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  1. kaisherz

    Bestival 2018 incoming!

    N E R D? Pharrell and Chad? Have they played before - Could mean strangers?!
  2. kaisherz


    Her instagram post clearly states 'Tricketts Bar' , yes, it's a bar. Yay!
  3. kaisherz

    Kanye west confirmed

    Not like Kanye's ever done a Bill Wyman either is it
  4. kaisherz

    Kanye west confirmed

    At first I thought whatttttttt noooooooooo... And then I thought oooohhhhhh big Other HL....... Then I thought naaaaaaahhhhhh....... Could actually be phenomenal. Can't think of anyone as big as, to play THE BIGGEST fest in the world right now. Just have a funny feeling him on the Pyramid is going to be something special. (and I like old Kanye)
  5. kaisherz

    Set lists

    They won't drop it. They'll treat this gig similar to Glasto last year, I'd say about 4 or 5 AM tracks making way for an extra couple of the oldies. Don't think the slowed Mardy Bum would go down very well though
  6. kaisherz

    Secret 'Arena' Band

    They continued and played some dates in South America, Lollapalooza, etc. and Some in Aus. All they've been doing of late is pretending to work on new material but mainly holidaying, family time and sitting on yachts. The evidence points towards a possibility, but sadly that's all it is. And a VERYYYYY long shot. But this is Muse we're talking about so nothing is impossible :S Tom (their cameraman) retweeed a '20 Years of Muse' tweet from a fanzine a week or so ago, which had the hashtag #SOON. The SOON part could be irrelevant though. *EDIT* Given this quote: 'One or two special festivals. Maybe one in American and just one in Europe'. Special = Significant = Headlining Coachella in US and celebrating a 20th anniversary in Europe? Special guests / special gig = Reading !
  7. kaisherz

    Secret 'Arena' Band

    Ok so I've done a bit of (wishful) thinking and I reckon not to rule out Muse. Matt said in late 2013 regarding their plans for 2014; 'There might be one or two special festivals. Maybe one in America and just one in Europe.' Well given that they love Reading, its their 20th anniversary, have played The Americas and Australasia; and no where in Europe.... I'm going to hold out some hope here. As unlikely as it may be.
  8. kaisherz

    Secret 'Arena' Band

    GA are a good shout. I'm actually now decided its Black Keys. Thanks
  9. kaisherz

    Secret 'Arena' Band

    Ok then, so Jamie-T it is =D
  10. kaisherz

    Secret 'Arena' Band

    Yeaaa see your point. I quite liked it, only been to one gig there but was cool! Anyway, its just me trying to give myself more reasons as to why its Jamie-T.. ALBEIT: Ally Pally Capacity 7,300 Brighton Centre Capacitiy (Arena right?) 4,500
  11. kaisherz

    Secret 'Arena' Band

    How is it not an Arena haha?! It con be converted into anything, has standing and seated and has a pretty frickin big capacity. The fact it's not purpose built is irrelevant
  12. kaisherz

    Secret 'Arena' Band

    Jamie-T IS about to sell out Alexandra Palace = Arena

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