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Hopes for Bella 2011

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I'm going to see Endor and the Twilight Sad tonight, if I haven't called for them then I shall here and now.

I could scroll back, but to be honest all my energy went into withstanding that texas joke (my medal should be arriving soon).

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Twiglight Sad were one of the most uncomfertable gigs I've ever been to.

I like loud, I play bass really loud, I've seen motorhead & leftfield and they are loud. I had my hearing checked 3 times before I was 30.

This is the first gig I've left early because it was too loud. I had plugs in, it was still loud. In fact when I put them in they did nothing to clean the sound, only made it less loud. It wasn't even the bass, it was everything. Looked at the sound desk and you could beat the rhythms off the last amber and the reds on everything.

I don't know if they were any good, I couldn't distinguish between any of the sound.

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I think the general thoughts of most last year was that it was a poor line up, myself included , howiver , i thought last year was the best Bella to date ,the crack was good the weather top of the pops and it sold out .Levellers and stornaway were outstanding .For me ,the festival gets better every year ,good to see stuff added like mothers ruin stage a couple o years ago and a few extra wee bars etc.The fitba stadium for the geets was a great addition also.

A comedy tent or stage would be a good addition .

Fit wid abody else like added to Bella ?

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