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am i the only one who hopes

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I'm sure he's got a couple in him over the course of his career. Really f**ks me off when people call others 'a failure' when they're clearly not.

edit: that wasn't directed at you. just in general. he's achieved more than probably anyone here who comments.

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Dont think so.

I do however love the way that in sports where competitors are usually defined as British, if they happen to be Scottish then the Scots will always let you know about it - Scotland's Chris Foy as opposed to Britain's Bradley Wiggins springs to mind.

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I'd quite like him to win as well...

not sure why... maybe just to prove all the doubters wrong?

it's certainly an interesting time in mens tennis, as in there are a good few in any tournament who could win

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3. To shut the media up. But to do this, I think he needs to win Wimbledon. Although the papers would go Murray crazy for a good few weeks, I am sick to death of hearing about 'plucky British hopes' every sodding year. Let a Brit win the damn thing, get this hoodoo out of the way and let us enjoy the tennis for a change.
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