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  1. Definitely. On social media there are a lot less "No" pictures than "Yes" because many No voters are fed up with the abuse. You post a genuine question somewhere, and you don't get answers, you get a lot of pish spouted back. The "debate" has not reached out to the older generation. There are loads of people (on both sides) rightly pointing out that there are many blogs worth reading (and some which aren't!). How many pensioners are going to do this? The older generation will largely vote no as they won't want change and it'll be nothing to do with some of the nonsense we've heard from both sides.
  2. Football shouldn't really play a part in this IMHO but it does as there are many Old Firm fans voting No because a Yes vote would final end any chances they have of playing south of the border.
  3. No worries man. Whatever the result I just hope we don't end up a bitter and divided nation. The Scottish parliament will have to ensure we come together.
  4. My postal vote has been sent in. Very dismayed at the whole 'debate', it's been a terrible advert for Scottish politics. Both sides should be ashamed of themselves. The yes campaign have failed to delivery a good argument for independence, they've badly let themselves down over the currency issue - they should have proposed our own currency with our own central bank, not open up themselves to the mauling they have received by wanting to keep the pound. I genuinely do not believe there will be a CU but many Yes supporters have bought into it, perhaps not realising what damage Sterlingisation (assuming that is the Plan will do. Now that they have been caught out, instead of promoting the opportunities that a Yes vote might bring, they've turned into being a very negative campaign by focussing on people's fears about the Tories, the old Etonian establishment, making up some bullshit scare story about the fully devolved NHS etc... - basically anything they can find to slag off Westminister. The hypocricasy of labelling the No campaign as "Project Fear" is not lost on many of us. However, the main problem is we don't know what we're voting for so I've voted no. We should be voting after negotiations are complete, because fuck knows what we we're actually getting at the moment. It looks like it is going to be quite a close vote. Whatever happens we'll end up with a divided and angry country - well half of us will be angry anyway!
  5. I think it's about time Glastonbury distanced themselves from John Peel, and rename the stage.
  6. As someone living in Scotland I find the whole debate rather boring now, some of it is not very upbeat and there's a lot of bad feeling between each side. The yes campaign are guilty of taking a deflect, deflect, deflect attitude when responding to the no campaign, which could be their downfall. The no campaign are guilty of not being particularly positive. There is also an awful lot of "opinion presented as facts" on many forums and blogs. I just wish we could get the vote over and done with. At the moment I'm voting no on account of there being too many unanswered questions, especially around currency, pension funding, defence, and the true cost of independence. And I am not buying the "vote yes and help shape the future" as many of us want and deserve to know what we are voting for - it would be a catastrophe if we voted yes and somehow ended up with the Euro as a currency IMHO. Whether there is a yes or no vote, Scotland could end up quite divided as a result which is a real concern.
  7. Coogan's talentless? Jesus wept.
  8. I don't mind the first two Paranormal Activity films, some reasonably clever stuff. Saw Captain Phillips last night, thought it was excellent. Hanks was very good but so was the main Somali pirate, two cracking performances.
  9. The operators were told to build a sea defence wall but ignored the advice. The disaster wouldn't have happened if they had listened to recommendations. ..... We're currently working with AWE at Aldermaston, and are just about to kick off the first site visit down there.
  10. Really enjoyed the BBC4 documentary on Sunday night about Richard Pryor. He was really one of a kind.
  11. Tony Bliar really is a horrid bastard. Middle East Peace Envoy my ar$e.
  12. I was disappointed with it, was expecting much more. The twist could be seen from a mile away.
  13. Peter Capaldi would be fantastic. Must admit I am not a huge fan of Dr Who these days but would definitely tune in for Capaldi.
  14. Classy stuff from Liverpool's owner. Do they even have a PR dept. at Liverpool? I don't know what's more surprising, Arsenal going for Suarez or Liverpool not letting him go for £40M - they should be biting Arsenal's hands off at the price. He's a scummy prick who (undoubtedly a great player) spends too much time suspended.
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