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  1. Hey, Could I have my account deleted please. It's best if I took some time off here for a while and if I do come back I can just make a new one anyway (actualy, I think I have two tbh). Cheers, Johnny
  2. -pogo-

    USDAW Banners at Leftfield

    So Leftfield used to have an area for stalls and such? I reckon that'd be a better idea tbh. I think there should be an other area apart from just what's on stage, an area to talk one to one with different left leaning organisations and party's.
  3. I'm going to vote yes for AV. It's a good system. The link between constituent and MP remains, you're not forced to vote for a party (one of the many other PR systems major weaknesses) and it means that your elected representative has over 50% of the constituencys choice to represent them in Westminster. Success! It won't get voted in through this type of govt. It would have stood a better and more fairer chance under Labour!
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