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  1. Your bang on id much prefer s club 7 to someone generic shite like Kasabian or the Foo fighters.
  2. Don’t care am just going for there quality tunes. Image them subbing Capaldi what a bounce.
  3. S club 7 getting back together for a tour next year.
  4. Sat/sun very decient. Chances of Primal scream playing?
  5. Your wrong mate my ITK source says at least 2 of these will be headliners Gerry Cinnamon capaldi Gerry Cinnamon And at least 2 of these will likely be subs Harry Styles Bewitched Steps
  6. 1975 got dismissed earlier in this thread by mezhyp1.
  7. Agreed but how good would it be having the chemical brothers on before someone like Kasabian . What a bounce....
  8. In fact I’ll bite why wouldn’t trnsmt book the Prodigy either as a headliner or sub?? Last year obviously.
  9. If KF never passed you don’t think trnsmt would book the prodigy? Am no getting into a argument about that one because I strongly disagree. Btw do you think someone like Calvin Harris will get booked in the future?
  10. Aye your probabbly right I think I mentioned the prodigy or the chems last year as headliners and got shot down saying there not big enough.
  11. So Kasabian Muse and RHCP are pie in the sky for Scotland’s supposed no1 festival??? Says everything about trnsmt to be honest.
  12. This thread reminds me off the pie in the sky predictions of the 2019 trnsmt thread at the start. Cant wait to see the disappointment when Gerry and Capaldi get announced and some on here trying to polish a turd because they sell out at the hydro.
  13. It’s got Capaldi written all over it ....sadly.
  14. Taylor Swift at our supposed no1 festival up here?? What’s wrong with people Kasabian/Muse/RHCP And if GE doesn’t book supergrass for the undercard he’s needing sacked instantly and kicked square in his sack.
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