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  1. A month before the festival, assuming I’d failed to get one myself beforehand, it’d completely depend on the lineup.
  2. Bixer

    Celeb spotting

    Thing I've always wondered - do these celebs camp with the rest of us plebs, or do they go off somewhere else? On paper I assume if they're in the festival like the rest of us, they must slum it like the rest of us, but then if word gets out that so and so celebrity is staying in that particular tent, surely they're at risk of unwanted visitors? Maybe they just get escorted in and out each day to a hotel of some kind nearby?
  3. Bixer

    Lessons learned

    My main takeaway from Glastonbury this year is that if I ever go again, I'm cutting my nails as shortly as I physically can on the morning I leave. So much dirt and gunk gets stuck under them that I think eliminating the possibility of that problem will just keep your hands feeling that little bit cleaner. Also, this may be unpopular, but I honestly think I'd just abandon trying too much of the nightlife in favour of getting a better nights sleep to enjoy the daytime more. I found myself missing a few of the earlier afternoon acts I wanted to see as I was too tired from the night before and felt I needed to nap, whereas in hindsight it didn't feel like a good trade-off. Also, buying a small bar of soap from one of the camping stalls made all the difference for after you go for a no. 2 and even just at the end of the day, so I'd make a point of bringing one in the first place next time.
  4. Bixer

    Post festival flu

    Felt pretty tired yesterday as was to be expected, but nothing untoward - still managed to force myself to the gym too. Today though just woke up with that kind of full body ache/weakness you get when you’re flu-y. Was actually going somewhere on the train this afternoon, but had to get off, turn around and make my way home as absolute exhaustion set in and I realised I just needed my bed ASAP. That groggy feeling the minute or two after you wake up from a nap is basically how I’ve felt all day. The annoying thing is I genuinely didn’t even touch a drop of alcohol (or other drugs) all weekend! It was just too hot for me to want to.
  5. Bixer

    Neighbours 2019

    We were in Darble I think it’s called? The bit immediately next to where the shuttle buses drop you, as most of us got the train so we figured it’d be the easiest place to escape from on Monday. Most were fine and unnoticed in all honesty, which I guess is kinda what you want. A group next to us who were very friendly and occasionally asked us who we’d been to see. Another group immediately next to us almost seemed to literally always be at their tents. Not a problem of any kind of course, just whenever we’d go back at any point to grab something, they were always there and when I had to take my girlfriend back to our tent on Saturday night in the middle of the headliners because she was feeling poorly, they were there again! Maybe just a coincidence, but it almost just felt like they weirdly never actually went to see anyone. Pretty sure I’d camp in the same area if I ever went again. Was quiet for the most part which I appreciated when you did actually want to get some sleep, or just a bit of chill time away from the heat for a bit.
  6. Bixer

    Post festival flu

    Didn’t realise it was a real thing until the past couple of days! Anyone else suffering?
  7. Threads like this just highlight the hypocrisy of lots of you to be honest. He has more money than you so he’s automatically a c**t who deserves to be fucked over?
  8. Bixer

    Flops 2019

    13 apparently if we’re splitting hairs, but I mean, tomato tomato, I still don’t really see how that’s enough time for her to have only been driving into the site literally less than 5 minutes prior.
  9. Bixer

    Flops 2019

    She was only about 10 minutes late on stage in total, so there's no way that's true.
  10. Yeah I must say, as a first timer this year my primary complaint was that the whole thing often just felt too busy. I didn't really enjoy a lot of the nighttime stuff for that reason. Maybe my friends just happened to insist on going to the worst places possible, but I constantly just felt like I was in a sea of people. Kylie on Sunday of all sets was the first time in my life I've genuinely been a bit scared of a crowd. There was a real crush going on just to the right of the stage near where those trees are walled off. Those bottlenecks just got even worse in between Kylie and Miley when you combine lots of people trying to leave and lots of people bafflingly thinking it's acceptable to sit down anywhere they want and so in the end my girlfriend and I ended up just traipsing back to our tent to enjoy a bit of air for an hour or so.
  11. Bixer

    Celebrity spotting 2020

    Was stood near Jamie Laing and some other Made in Chelsea lot that I don't know the names of for Lauryn Hill. Also walked past MC Grindah from People Just Do Nothing/Kurupt FM on his way to see The Streets (after I'd already given up due to the crowd), but I imagine there's a fair chance he was turned away himself.
  12. It was about as well organised as it possibly could've been, but that said even queuing for not far off 2 hours at 6am was painful. If I ever travel via train again, I'm just going to commit to joining the queue from about 4am.
  13. Yep, for some reason it really didn’t seem keen to let you press on the different days easily. Waste of time downloading it in the end, the mini guide you get with the programme does the same job better.
  14. Yeah The Streets are definitely the prime candidate here. Could’ve and should’ve swapped places with Christine and the Queens on the Other Stage. Even swapping for an earlier slot on the Pyramid Stage would’ve made more sense. Think they also made a mistake not having any obvious clashes for that Kylie/Miley run. Pyramid was dangerously busy in spots and it’s clearly not built for literally half the entire festival to turn up. The sheer amount of people that just stay in between and sit or even lay down right at the front is baffling - got to the stage where I wasn’t even sorry if I accidentally stepped on someone’s foot or bag, I’m not really sure what else they expect.
  15. Bixer

    Flops 2019

    Yeah I must say, as a first timer wondering why so many people insist on turning up an entire day earlier, not arriving until Thursday evening myself I couldn’t for the life of me understand why. With no bands to see it’s just a shitshow of everyone wandering around aimlessly so you can’t actually do anything that’s worth doing. But if the reason people go on Wednesday is because that doesn’t happen yet, then that makes sense.
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