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  1. Maccabees

    Went to both Friday and Saturday. Wept like a baby both nights for Precious Time/We Grew Up At Midnight & the full encore They are the band I've seen the most times & will really miss seeing them tour. It was a good run but feels like it is over far too soon for me.
  2. Maccabees

    Have a spare ticket for the gig at Ally Pally tomorrow as last minute drop out from a pal. Obviously want face value only for it. As physical ticket rather than e-ticket will meet outside gig to exchange ticket & money. Have also listed it on Twickets so if you want it let me know so I can remove it from there
  3. Hay fever crew 2017

    I've personally found it does. They have a couple of options for dry/itchy/watery eyes etc. Also helps if eyes are dry from being particularly tired or dusty.
  4. Hay fever crew 2017

    I have found that putting a bit of Vaseline around the inside of your nostrils seems to keep the sneezes at bay slightly. Also for itchy eyes Optrex Actimist eye spray which goes on closed eyelids (handy for people like myself who really struggle with eye drops). I'm sure there are other non-branded or supermarket own versions but personally only ever used this one myself.
  5. Resale

    It was 15 minutes between me getting through and putting in reg details / getting on to the next page selecting ticket type & do I want protection before the sold out message came. What a shambles. I know they have a lot of traffic to deal with but that is a real kick in the teeth. Yet again it was only my phone on 4G that got a sniff. Nothing from my laptop same as the last few years.
  6. Radiohead Headlining 2017

  7. National Express Coach Prices

    Although your return time is 4AM honestly no one really minds what time is on the ticket or even really looks at it. Mine was 7AM last year and due to my snail like pace I didn't make it to the coach park until 8AM. They just told me to get in the queue and I could get on. I think the main aim is to get people off site ASAP. Now obviously this isn't a 100% guarantee as you could potentially get someone who is a stickler for the rules, but from my experience and other stories on here, you should be absolutely fine.
  8. The Maccabees

    Thanks @RBangs you absolute superstar. My group managed to get Friday at 9 this morning but just missed out on the Saturday. Your post means we now get to see them both days. Big love x
  9. Frank Ocean

    I was one of those left somewhat disappointed by Blonde. As individual tracks, I don't dislike any. But I feel like the album feels incredibly disjointed & not like 1 piece of work. My first thought when listening to it was that it sounded rushed (which we can assume it wasn't considering how long we waited for it). I much prefer Channel Orange as a whole & always go back to that rather than Blonde. Maybe my expectations were too high, but lots have my friends have said similar things.
  10. Electronica/Dance

    I went to Oval Space for Boiler Room a few months ago and no issues with sound that I noticed. The issue is more the ridiculous drinks prices & the fact that it is hotter than the sun as there is no air-con, just 2 industrial fans which do very little. That being said it can't have put me off too much as heading back there NYD for Robert Hood & Ryan Elliot.
  11. Kanye west confirmed

    He is obviously in need of help & hopefully he will get it. Sunday was 9 years to the day that he buried his Mum in what was very shocking circumstances. He has also had to deal with Kim's robbery incident last month where he was obviously not around to "protect" his wife. Something may have been brewing for a very long time & this was all the straw that broke the camel's back. It doesn't excuse letting down fans but it may go some way to explain his increasingly erratic behaviour as of late. Fans from his gig Sunday & all upcoming dates which he has now cancelled have been given a full refund. Now that obviously won't be full compensation for everyone as people will have travelled/booked hotels etc but he hasn't just left everyone out of pocket entirely because he can't be arsed to tour anymore. I am a fan, and I do find myself having to fight his corner continuously but you can't kick a man when he is down, especially over something like mental health issues.
  12. Glastonbury 2016 - In Retrospect

    2016 for me was my toughest one yet (been to 2013-2016) & even by midday Friday I felt pretty defeated. Everything seemed a bit of a disaster from the get go. We were booked on the 0500 coach from London which didn't end up leaving until 0700 as one of the staff members had forgotten our batch of tickets We then set off & had to wait at the services for another 2 hours for them to meet us. We were then sat in that horrendous traffic & in total I don't think we were on site setting up our tent until about 1800. I could quite happily have turned round & gone home there & then if I was offered a refund. Thursday I didn't pace myself what so ever to try and make the mud more bearable, ended up drinking my 1ltr of gin & was blind drunk in the SE Corner by about 2 in the afternoon. Friday obviously woke up with the mother of all hangovers + a case of the Brexit blues meant I felt well and truly sorry for myself. My group seemed pretty snappy with one another & we didn't get to stick together as much as we usually do due to the weather which was tough. Some other friends who we don't camp with managed to pull me out of my Friday funk in the end by basically telling me to get a grip & drink some more essentially. Can't thank them enough really & they made it extra special for me this year. *Top picture is as this was happening. I am the one with the incredibly fake smile on the left* By Sunday I was physically exhausted from the mud. I have terrible knees & hips at the best of time & I felt they were completely worn out by Sunday. I slept in until about 5pm & was dragged by my group to see Khruangbin at WOW followed by Gary Clarke Jr & EW&F at West Holts. It was physically all I could manage & I never thought I would see the day where I saw less than about 8 acts. Those are the relative lows which were brutal but the highs more than made up for it. Adele - Just wow. Blew me away even more than I knew she would. Not ashamed to say I had a little cry at the last 3 songs. Got completely swept up in the whole thing. EW&F on Sunday were great and such a fun finish, made even more special by the group around us who brought loads of sparklers & handed them out the people in the crowd for the finale. Felt really special and such a "Glastonbury" thing to do. Also special note to Tame Impala who put me in the best mood of the weekend *As can be seen in the bottom photo* & all the acts on Arcadia who seemed to pull it out the bag this year. Being directly underneath the body of the spider for Carl Cox & getting a little wave off the man himself was also a true highlight. After it was all over I said I thought that was me done & it was time to admit defeat. Time to head for smaller pastures, or guaranteed sunny ones abroad. But of course come October myself & the rest of my group couldn't resist & we are back in for 2017 **Apologies for the essay. I really did get carried away there.
  13. Has anyone managed to play???

    A few of my friend's played in a tent in 2015 with their band. I believe it was Fluffy Rock Cafe in the Greenfields. Here is the link: http://www.glastonburyfestivals.co.uk/areas/the-green-fields/fluffy-rock-cafe/
  14. Glastonbury food with pictures

    Can 100% vouch for this place. I have a chicken wrap from here every year and it is fantastic. Not stingy on the meat or salad and big choice of sauces. Also really filling for a few hours after eating.
  15. Electronica/Dance

    My friends and I went on Friday and felt similar. The crowd were shocking and the queue was like nothing I've ever seen at Brixton Academy. There were so many blokes in vests off their heads (I don't have a problem with that normally) but just chucking their weight around making space where there just wasn't any. We ended up lurking behind the sound desk to the right as that was the only space where I wasn't ridiculously crushed against anyone else. Where they obviously wasn't assigned seating/standing, I feel like standing was massively over subscribed & they could have done with reducing number of tickets sold. I suppose you shouldn't really moan when you get tickets for a fiver but I definitely feel there was room for improvement.