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  1. That & the sofas. Was always a question as to how they did it.
  2. EasyUserName

    50p Tea Tent

    Did wonder if inflation would kill it. Noticed it was gone today
  3. I hope so too. Pre-covid, there was a thread about someone going for the 50th as their last trip - same sort of thing. Not sure if anyone else recalls it. I know honestly, they have probably gone now, but who knows. I hope Nige makes it, even just for the day.
  4. This year it is also Summer Solstice on the Tuesday. Expect more than the usual number of punters there for the sunrise on the Tuesday. Last year there were a lot of people camping on the Tor. Almost a mini festival in effect. This was probably due to the Covid restrictions in place at the time, and no Glastonbury Festival (plus stonehenge was shut). The council ended up putting in a road with restriction by the Tor and National Trust put in a new fence / hedge after this event. Parking by the top is now pretty much impossible due to the works following the 2021 event. https://www.mirror.co.uk/news/uk-news/glastonbury-tor-turns-illegal-festival-24366495
  5. They extended the hotel a couple of years back - it is bigger than you might think.
  6. Can be expensive too, from what I understand. Even with health insurance. I have seen posts on social medial saying that some insurance companies are bringing back their pre-covid excess and policy limits too, which is going to hurt people.
  7. There are some interesting stories of people who felt the vaccine was not for them and were quite vocal about this opinion. Until they got it, and it ended badly. Worth passing on to the vaccine hesitant. OK, so it is America-specific, but I do not think the virus is bothered about nationality. https://new.reddit.com/r/HermanCainAward/
  8. Woah. Just caught some GBNews. Does anyone sell a conservative bingo drinking game set?
  9. I saw another poster on here talking about calling 119 to rebook. I tried but was told to cancel first. Took the plunge, cancelled my second visit due in just under three week - had the pick of hundreds of slots tomorrow at a location much closer than the original. Worth the gamble, but it was a "heart-in-the-mouth" moment when I pressed cancel without knowing if I was going to be better or worse off. Forgot to add - am over 40.
  10. I am curious to see how the potential impacts longer term play out. I was talking to someone the other day who has asked their employer if they could stay working from home, as they want to move abroad full time to a house they own. I thought it was an interesting idea, as they were expecting to keep their London salary, but the area they move to has significantly lower local wages. There are so many implications of this sort of a move that make it all very interesting to see how it all unfolds.
  11. Booked. Could have had tomorrow am, if it was not for work (and the small issue of 20-odd miles). No matter the combination & location (within 50 or so miles), 1st July was the date for the 2nd jab.
  12. Indeed. It is not a source I admit, but it is the best I can do with a quick search- 190,000 seats on flights to Dubai for the month - in January. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-9200655/Coronavirus-UK-Britons-Dubai-race-reach-home-todays-1pm-deadline.html I would be interested to learn how many flights there are to / from the UK in a "normal" day.
  13. Nice! I look forward to this thread - It looks like a decent van - a solid start.
  14. I did not think it worked well the last time, other than to enrich "selected companies / individuals" so to speak. https://www.theguardian.com/world/2021/mar/10/no-evidence-22bn-test-and-trace-scheme-cut-covid-rates-in-england-say-mps As in, to be blunt, my understanding of it was that it cost us all a lot of money, made a small fortune for a small select group, and did very little to prevent Covid.
  15. Paywall article I am afraid, so cannot comment on exactly what he said (becasue I cannot see it, and the tweet does not define it). All I can do is look at the numbers. Is he refering to "Excess Winter Mortality" do you think? Is this number on top of the five-year average, or part of it? I could do with more detail - not a helpful tweet (to reference a paywall source). https://www.ons.gov.uk/peoplepopulationandcommunity/birthsdeathsandmarriages/deaths/bulletins/excesswintermortalityinenglandandwales/2018to2019provisionaland2017to2018final#main-points
  16. BBC remote broadcast van set up at the base of the Tor this morning..
  17. +1 Radiohead (who are they? aoplogies as I had to have a look on wiki.)
  18. Indeed. Although, clarity would be helpful. "You would of thought the Germans knew all about being humble to history" - why?
  19. Fair enough. I have seen people block you today, people complain about the content of your posts. I sought to engage you, to allow you to demonstrate the content of your comments. I will not be blocking you myself, but I am dissapointed. You post a lot. A lot of content. A lot with a statement, meaning. It is a shame that you will not stand by it, and it ... diminishes ... your contribution. I will still read your contribution, but ... with less interaction. As I say, a shame.
  20. Apologies OG. Sometimes, I feel something needs calling out. The problem here is that I want Barry to "own" his comment. It was (I feel) intentionally vague, a "Daily Mail" style comment designed to annoy. I get that. Well, “own it” then. The real problem I have here is cultural. I *think* I understand his trolling, but I would like him to spell it out to me so I can be sure I understand it. As seen though, he will not “own” his comment, and will not explain it. Disappointing.
  21. I have had this comment before - "it's the war" (paraphrase). What does “WW2/British Empire/War Crimes” and the specific focus on Germany being humble about history, have to do with the current events (or more specifically, the comment you were replying to – the German Easter lockdown)? I am afraid you are not being clear here – apologies as you are confusing me. “You would have thought the Germans knew all about being humble to history …” I have given you the courtesy of quoting the entire back-history of this comment, and my questions relating to it. I would appreciate it if you could explain, clearly, what it was you were trying to say.
  22. So much "I would do differently, if I knew it was coming". How many people will plan for the next one, even though the last one was 100 (ish) years ago? I know I will be putting a fiver aside for the bet on the next one, despite the odds being so poor!
  23. Hi Barry, I am sorry to keep asking for clarity, but I still do not understand your comment. Why would the Germans know all about being humble to history? I do not understand your reply about how “us Brits and Germans” want to be more mindful than the Swedes. I do not want to upset you, but it would be helpful if you could be clearer. Could I also clarify the “more planes about to fall out of the sky” comment? What is this in reference to?
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