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  1. Miathedog

    Taking a baby

    We took ours at 10 months but planned to only bring him to half of it then left and dropped him at his grandparents and had a couple of days to ourselves. It worked well and we were lucky with weather. Def hard work but also lovely having him there. Kids fields were wonderful with a baby there.
  2. Thanks for the tip, just had a most enjoyable foray into their stuff on YouTube, now a must see for me too! Loads of energy, looks great fun
  3. Miathedog

    Avalon 2024

    Agreed! 😭 terrible planning
  4. I’ve also recently started enjoying craft ale. It can only downhill from here
  5. Well! In 14 Glastos I have as yet never watched an acoustic headliner. This year I am seriously contemplating all three. I don’t quite know how to feel about that… but it’s definitely making me feel old! Also a few on the undercard I might pop in for if we are near at the time. Hmm
  6. Good to hear! Have used blow up pillows last few years, not bad but not great. Tend to slip out from under your head a lot. Excited about this one!
  7. Just impulse bought a memory-foam pillow. So comfy 😊 Looking forward to taking it to Glasto
  8. 15th all paid up and can’t wait 😊 Line up definitely not the best for us this year but we know better than to let that worry us. We’ll have a blast as always. See you all at LCD!
  9. Went in alongside a friend who was using her sister’s ticket a few years ago. As they both had the same first initial and surname, so had correct bank cards etc in case of being asked, and both looked fairly alike it wasn’t a big risk. Went fine. obvs not quite sneaking in without a ticket, but it wasn’t her ticket
  10. For those who were hoping otherwise, looks like Ren has said he isn’t doing Glasto. I saw a screenshot of a comment he made in some online chat. He did apparently say he is coming to UK in June / July. It’s also looking likely though not confirmed that he’ll be at SGP (but that’s no use to us sadly 😢) Hopefully there’ll be other shows announced yet.
  11. Have seen Patti Smith a few times and she’s always incredible. Would love it if she was there! 🤞
  12. No def didn’t see that. Have now googled and looks like it was 2005, so a wee while ago 😂
  13. Interesting to consider how few repeats I’ve seen! New York Brass Band the clear winner. Florence (John Peel / Pyramid) Laura Marling (Park, Pyramid) Chemical Bros (dance village somewhere as was, Other) Now struggling to think of more, surprised! I’m sure the Killers but not sure when the other one would have been, as well as the 2019 one.
  14. This is painful now. Please Glasto, give us some news! 🙏
  15. Ha ha if only! Not physically possible anymore, he can almost lift me now 😂
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