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  1. When did that happen? I've not been in for some months but had noticed it looked a little closed-up / fenced off, but thought that was just the time I was passing / to stop people sleeping in the carpark.
  2. Yes, they did say something about there being a "higher-than-you'd expect" number of younger people rather than the typical image of an elderly person falling. I meant it more as a general observation about the number of deaths worldwide compared to the UK stairs deaths.
  3. I was reading in Private Eye this morning about the number of people in the UK that die by falling down stairs. 700-odd for the latest year that figures were available. This Guardian article has the figures for all deaths from 2008 - 2010, and in that period it was pretty consistent at around 640 people per year. I know this Corona Virus could turn out to be really nasty, the "one", but these UK figures do make for an interesting comparison. I mean, 9 people died in 2010 from being bitten / struck by "other mammals" (not dogs or rats). Cows perhaps? What else could they be? Then there is the 623 people in 2010 from "Exposure to narcotics and hallucinogens". Interesting, in a morbid sort of way. https://www.theguardian.com/news/datablog/2011/oct/28/mortality-statistics-causes-death-england-wales-2010
  4. The red Ford seems to have lasted until 1997 (not taxed after April) but the Vaxhaul (Carlton?) didn't last the year out (not taxed after 1st December 1995). Just got you there it seems!
  5. This is Sedgemoor Street, looking East (to the right in the map photo above). You can see Garvins Road off to the right (that leads to the other parking marked by the straight yellow line). You can see in this photo a few vehicles parked (circled in red). As you can see, it's not the sort of parking that would annoy anyone at all. Benedict Street however, that would probably upset people as parking is so tight.
  6. Premier Inn & Travelodge are both in Glastonbury, but very expensive for the Tuesday night.
  7. Benedict Street (yellow line) has unrestricted parking, but it is a crowded residential street so you wouldn't be popular parking there. Legal though. The yellow circle - Sedgemoor Way. There is unrestricted parking there which isn't in such demand and wouldn't likely upset people. There are other locations around town, but Sedgemoor would be the simplest - it is just off the A39 so not too tricky to find. I've circled the Abbey (orange circle) for reference. Don't plan on parking in Morrison's. It used to be unlimited, but they now have a 3 hour limit (which I suspect will catch people out this year)
  8. Correct me if I am wrong, but isn't Labour's stance one of "no comment"? I feel their pain, as they can't come out with a specific position on Brexit (bad for various seats) but it doesn't help people who might want to drift away from the Conservatives.
  9. Have you done it before? How quickly can you get a taxi late at night? I've heard that at some times, the taxi shortage can be desperate. I'm curious, as I can imagine there are a lot of people staying "off-site" who might need a taxi, and I've only ever used them to arrive on Friday (children from school) and have heard some horror stories from the drivers about the late-night rush.
  10. "More Information needed". When do you arrive? What are you hoping to achieve (specific fields, going with the flow, etc)? Hire-car, as jfaragher has said, on the surface would be the best option.
  11. What time do the buses start on the Wednesday, and how busy are they at the start? One of the disadvantages of Campervan East is the huge lines at opening time, with entry taking hours first thing. I'm curious as to how Bath & West compares.
  12. I tried that, but it seemed to me he's something off TV, and got into an argument on social media? That's all based on his "wiki" entry, which I do admit does bear some editing fingerprints all over it. Google just gives me load of "media" "articles" saying the same thing. I feel like I've missed something here!
  13. Sorry to be dense, but a) who is he, and b) why is he a homophobe?
  14. EasyUserName

    Lock ups

    Well, shows what I know! I never knew that! Brilliant things they are (the lockups) - I don't know why more people don't use them.
  15. EasyUserName

    Lock ups

    No envelopes, that I know of. Having said that, I think you could literally give them a wad of cash wrapped in an elastic band, and it would be fine. I think they'd enjoy the challenge of proving the idea that this would be wrong, wrong. For your own peace of mind though, just put it in a bag. You could take almost anything and they'd take it. Be-aware though that it's treated like one item, regardless of the content. I took a loaded cart one year, and if I wanted one beer (for arguments sake. Like who'd want one beer!?), I had to book out the whole cart. They'd (sensibly) not take the beer off the top of the cart even though we could all see it. Cart out, beer off, cart back in again. No argument then about who touched what etc. Very fair. Can't recommend them enough.
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