there was teh Pyramid and Other as one festival (massive crowds for some very popular and bland acts)... and then the Greenfields, Park etc where there was great stuff going on, but more often than not, no one there. I couldn't believe how empty the green field tents were at some point in the day. The demographic has def. changed to 'tickboxers' and hens/stags abit. So I suppose the headliners are likely to also. I mean look at the legend slot... from Jonny Cash or Brian Wilson to Dolly or Lionel.    Still the biggest and the best though - just finding this set of headliners (rumoured) very underwhelming, with Adele being the underwhelming cherry on top.
  12. Headliners 2016

    I don't really buy the 'biggest act' argument - Mariah? Bieber? Who else qualifies? I always thought the headliners should be based on the artistic merits as well, although appreciate they need to fill a field. Adele - she seems nice and has a great voice, but it's music who buy CD's in Tesco isn't it? Glastonbury is diverse and brilliant, but I still hoped it wouldn't be as dull as this choice for headliners. 
  13. Headliners 2016

  14. PJ Harvey

    Jeez, was that back in 2004 she last played. She was bloody brilliant!  To me she should be subbing the Pyramid, but then there is some utter crap on the Pyramid these days, so headlining the Park would be great :-) 
  15. Coldplay Pre-Sale

    £80!!! For Coldplay! Money's too tight to mention.