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  1. I would also like to know this. Anyone who went last night what are the searches like? Could I get a hip flask in today? I’ve seen it’s £6.50 a pint!
  2. It’s not far. Can easily be done in 5 mins or 10 if you stop off to buy a beer.
  3. Just the Saturday for us this year. Gutted The Coral and The Snuts clash, in my opinion Coral Island is the album of the year. Not sure how much they will play off it though with the really short set time. I think Jake Bugg is nailed on for the special guest slot. Recently had a new album out and did secret sets at Reading & Leeds at the weekend. Let’s hope this half decent weather holds out for the weekend.
  4. Highlights - Paul Smith, Reg Hunter and Josh Widdecombe in soapbox on Saturday. Spent 3 dry hours in there sat at the front. The Lathums in Tim Peaks on Sunday were superb. I only knew one song before I went but it was good to see such young lads having the time of they’re lives with massive grins on they’re faces throughout. Low points - Tom Jones, I just felt his set went on a lot longer than it needed to. Missing Doves due to the rain. We went to Idles who were good but I was so looking forward to the return of Doves but couldn’t handle another soaking.
  5. Anyone on site already confirm how muddy it is? Will we need wellies/boots on arrival?
  6. It makes you think that Cumbria police might use Kendal to get their arrest numbers up. Apart from the odd traffic offences and sheep rustling you wonder if they have much to do for the rest of the year.
  7. Please no! I don’t think my ears could take a double whammy of Martin and Wilson. Which brings me to the question, is Ricky Wilson the biggest cock in the business?
  8. The BBC have just shat all over us. Where has all that bloody rain come from?
  9. Anyone know what this is all about?
  10. Friggin hell there’s a Lidl!
  11. Cheers. Looks like it’s stock up on snacks and have one main meal a day. More money for grog. ?
  12. Where have you heard that ER will be there?
  13. Just read a reply to a tweet from Kendal Calling and they say the map will be out tomorrow.
  14. Having not been for a few years just wondering what the food situation is like. Are there a lot more traders and variety these days? What are the prices like and are their many vendors in the Emperors field? Not long to go now folks!
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