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  1. Scotland?? Maybe some of the crackpots that pollute social media.
  2. Now we’re talking where was this??
  3. Social media is awash with people that were there saying the city centre was a war zone yesterday. Maybe ticket sales are better but that’s what happens when you cater for pissed up under 16s. It is what it is now but hopefully next year they can do one of the days for a older crowd and the other 2 mixed. Friday-Gerry Cinnamon/Capaldi Saturday Noel/Fatboy slim Sunday Kasabian/courteeners With a sprinkling of twodoor cinema club happy Monday’s Tame impala and sleeper.
  4. Gerry Cinnamon will be headlining next year so will Capaldi al go for Noel as the 3rd
  5. Since Ellis has went back on his word for everything else can we expect C Harris’s to headline next year?
  6. Mates daughter is there said the city centre is absolute carnage with pissed up young team. Am getting jealous:)
  7. He said both can co exist. Lieing bassa..... I wish someone with cash would start a massive festival up here and put that lot of business.
  8. When the festival started GE said it was for a older more mature crowd in the city centre So aye that would include me.
  9. Aye After 2 years the festival which is supposed to be for older guys like me has moved on to pop acts for kids. Fair enough we move on.... Hope everyone that’s going enjoys there weekend.
  10. Give you one thing chief you have never backed down trying to convince everyone that this line up isn’t a joke. cap doffed
  11. Btw same could be said for the utter losers trying to polish a turd.
  12. It’s actually hilarious how bad it is. You can say what you want about the boring shite that’s booked sells tickets but so would booking bands like little mix. Doesnt make it a good festival. Am pure raging because I’ve been left behind
  13. Question for you mate... Your the head honcho for a new festival in Scotland would you book utter boring piss like trnsmt has just to sell tickets or would you go for more edgy acts to make it a better festival???
  14. It’ll be Gerry C Paulo N and Lewis C
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