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  1. Pasta with pesto is easy to do. Tasty and filling.
  2. realized I like Elbow.
  3. - never been at Arcadia at night time - never been to the South East corner at night - never had cider from the Cider bus - never seen a gig at Strummerville Most likely to correct the last one, Strummerville.
  4. Ah yes, only remembering now.... I got chatting to Mundy whilst watching Glen Hansard (with the Swell Season) at the Acoustic, 2008. He came along to Ethiopiques at the JazzWorld stage afterwards and we had a beer. (Mundy is an Irish singer/songwriter, best known for his cover of Steve Earle's 'Galway girl', which he recorded with Sharon Shannon). Have also bumped into Beans On Toast more than once. He tends to be everywhere.
  5. Years ago it was still possible to have a shower at the corner of the kids field if you got up early enough. I gave up on that once the queueing got too time-consuming. But when this was still an option, one morning I stumbled up there in foggy conditions and passed Chrissie Hynde and her daughter. They were busy talking to each other so I did not bother them.
  6. Sorted. It worked on the iPad...
  7. Alsarah & the Nubatones are a band I've been wanting to see.
  8. I really like this article. Most of it is over my head, but it illustrates how much planning, preparation and expertise goes into everything and this makes Glastonbury the wonderful event that it is. I want to share the article to Facebook, but cannot manage. Fb responds that it is unable to use the URL. Any ideas how to get around that?
  9. Yep, loved it! They finished with 'Love is noise', which was new to me at the time. Fantastic moment. Was hoping Richard would be on this year's line up but I guess not.
  10. I started scribbling enthusiastically, but way too may meh-lines for me unfortunately. I am still listening and investigating, so that could change still. There is more I want to see on the Avalon poster...
  11. I came across this track when checking out Chris Jagger's music the last time he played. I didn't get to go to his gig at 'Spirit of '71', but still love this song. Fantastic singing from Mick. Chris Jagger lives in or near Glastonbury I believe.
  12. I couldn't come last year due to being on a Thursday coach, but planning to be there this year (Wednesday coach!).
  13. Darlingside were the surprise hit at Cambridge Folk Festival last year. They did their scheduled gig, which went down well. Then someone couldn't make it on the main stage and they got that slot. That was quite a triumphant gig. They also played in the Guinness tent. Very enjoyable, and not really that Mumford-y, as someone suggested. The emphasis is on vocals. All four guys sing.
  14. I thought U2 versus Primal Scream playing 'Screamadelica' was the worst ever. Love both bands. There was even one of those Hitler videos about it. I don't think I have agonized over clashes since. Not enough on this year's line up that I really like to get worried at this stage...
  15. A girl I know one year stayed at the Glastonbury Backpackers (now closed I believe) and used the shuttle bus to go back and forth. I would feel that would take up far too much valuable time that could be spent better at the festival, but she was happy enough with it. She did have to leave the headliners before they finished though to start making her way to the bus...