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  1. I've had Immersion since just after it came out, and i love it, completly amazing. The Island pt 2 is the best tune on the album and out of the two Island songs (Part 1 is still a tuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuune , bit overplayed by chavvy radio stations at the minute though ) Don't think there's a bad song on it tbh.
  2. tweemo freak

    2011 Headliners

    Libs 4 Rockness please! I reckon that Pete could easily be distracted by how hard the partying is at Rockness though !
  3. I had a great Loopallu! Aberfeldy were fantastic but Kassidy were hideous! Judging by what people had said and the song i'd heard i was expecting to like them,but they sounded like some horrible 70's rock pastiche. Didn't spoil my festival though, cuz everything else was amazing, like when i was in the Caley Place on saturday and saw Romeo and Sean from The Magic Numbers! James Mackenzie And The Aquascene were good too. How was your Loopallu ?
  4. Ok so, its Paulo. Don't thin i'll be seeing him. But there's still plenty of good acts on (I like James Mackenzie and The Aqauscene 2,amoersanddevil btw) and the atmostphere is always amazing. So i'm ddging Paulo, but roll on the 17th!
  5. tweemo freak

    2011 Headliners

    Lemon Jelly would be amazing . Also, like Jonsi, like MGMT then check Jonsi's Time To Pretend cover
  6. Just a few days to the announcement .
  7. Please, lets get them back to Rockness!
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