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  1. Langton Arms in Tarrant Monkton? That's 7 miles apparently so maybe still too far. Or the Talbot in Irwene Minster, but having checked its about the same distance, as is the Anvil in Pimperne. Can't think of anywhere nearer off the top of my head (got married around there!)
  2. The few times I've seen Ash he's been incredibly out of tune.
  3. Shaftesbury is a nice little place and only around 15mins away I would guess... have you tried there?
  4. I have a theory that the sunset slot on the Pyramid isn't quite what it was? Changing demogpraphic and too many people chatting waiting for big act. I'm probably wrong and just getting old, but I used to love a decent band on that slot, these days I'd rather they were on elsewhere.
  5. I love Oasis, and thought it was brilliant at the time - I was w**k**ed. However, listening back to their 2004 set is torture. Everything way too slow, painful singing, no banter. Dreadful. Goes to show what a difference it can make 'being there'. (Or being smashed anyway).
  6. Art Garfunkel last year.
  7. I love FJM but can easily understand why someone wouldn't - it's an alter-ego (presumably) that seems based on acting the clever clogs. Agree with ILYHB is an absolute classic, I really hope the new album lives up to it. John Grant - QOD is an amazing album. Unfortunately the electronic stage an dad-dancing have put me off him. Remember him doing QOD on his own (well, abit of accompaniment) on the Garden Stage in 2011 (I think, it was on Sunday night in the drizzle) and he was simply magical. But again, underwhelmed after seeing him on the PGG tour, but that might just be me.
  8. Park set was so busy we watched from right up near the back by the ribbon tower - sound was tin pot. However, it was bloody boiling so had a great time drinking and chatting instead!
  9. 2010 F-Lips was one of my greatest headliners. Was balling it at the end. Love it!
  10. I thought 2010 was great - cracking day! Were Phoenix on after them? I remember it being the same afternoon but might be wrong. GUTTED I will miss them this year. Oh well, some west country warm up dates would be nice. :-) Hope they don't put them on the Pyramid for you fans - they'll get lost amongst the chatters / day trippers etc. Late on the Other or JP I reckon.
  11. It's better than last year for sure. Shame I'm not going.
  12. I did wonder whether you meant the acts/bands were pretentious of the festival bookings were pretentious when I read the first comment. I hope you enjoy the festival. Unfortunately, I think you may want to rule out enjoying a lot of the bands already though based on the above. It is very 'uncut'. High beard count at EOTR.
  13. Enjoyed BSP the year I saw them (2009?) - not sure about headlining though?
  14. Listening to Fleet Foxes new tune this afternoon - hope it's them, but guessing it won't be - presumably Latitude is an exclusive.
  15. Be happy with FRabbit after managing to miss them twice at Glastonbury last year.