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  1. Welcome - and I love your user-name! I'll have a margarita please...
  2. There's a new thread called '1 Glastonbury ticket may be available'. Look on the front page. (Sorry - not sure how to link you to it)
  3. I've only just spotted this but a couple of weeks ago Danelas Bakery were looking for people to work for them at the festival. May be too late now but you never know. https://www.facebook.com/denelasbakery/
  4. Welcome - there are loads of people going on their own who are all planning to camp together in the Darble field. See the Camp Solo thread to find out more so you can get in contact with the organiser. It sounds like a fun place.
  5. My consultant was the same when I was diagnosed with breast cancer. We'd been offered precious VIP tickets to Strictly Come Dancing by one of the judges so I asked the surgeon to delay the lumpectomy op for a few days. Happily he agreed, we went to SCD and, afterwards, I was so high from the drugs after the op that I was dancing up and down the ward of women he'd already operated on that day, showing them how to do a fleckle!
  6. JanieM28


    Where's Norbert though?
  7. Exactly the right response from someone who is still so incredibly cool that he does a gig in the evening and still gets up at 6am!
  8. Aww - he looks so young and naive. I am so very much wishing and hoping they will be at Glasto this year because I adore his voice, whether he's talking on the radio or singing. There's just something very sexy and naughty about him which appeals greatly to me. We've got the New Yorkers album too, which is also magnificent. If he turned up, I would be a very happy bunny indeed!
  9. I can highly recommend the Stereo MCs! They've been around for years but spend a lot of their time these days working on mixes for other bands. Saw them for the fourth time a few weeks ago in Bristol and they can still kill it! This is probably their most well-known song, but when we saw them in Bristol, it was even more outstanding. And I'm old!
  10. Wow! That's fantastic! You must be over the moon.
  11. Just a note to say that, when I managed to get a caravan pass Monday lunchtime, it was fully 24 hours before they actually took the money from my account. So, if there is going to be another tiny flash sale, after some people's money fails to go through, I doubt anything will happen to give time for money to be fully processed. Could anyone who managed to get GA tickets around this time yesterday please check their bank accounts to see if your a payment has has left your account.
  12. I thought you passed away yesterday! Well done for rising like a Phoenix from the ashes... :-)
  13. JanieM28


    Well, Emily Eavis has mentioned that there will be a massive Bowie iconic zig-zag sculpture thing above the front of the Pyramid Stage. They're probably just waiting for it to arrive.
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