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  1. ampersand


    just watched that video you posted. incredible. there for the taking, but only if you go and attack. which haye doesn't do in any great form until the 12th when it's far too late. shite match, just glad my brother gets them for free.
  2. ampersand

    Got any gigs coming up?

    as will take that in the olympiastadion! still hoping that robbie gets a serious throat infection in the next couple of weeks
  3. ampersand


    didn't realise you were there. i wore my taffin tshirt specially for it! getting this on the free, can't wait! first livi preseason game, beer/take away then fight!
  4. ampersand

    The Beatles

    just discovered the song 'i'm down' at the weekend watching paul mccartney live on sky arts hd. was great how they faded between the shea stadium original and the recent gig!
  5. ampersand

    Things that ur happy about

    discovering rx bandits. just a shame it's too late for me to see them!
  6. ampersand

    Things that ur happy about

    just had some 'training' for my new job which is meant to be more responsibility and stress. but it looks like a piece of piss. least for the jump in wage it is! fingers crossed
  7. ampersand

    Things that ur happy about

    nice one. i think i'm getting there too. started off the morning talking to some girl at i.t. she was a right moody cow. but ended the day quite cheery. i must have done that
  8. ampersand

    Things that ur happy about

    it's worded something like 'longest team broadcast of a music radio show'. 52 hours come 1030. which is impressive whatever you think of them. don't think they've had any sleep at all. just a couple of refreshment breaks for shower and fresh air and ting.
  9. ampersand

    Things that ur happy about

    chris moyles and comedy dave's world record. i'm actually so happy for them
  10. ampersand

    Got any gigs coming up?

    sara, go see chas and dave
  11. ampersand

    Got any gigs coming up?

    aye, my mate loved goldfinger in high school. i always thought they were a bit pants! never heard of them, will youtube the night!
  12. ampersand

    Got any gigs coming up?

    l.o.l. less than jake are always a good band to see live. we've not got reel big fish in scotland though. anti-flag and goldfinger i think.
  13. ampersand

    Things that ur happy about

    i genuinely couldn't tell you a single song of hers. so much for the recognition of a mercury award.
  14. ampersand

    Who's watching what on tv

    lots of it in boardwalk empire too from what i hear. disappointed i missed the boat on this one.
  15. ampersand

    Things that ur happy about

    just bought an adidas three stripe hoody. i know i could have bought 3 charity shop hoodies and a bucket of lard for half the price but i'm happy with my purchase!