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  1. Chipbarm

    2017 DJ sets

    Does anyone have any links to recorded DJ sets from this years festival? I'm particularly looking for the Fabio & Grooverider sets from Arcadia and Stonebridge. I wanted to get up to Arcadia on Sunday but I was beat by then and needed my bed as I started my last shift at 6am.
  2. Chipbarm

    Preventative voice losing measures

    In 2015 I'd lost mine by Thursday. I found having lots of ice cream and lollys helped a lot. I was belting out Libertines songs by Friday evening.
  3. Chipbarm

    Does anyone have a spare programme?

    I don't understand why they sell them when then hand them out for free at the gate. Or do they have a certain number of free ones?
  4. Chipbarm

    Does anyone have a spare programme?

    Only £28!!!
  5. Chipbarm

    Top 5 Acts

    I thought Thundercat into Badbadnotgood was brilliant. While on the subject of BBNG can anyone tell me who the guy in the banana suit who came on dancing with them is? Is he an actor? I'm sure he was on Ripper Street when I came through the door on Monday night, although with sleep deprivation and spending 9 hours in my car that could of been anyone.
  6. Chipbarm

    Food offer 2017

    £5 for a huge bowl of Bhajis from Indian street food in Williams green. But the find of the weekend was £6 for a huge 10oz burger and chips from Tor rugby club. A proper burger none of this fancy stuff just a huge slab of meat inbetween a normal floured bun topped with cheese onions relish and mustard.
  7. Chipbarm

    Did you leave a trace?

    So did you take everything home with you? With working on the recycling crew I only left at midday and noticed quite a lot of tents had been left especially down by the beat hotel. Really narks me as these tents were in excellent condition and if I hadn't been in a rush to get home I would have taken a few. On walking back to Toms Field I spotted a camp at the top of pyramid hillwith proper sofas and a actual dining table. I hope these people took them home and didn't use the farm as they're local council tip.
  8. Chipbarm

    On site observations

    Let's hope it's not a return of the Stuart Security days. Absolute scumbags them lot. I was amazed to see how many were being let off at Stone Roses at Wembley at the weekend.
  9. Chipbarm

    Best Ever TV Performances

    Soft drug enthusiast Craig Nicholls in full pomp here.
  10. Chipbarm

    Buying Car Park ticket

    Yes you can buy one when you arrive. Think I read it's an extra £5. Have a great festival.
  11. Chipbarm

    Car park ticket needed

    If not you can buy one when you arrive.
  12. Chipbarm

    how do you feel

    Feeling chipper. Glastonbury is next week but I've got 4 days of work to drag myself through.
  13. Chipbarm

    How much liquid are you taking?

    I always have a chuckle to myself when I see people lugging gallons of bottled water through the gates. It's free from taps!! Just buy one of the collapsible 5l bottles and fill it up when you get in. I've still to buy my hooch, had a nosy in tesco this morning, they had 2 for £20 but the selection was terrible. Carling and Strongbow, I'm not drinking 20 cans of Strongbow my mouth will feel like I've been sucking on a lemon all weekend.
  14. Chipbarm

    Bbc advert

    It was very poor compared to some of the previous years. Here's a clip from one a few years ago. What a legend!
  15. Chipbarm

    In two weeks time i'll be...

    Il still be in bed! All set up on site in Tom's field. Can I get a hell yea!?