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  1. Add to that there COULD be some bands coming out of retirement or bands going on tour next year it’s crazy rebooking the same line up. Theres talk of the prodigy touring after the album for KF. Imagine losing out on someone like that or Kasabian for Capaldi ?
  2. Tbh the full complex is perfect for a festival. Surprised no one has thought about it before.
  3. I thought it was a one off all day festival.
  4. SWG3 is a cracking venue I’ve no doubt one of the rooms will be used as a dance venue hopefully the galvanisers room. Al go for Supergrass,Stereophonics,Royal blood chase and status and primal scream.
  5. Supergrass,Chase and status and Kaiser chiefs
  6. Pink,Blondie,skunk anansie or Heather Small??
  7. Happy Monday’s,Supergrass,Chase and status,sleeper,the specials
  8. The whole of Scotland to chose from. I can vaguely remember seeing a document with 3 sites and strathallan being the worst across the the board from everything to travel to infrustucture. Blows your mind they still went with it as D said above it must have been to do with money I can also remember Stirling getting a shout after the second year at strathallan was a disaster but they were in a 3 year contract. How perfect would that have been,motorways on your doorstep shitloads of hotels,rail travel,infrastructure even fecking scenery it had it all.
  9. What were they thinking about moving there? Couldnt pick a worse site if they tried.
  10. It’s easier to slap a stage up in the town centre book a handful of acts each day and not worry about camping,travel,site set up,weather,and they don’t even need to nail a line up just book someone like Capaldi and all the young team will flock to see him even if it’s a absalute boring headliner. BTW fair play to GE he royally fucked up Scotland’s proper festival and is probabbly coining it in with a poor imitation.
  11. The reality is if TITP came back next year at a festival site the suits and nailed a similar sized line ups over ALL stages that it used to have it would sell out.
  12. T died because the arsehole running it ruined it and lied about the demographic for trnsmt. How do you know what’s popular and sells when nothing else gets a chance anymore?? Id love a proper music festival to come up here similar in size to T nail a line up and put oor Geoff and his cohorts out of business.
  13. It’s no really it’s probabbly the type of people that’s been used to monster line ups at a proper festival at titp(in Scotland)and watch it to be replaced with this. Friday and Saturday has enough for me to go both days so I’m no complaining.
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