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  1. Very sad to be here again, found it hard being in resale club this year. Think will have to totally withdraw for the next few months and ignore all mention of it. It's my 40th during the festival and can't bear the thought of not being there. No idea what to do. Just feel so flat.
  2. Now, reading this! Welled up during Kylie, during Lizzo, and wandering around Avalon and Greenpeace on Sunday night thinking how beautiful it all is lit up like a fairyland and how much I will miss it. Funny, as at many points this year found myself thinking it was tough and exhausting, or how I'm getting older and things don't feel the same as they used to - but at other points everything still felt amazing, and on the Sunday night especially it hit home how magical it all is and how sad it is to have to leave.
  3. Kylie - surprised myself here, turns out I'm a huge Kylie fan! My childhood self was in heaven with all the old songs The Killers - just great fun. Fatboy on the Glade, somehow never managed to catch him anywhere before, was amazing Honourable mention for the brilliant Lizzo and Sheryl Crow.
  4. Soaked through walking to work in Cheltenham, absolutely hammering down here. Will have to go out and buy new clothes when the shops open! I consider it all worth it for a dry Glasto.
  5. Thanks both! You are totally right, of course, attitude is everything. Mine will no doubt improve along with cider consumption! Yes, definitely right to remember where we are. We only got tickets in the resale and still can't quite believe we're going after months of trying to forget about it even happening. It will be amazing no matter what, and I'm sure I will feel less anxious once we are back on the farm again after so long away. Yes, also, Circus is an excellent idea! And I think there are some movies he will enjoy on in Pilton Palais as well. It seems kind of wrong to spend Glasto time watching movies in a way, but equally could be a godsend in the right conditions. We are taking little folding stools so can always sit down no matter what. And a bigger tent than we were taking (we have several), so can be a bit more comfy back at camp when surrounded by wet weather gear. Have a great time with your 9mo! We took him to the first couple of days of Glasto when he was 10mo, and it was brilliant.
  6. Miathedog

    Welly Socks

    Yeah we just bought Sports direct ones, seem thick and sturdy. Reckon they will do a better job and two pairs for £6
  7. Just in case, as of course it's going to be fine... We went in 2005 and 2007 with husband's daughter, then aged around 8 and 10. 2005 was great, as we luckily didn't flood, and after the storm that was a nice year weather-wise. Amazing memories of that year overall. 2007 was bloody hard work, but as she was a sensible kid, and we made sure we enjoyed strategic cider at regular points over the weekend, while it was a real slog at points I don't remember it being too stressful (at least until the hideous coach-queuing fiasco on the Monday that was so awful it put us off going the next year, but that's a whole other thing). Fast forward to now, and having an extremely lively 6-year-old boy, and I am starting to get a little nervous about how to handle a wet one. I have visions of him constantly face planting in mud, which make me twitch but husband seems to think would just be hilarious... or slipping on wooden castles and pirate ships, surely not remotely safe in wet years? Do they just close them? How on earth do you keep kids happy in the event of constant miserable rain, anyway? If any parents have tips or advice for how to survive and enjoy a muddy / wet Glasto, I'd love to hear them! Apart from anything else, ideas on how to manage without wet wipes would be useful! I feel like I'm just getting too old to face a year like 2007 again. Not that it will be, of course (ahem). thanks in advance! x
  8. Whole family bought new wellies today. Every little helps, right?
  9. Setting up our tent after hopefully finding a lovely spot to camp! So excited it's ridiculous!
  10. Ah, that one! Spent a fun hour there in 2017 as I remember watching a very strange show. thanks, all!
  11. Anyone know what / where this stage is? Been checking out acts on smaller stages on Clashfinder and fancied popping along there. thanks!
  12. Travis was annoying, really wanted to see them but couldn't get in the tent. We watched a bit of Stevie but found the crowd too packed for comfort. Went to SE early and had a great time instead. Was a bit sad to miss the rest of Stevie but when the crowd is that heavy it's not a fun place to be. I always love going to SE corner early and beating the crowds.
  13. Hi, we always used to queue overnight for Cockmill, with baby etc. In 2017 we rocked up about midday and strolled straight in and found a fair bit of space. We are never not going to do this again. So much easier. We reckon it's because everyone is glamping these days. Helps if you only take a little tent, obvs. We used to take a massive one and everything but the kitchen sink but now it's lightweight all the way,
  14. So glad it's not just me! Another resaler, avoided all Glasto stuff for months, now I'm obsessed!
  15. Yes, we have the same - school can't authorise but we have told them where we are going and the teachers are always keen to hear all about it when we get back. We only ever take ours out for a couple of days, as we don't live too far off and have always opted to take him for the first three days then leave during Friday to drop him with the grandparents. This year will be the first time we keep him for the weekend and just have the Wednesday/Thursday to ourselves - gulp! Don't imagine we'll see many bands but hopefully we'll see some music here and there, and do a lot of wandering in and around the kids stuff. Really excited to get to share more of the magic with him now he's old enough to appreciate it more!
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