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  1. I now want to go and watch what I missed. In the past I have used Tunnelbear with the BBC iPlayer, to get around the UK-only-viewing restriction, but last year that wasn't working terribly well. Clips just kept buffering. Does anyone have any good recommendations what to use to be able to watch the iPlayer from abroad? Many thanks!
  2. 1. The Young 'Uns 2. Khruangbin 3. Sharon Shannon 4. Justin Townes Earle 5. The Pretenders Loved Foo Fighters too, but they didn't even make the top 5. Great year.
  3. I watched a politician speak. This wasn't planned at all. I was at Leftfield for the Roundup as I wanted to see Steve Knightley. Thought Jeremy Corbyn had been on at 12, as was the original plan. I don't have a smartphone. Realized then that JC was going to come on after the roundup (which was lovely by the way, also featuring Louisa from She Drew The Gun, and Ralph McTell) and thought I might as well stay. Ended up on the barrier for the talk. Definitely a first for me.
  4. Disagree about the Cure! I am only a casual fan and I loved that three hour set (saw it at Roskilde the same year Bruce headlined there). To me it seemed like an hour of newish stuff, then an hour of slow, moody material and then a full hour of hits. Really loved it.
  5. Glastonbury is what it is. Enormous variety and greatest hits sets. My favourite, Bruce Springsteen, got it slightly wrong. He was new to festivals at the time and more or less played his regular set. When I saw him at Roskilde Festival a few years later he had changed his approach and did a greatest hits set which was much better received. The shorter sets are great if you want to sample acts that you wouldn't normally go to see, but I agree with the OP that it can be a bit frustrating how short sets earlier in the day can be. I certainly feel it is noth worthwhile trekking up to the Park unless it's a major must-see for me. Roskilde Festival is different in this sense. They seem to give more generous slots, also earlier on in the day.
  6. Good idea.
  7. Still delving through the line up. I like these. A bit Gaslight Anthem-ish. On in the Rabbit Hole on Thursday 16:15. Think I can make that.
  8. I have been listening to My Baby. That's a great tip @Trout Mask Replica! Love their cover of 'Masters of war'.
  9. I like Mark Radcliffe's Folk Show.
  10. Read long Uncut article about Radiohead, I never got into them but am going to try.
  11. Mine is at 6 a.m. on Monday. Same - I'm not packing up at that hour. Will try later coach, alternatively take shuttle to Castle Carey.
  12. Time and place noted. Will come by provided I'm in and set up! Shall wear my Waterboys T-shirt.
  13. Pyramid - Rolling Stones (2013) Other - P J Harvey (2016) West Holts - Afro Celt Sound System (1999, then JazzWorld) Acoustic - Sharon Shannon (many times!) John Peel - Mumford & Sons (2010) The Park - nothing jumps out Dance Tent Primal Scream (bit vague on this; cannot find the year; otherwise Daft Punk) The Glade - Seth Lakeman (2007) Left Field - Frank Turner (2010)
  14. I'd say so, with Hothouse Flowers second. I love HHF; great they did so well. Now, if only I could go and see them, but they clash with Foo Fighters.....
  15. Thanks! Out of up-votes.