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  1. And remember - the price increases as you move through the tiers, so it will cost more nearer the time of the festival. It's a great, chilled festival. The one thing I can think to mention is I wouldn't say it gets wild in the evening, if that's your sort of thing. A very low idiot count. It's great!
  2. Yes - search the festival under Users and it is there.
  3. Honestly never heard of him so will check him out.
  4. Spotify list is full of songs now. That's my day sorted then! Lucinda Williams - familiar with the name but not the music - first song came on, bloody brilliant!
  5. So is it certain MDM is a Woods Stage headliner?
  6. Me too - saw him at Colston Hall last year (or year before) and he was very good, ILYHB was my joint (with Ezra F) album of the year before last, and the new single bodes well for the album. (Was earlier just pointing out how without the alter-ego {or whatever you call it} he was very different). Very pleased he's headlining. Just hope he plays Holy Shit! when he has another album to draw from.
  7. I remember seeing FJM play before Fleet Foxes at Sheps Bush in I guess 2008 (as J Tilma obv) and he moaned all throughout it that people were chatting.
  8. Is the official spotify playlist up and running yet?
  9. Definitely - I only picked up the Whitney album late September after lots on here had said how good they were. And that album ended up being my fave of last year.
  10. Always the best thing about EOTR for me - so many of my now fave artists bands have not known a thing about until seeing them low down the bill.
  11. A very decent start - a fair few I know and like and really would like to see. Lots I don't know, but will enjoy checking out. Chuffed about FJM - hope his new album is as good as the last.
  12. I'd be over the moon if Fleet Foxes were playing. Been too long since they toured.
  13. Hope its early so can spend the day listening to the spotify list! :-)
  14. I wonder whether they will repeat this giving out clues lark in future years, as bloody love EOTR, but it's really annoying me. Just tell us the bloody line up. Bad idea. (IMHO of course :-) )
  15. Listened to that Foxygen new album.... for 2 songs I thought 'this is ace' then after 8 or so I thought 'this is terrible.'