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  1. Will check out some of those listed above. PJ Harvey, Whitney (recommended here), Bon Iver, Local Native, Michele Stodart, Conor Oberst, Michael Kiwanuka, Carseat Headrest.... those are the ones I think I've listened to most off the top of my head.
  2. They were great in both 2010 & 2013 - but as commented before - way to short a slot in 2013, they were only on for about an hour I'm sure! 2010 in the sun. What a bloody lovely afternoon that was.
  3. That would be fantastic.
  4. It was a strange year for me. Definitely much nearer the bottom of my best Glastonburys than near the top. I can only think 2007 & 2002 being less enjoyable. (Of course, a bad G is still 1000 times better than 'real life'.) The music wasn't that great overall, IMHO. The weather was bad. Brexit made me quite angry over the weekend, and there weren't tooo many good old rants by bands, which surprised me. The highight was spending time with our usual group, having missed a couple of years. But that was off set by some newcomers who weren't quite on the same wave length as those who we've been going with for years. So all in all, an odd one. Not solely down to the weather.
  5. Oh FFS. Not going this year. :-( Gutted! Oh well.
  6. The National are bloody brilliant.
  7. I read it whilst I'm waiting for a hair cut - other than that not bought it in 10 years. Between around 1994-2001 I reckon I bought it almost every month.
  8. yes! They wre great - had never heared of them either at the time and we laughed all the way through their set. (The joke wore thin a couple of years later, whenyou realised they weren't even joking!). "Give me a D, (D!), give me an Arkness.."
  9. I'd agree. Preferred the days when you'd go and watched something different or new 1st thing Friday (yes, I know you still have that option, but there is a case of missing out syndrome sometimes)., rather than what is billed as a big deal with being a big band, but in my experience disappoints.
  10. Watched them in 2003 and it was a little dull, and I quite liked them at the time. Considering where the Manics and Pixies etc have ended up on the bill in recent years, I can't imagine them being very high up at all, if they were to play.
  11. First EOTR for a few years next year - can't wait. I am all aboard the calls for Bon Iver and the National - although fear both are too big. Bon Iver in 2009 (?) was the single best festival set I've ever seen I reckon. Whoever said Michael Kiwanuka - yes please! Love this new album. And Fleet Foxes - have they got a release coming up? Also, a big yes for Sharon Van Etten, Courtney Barnett and Car Seat Headrest. Other than that, open to anything! Frigthened Rabbit to come back, or how about Bear's Den? Is Caitlin Rose due a release by now? Best thing about EOTR is finding new people, so a couple of the above and loads of new stuff would be great.
  12. Not going next year - taking the kids to a smaller fest instead. However, i've only really come to say that if Radiohead and The Stone Roses headline I will have a little cry at missing out, partic. after the (IMO) poor options last year. (That said, I did enjoy Coldplay a lot!).
  13. 2004 - remember I got ours at about 2am over the phone. I then stayed up until about 4 trying for another mate. I gave up and went to bed. Then went to work for 9am, tried to get them all day long at my desk, and got them for him at 5.30pm! That was almost 24 hours of solid trying!!! Was worth it though. Not quite as good as 2003, but probably in my top 3 Glastonburys out of 10.
  14. Mercury Rev headliner EOTR before that. 2008 I think it was.
  15. A good assessment - that 2004 gig was great, place was rammed, the tent was about 1/4 the size it is now (possibly less). Was that just after Mr Brightside was released? I remember the whole place went off. 2005 - who was that before? 2007 - yes, we were in the section of the crowding shouting 'turn it up, turn it up' - sounded like it was being played through a yoghurt pot on a bit of string. Bloody awful. That and the weather. When the firewords went off on the opening (Sam's town?) I thought it was going to be great, but it was awful. Never has a career trajectory been more disappointing than that of the Killers. Bloody loved Hot Fuss.