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  1. I got emotional so many times, took me by surprise! The first walk down to the pyramid before the music started; Paul singing Here Today; during Diana, just looking around at the crowd; during Elbow and One Day Like This; walking around at sunset and looking at the beautiful sights all around me… found it frequently gruelling this year but also wonderful and very emotional. Miss it already.
  2. We are taking our 9yo, he was 7 last time we went. He loved it but you have to accept you will be spending a lot of time in the kids fields. Yes do take something to let her sit in even if you lock it up all day, just because by evening they are tired and you can’t physically carry them in crowds etc. He loved watching half The Killers but crashed out before the end, so was wheeled to bed at the end. Our best tip is go for a wander with them around Arcadia or se corner in the evening while headliner bands are on, kids love to see it all lit up but you won’t want to be there when the crowds descend later. You will both have a great time with some planning, have fun!
  3. Wtf does he expect parents to do? We are only bringing a trolley because we can’t physically carry a 9yo when his legs get tired of an evening 🤬
  4. Waking up, most likely, as I seem unable to sleep in any more, contemplating getting the stove on for coffee and porridge, and strolling down to the long drops from Cockmill with that incredible view laid out before me… and likely smiling merrily at everyone I pass. That view always makes me emotional at some point, looking down over the kids fields / circus stuff. Magic.
  5. Thursday - Cut Capers Friday -clash nightmare First Aid Kit / Wolf Alice / Supergrass. Going to run off on my own and attempt to see some of all… (this may not actually happen) Saturday - Macca Sunday - Diana
  6. Well, we have the 10yo to contend with, who will be getting tired come the evenings and definitely rules out anything in a tent. Current plan is go and show him the spider on Friday eve before retreating to bed. Saturday Macca Sunday we will head towards SE corner during the headliners so we can go round it and get out again before everyone else piles in. It’s lovely and quiet then and we can point out all the spectacles without crowds. Luckily we aren’t bothered about the headliners other than on Saturday so should work out perfectly. He is very excited to see the spider in action.
  7. 😮 could it be?!
  8. We ordered 'new' ex-army rucksacks, as Bearded Theory showed us all the old ones we had are too small, and also ordered a trolley, as the other thing we realised at Bearded was that the 10yo still gets tired and Glastonbury is a hell of a lot bigger. Can't wait for it to arrive so I can figure out making it fairly comfy for him for the evenings, and how to attach some fairy lights. The 10yo being rather bigger than the usual smaller children you ferry about in trolleys, this might be slightly more challenging to do but we'll sort something. Have sooo much work to do this week, and no idea how to keep my brain on anything that isn't Glastonbury...
  9. Re. coach toilet, that sounds horrendous!
  10. We handed in our absence request form on Friday, coming clean and asking for one day for Bearded Theory and three for Glasto. It will of course be unauthorised but that’s always a given. We took him out for two days for Glasto previously with no fine. Hoping they will be kind again. We will report back with whatever result we get!
  11. Agreed! It’s horrible 🤢
  12. Yeah I’m sure he will find some stuff he likes. And hopefully will finish some of it 😆 If all else fails, there will be chips and churros!
  13. Miathedog

    Croissant Neuf 2022

    Was sad to miss Cut Capers last time so will try and make that this time round
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