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Ok this is a review of the bands i saw.

Rachel Unthanks and the Winterset. Pretty good kick off but the crowd wasnt ready. 3/5

Kid British. Missed the first song but the rest was amazing! Lots of people going wild and they remided me of The King Blues whom i love 4/5

Broken Records. How great! I really enjoyed it. They got a big reception and they deserved it a lot.4/5

Orkestra Del Sol.On top form just like all the years since they came along with such a great funny feel.


Kid Carpet. Awesome set and he was great at talking to the crowd. I made sure to catch him the next day again. Shame he didnt play i dont believe or special.4/5

Toploader. Not all that good. Watching LOADS of people leave after Dancng in The Moonlight was the most embarrising thing. 2/5

Editors blew me away with a brill set. I had a great time there even though they didnt talk to the crowd that much.Watching everyone go full pelt during Smokers Outside The Hospital Doors then having their encore requests fufilled {and of course joining in} was powerful 5/5


Hatcham Social. Awesome music but the whole time i was wishing the crowd would go more mental 3/5

Magistrates. Disapointing. I thought they could be fun but i didnt like the guy and indie and soul realy dont go together.

Twin Atlantic. I had a blast. seeing all the arms in the air was awesome and its nice to see rock at Bella


Kid Carpet. Even better than Friday! Which is saying something!Going mental to Jump at the end is a festival experience i wont forget.5/5

Noah and The Whale. Fairly good. As fun as the Keep on rockin in the free world bit and watching every one know the words to 5 Years Time was, They need to work on communicating with the audience. 3/5

Aberfeldy. They just might be the PERFECT Belladrum band what with all their lovely tweeness. I just had a great time at the gig by them. 5/5

Sucioperro. Although there weren't many people each and everyone of them went mental. Like with Twin Atlantic it was great to see Hardcore/ Alternative at Beladrum. 5/5

What a Tatan Heart Beladrum Festival that was! Phew!

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