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  1. This will be my first EOTR. I am going as a steward to earn my ticket. I have friends that go every year and they love the festival. To be honest, the entire line up looks terribly pretentious to me, but I am always keen to try something different. My boyfriend has been accusing me of getting more and more trad and folk-minded every year, so this is a new venture. I have been delving into the line up and so far I have come across Ryley Walker and Daniel Romano whom I didn't know but would be keen to check out. Only a few acts that I know well. I wholeheartedly recommend Lankum and Lisa O'Neill.
  2. I have not camped at Coldham's Common, but I believe it is much bigger than Cherry Hinton. The Cherry Hinton campsite opens at 10 a.m. and fills up quickly. I'd imagine Coldham's Common is more relaxed. There is no Glast-type frenzy about anything at Cambridge. All very relaxed and easy-going.
  3. Lankum (the band formerly known as Lynched) Shovels & Rope Lucinda Williams Lisa O'Neill Ryley Walker Jesus & Mary Chain Daniel Romano Courtney Marie Andrews Nadine Shah Michael Chapman I only know the first four well. The others (bar the J&M Chain) are the result of recent line up investigation..
  4. Bought a ticket. Couldn't resist that line up.
  5. Yes, it does go to the regular coach drop off. Not that long a walk in my opinion. You enter in the corner where the bicycle camping is, and John Peel a bit further down. On Wednesday morning there are queues. You may get a place on a bus quicker if you are not with a big group and don't have loads of stuff.
  6. Filled it in as best as I could. My mobile is a Nokia that I use mostly for texts plus the occasional call. Don't have a smartphone.
  7. Tough one. I do love the Wednesday. Last year I happened to get a Thursday coach package though and I must say it did not diminish my enjoyment, as I had thought. For the music I have to say go for the Sunday. You won't be as tired come Sunday if you only started on Thursday.
  8. I do not like him at all and don't understand why he is so mega popular. Doesn't matter, I can go and watch something else, but I was still secretly hoping for Guns'n Roses. Oh well......
  9. Cambridge Folk Festival also have plastic cups and festival tankards that you may re-use. They refill them for you and ask if you want them rinsed. If you are in a hurry they will pour straight into the cup, grass and insects in them and all. Are these other festivals less fussy about health and safety? I never had any problems. Agree with others that it is defeating the purpose if you cannot re-use a re-usable cup....
  10. They are a band I wouldn't fork out €50 for to see but I love seeing them at Glastonbury. Saw them the last two times they were on the Pyramid, before Arcade Fire and further back before Coldplay. Would definitely see them again. Perfect band for the big stage.
  11. I used to fly to Bristol and take the shuttle bus from there. That was in the days when you didn't have to pay an arm and a leg for bringing luggage. I don't drive and bring three pieces of luggage (backpack, daypack, tent bag) and will then have an additional shopping bag with supplies bought once in England. For the last ten years or so I have gone on 'Sail and Rail' tickets. It gets you to any train station in the UK, so you could go all the way to Castle Carey, though I go to Bristol, break the journey there and then take the shuttle bus (or if I have lots of time I go to Glastonbury Town, hang around there and take the shuttle bus from there). It takes a full day to get to Bristol with ferry and train, but you can bring as much luggage as you can carry. The last two years I have gotten lucky in the coach sale, so I take the Sail and Rail ticket to wherever my coach goes from. You can get Sail and Rail from Belfast as well as Dublin, but Belfast gets you to Scotland, so Dublin would be handier. Check either Stena Line or Irish Ferries.
  12. That Bruce set was actually curtailed for festival purposes. He generally plays longer. It's a matter of personal taste but I'm never someone who needs to hear the hits. If an artist wants to present something new they can do so, as far as I'm concerned (even if that's 'Outlaw Pete'...). Having said that, at the time he played Glastonbury Bruce was genuinely quite new to playing festivals. He had always avoided them. My theory is that he always wanted 100% control, but that Steve Van Zandt talked him into giving festivals a go, as he is a fan of them. But that is just speculation. If you were to see Bruce at a festival now you'd get your Greatest Hits set. He's come around to the fact that this is what works best with a festival crowd. I saw him at Roskilde in 2012 and that was much more of festival set (and he did play 'Born in the U.S.A.', which excited all the kids around me). It was longer show too though. As far as I know Glastonbury always has curtailed sets. Roskilde seems to give acts as long as they want. Both Bruce and the Cure played three hours at Roskilde 2012. I have the stamina for it and loved it. At the same festival Jack White headlined and played an hour and 20 minutes. Much as I like Jack, it made him seem like a bit of a light weightl
  13. Belatedly seeing this. Yes, I have friend who have switched from Cambridge to Folk East. Line up has indeed looked tempting over the last few years. One to keep in mind...
  14. I am usually active on the Glastonburt forum, but just had to come here to say what a cracking line up you have. So many of my personal favourites... Frank Turner, Waterboys, Lynched (Lankum), Damien Dempsey, Kíla, Eliza Carthy. Would also be curious to see the Lightning Seeds, Therapy?, Stiff Little Fingers. I have three festivals planned already (one as a volunteer) so really shouldn't even think about another one, but it is tempting.
  15. Definitely don't think it was too bad during the festival. I bought a new poncho to put over my rainjacket and daypack should it get really bad, but never used it. The only time I stood in the rain was while watching DakhaBrakha. The terrain was as bad as I have ever seen it though due to all the rain beforehand. Just looked at the new webcam. Lots of puddles next to the Pyramid now.