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Isle of Wight Festival 2019

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Hi guys this is my first festival and I will be going solo and I am feeling a bit nervous. 

I was wondering what the atmosphere is like at the festival and in the campsite areas. I'm hoping I will meet up with some people whilst there but I do get nervous


Also I have a couple of quick questions.

1- Is there a restriction to tent size as the tent I have is a 3 man walk in tent for myself, wondering whether it would be best to get something smaller.

2- Is theretrolleys or something to hire to get my things from the car. 

3- Is it safe for a person going solo

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Bruce Sprigsteen - Paul Mcartney - The Who - Queen - The Rolling Stones - Pearl Jam - The Foo Fighters - KOL - The Killers - Fleetwood Mac - Bon Jovi ...

Just some of the previous IOW Artists NOT on the bill this year.

But Hey ...it's OK Madness and Noel are back 

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