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  1. Yeah I was looking at that. Was looking at this site (which has secondary to university, but it's focused on the same areas that you've mentioned. - http://www.teic.co.uk/ Is it this you went through? (ie. it's a proper job, not one of these things that you pay for the privelage?)
  2. I got a 2:1 in my honours degree! Thank f**k for that!
  3. That doesn't seem that bad then anyway. It's a bit like natures vesectomy.
  4. Is Chlamydia the one that doesn't actualy do anything, just stops you from having baby making powers in your juices?
  5. I'm on the last strecth of uni and I have work experience/internshipish kinda of work in May to June.
  6. Going to a party tomorrow night which should be good.
  7. One of the big chunky ones from 4 or 5 years ago or something stupid like that. It's massive storage I'm sure. It won't turn on.
  8. lol. I have an old broken ipod if anyone wants it for cash!
  9. I've been in bands before and toured about with bands. I've alwasys prefered just touring about, doing the merch for a bit and that. Means you can get f**ked. Oh, and it's well easy to tour man, save up a bit and enjoy the tour, but just try and play with decent promoters who may not promise pay, but promise a party and a floor to sleep on instead. I'll give you nice wee venues to play to and from places as well which will 9 times out of 10 give you some cash.
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