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  1. Wow! That would be perfect! Saw them years ago and they were fab! And, I'd be totally up for Tom Waits too. Unfortunately, he doesn't like flying these days. <pout>
  2. Elles Bailey and her band (Bristol-based blues singer) is doing the Buckle and Boots Festival in Stockport over the Glasto weekend, and also Lakefest near Hereford in August. Have seen her live and she's astonishing!
  3. JanieM28

    Something special...

    It's my birthday today. So, either way, it's a good day for anniversaries of any kind. :-) (And my old mum even remembered to send me a card too - my brother forgot though! Basteward!)
  4. JanieM28

    Thanks Neil

    Got the mugs already. But I would also be interested in a hoodie if you're doing them again.
  5. Don't you dare call them that! Take That are brilliant! The new legends, in fact. What I want to know, though, is why we are missing John Otway and his Big Band in the Cabaret Tent, seeing as he is on tour at the moment? And where are the bloody Tiger Lillies? They are perfect for Glasto! (Wouldn't mind seeing Cat Stevens, by the way. And Fleetwood Mac were excellent on their reunion tour a couple of years' ago - they are definitely ripe for the legend slot!) Just sayin'...
  6. JanieM28

    Thanks Neil

    Rather oddly, Mr JanieM28 has just got back from trawling the local charity shops for CDs (his hobby) and apparently a volunteer there was looking closely at the logo on his efests hoodie and pointed at it asking him what it represented. He said it was the logo for a festivals' forum and she promptly showed him the exact same logo which was tattooed on her ankle! She claims it's the logo for the Indian Hopi Tribe in America, although after Googling it we can't find any such logo for them. Strange tattoo to have but, then, she was French... :-)
  7. Who are you talking about?
  8. Who's touring...? Take That. Robbie Williams. 'Nuff said! :-)
  9. JanieM28


    Last year, Glasto used the Bath & West showground and ran a frequent shuttle service. It was an emergency situation but it seems to be an option they're considering for this year as it proved to be rather successful, not least because there are proper loos and shower blocks on the site. It's up to Glasto though as to whether they choose to do it so I would suggest your friends email them to ask. After all, if enough people ask....
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