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Enchantica 19.20.21 JULY 2019

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Join us on the Journey to Enchantica

Come on an adventure to the mythical realm of Enchantica. A three day camping festival full of mystery, magic and mythical creatures!
Let your senses be heightened by the sounds of Live Music, allow it to resonate in your soul and gravitate you towards something beyond this world!
The weekend will be jammed packed full of entertainment and workshops opening up the imaginations of children and adults alike.
Handmade arts and crafts helps us discover the magic of nature.
For three whole days and nights be captivated by the essence of music, be inspired by the beauty of dance, get creative with eco crafts. Dress in your finest mythical clothing, allow your inner you to come out!
Within the realm of Enchantica, your journey has only just begun...…………..
Fairy folks are formed, local communities are born and adults and children's imaginations are captivated by magic.
For one weekend allow your inner spirit to run wild, be free, let yourself dance and celebrate with others.
Take the Journey...………….. Come home with with us...……….. You have arrived at the Gathering of the Fairy Folk!
DATES : 19.20.21 JULY 2019
Friday 19th July 11am -11pm
Saturday 20th July 10am - 11pm
Sunday 21st July 10am -10pm

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