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  1. Yeah I’ve tried to be open minded and give all the acts I’m unfamiliar with a fair chance, some I’m clicking with, some aren’t really my cup of tea, whereas Migos are perhaps the one act who I think are objectively awful. How they’ve managed to get that far up the bill is beyond me.
  2. Seems Slowthai's signed up to the forum this morning
  3. Would be great news if Slowthai gets dropped, music's shit and he's clearly a c**t, win win.
  4. I've made myself a playlist of 5 songs for every act to see who's worth seeing and who's not, I'm basically familiar with the 3 headliners and near enough no one else!
  5. As someone who hasn't heard of way more of the lineup than I have, this is a fantastic idea. I'll definitely be following! Realised I actually know this song from FIFA 19 ha.
  6. I'm not a lover of the lineup myself, but I can't stand this notion that more acts should've been booked in favour of others based purely on what's in between their legs.
  7. I'm happy with the headliners which I guess is the main thing, but compared to the last time RATM played where the three subs were QOTSA, Bloc Party and Tenacious D, it is woefully weaker this year.
  8. The giveaway is that The Strokes appear to be subbing Liam Gallagher there, they'd be co-headliners at a minimum
  9. Also, Damon Albarn is way too far up his own arse to ever play Reading & Leeds
  10. I'd cum (But they're not touring whatsoever at the moment, so no chance)
  12. Dan’s put out such conflicting information that at this point it’s pointless getting excited/disappointed about anyone until the lineup is actually released. Couple of days ago it was definitely Stormzy and RATM with BMTH turning down a slot, now it’s definitely Biffy/BMTH and Eminem - which to believe? Working out which posts are truthful and which are a wind up is an exercise in futility at this point.
  13. Maybe I’m just getting old, but I’ll take Eminem over Stormzy or Travis Scott as the rap headliner any day. Yeah his more recent stuff isn’t great, but his older stuff is better than anything either of them will ever do.
  14. If BMTH truly have turned down a slot then hallelujah Opinions of their music aside, they're not a particularly strong headliner imo (compared to most of the other names being thrown about recently) and would feel quite weak, especially if Liam Gallagher is another.
  15. He has perhaps the single most annoying laugh of all humankind
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