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  1. Re. Reg; I reckon he was booked for a final hurrah on the Pyramid in 2021. Looks like his touring plans will be pushed back a year, meaning he headlines in 2022 before retiring from touring. Just a hunch.
  2. The run of Flowered Up, Jah Wobble (with added Sinead), The Orb and Primal Scream in 92 was pretty top notch. Ditto M People (who knew they were going to be so much fun?!), Bjork and Orbital in 94. And the PSBs in 2010, obviously. One of my favourite ever sets at Glasto.
  3. Email cancelled due to rain. Marvellous!
  4. hoils

    What was the year?

    Yup, definitely. The only year Archaos were on top of the stage.
  5. 50: Go West 49: A Different Point Of View 48: Se A Vida é (That's the Way Life Is) 47: Inner Sanctum 46: Do I Have To? 45: New York City Boy 44: Your Funny Uncle 43: Was It Worth It? 42: Memory Of The Future 41: Losing My Mind 40: For All Of Us 39: Vocal 38: Pandemonium 37: It’s Alright 36: The Sodom and Gomorrah Show 35: Always On My Mind 34: Casanova in Hell 33: The Calm Before The Storm 32: It Couldn’t Happen Here 31: The Night I Fell In Love 30: Heart 29: West End Girls 28: Ne
  6. Played with The Housemartins in 86, so you could argue he's already played the Pyramid.
  7. Anyone noticed that Orbital and Kool and the Gang aren't showing anywhere on the line up on the official site?
  8. Played 2nd to last (I'm old enough not to fall for this 'sub' nonsense) on the Friday night on the Pyramid. REM headlined. *curtsies*
  9. That Robyn info must be wrong, Shirley? Nothing on Lovebox's website and she'd surely be headlining if she was booked.
  10. hoils

    2020 headliners

    The Kinks played in 93.
  11. Started about half 2 in the morning, stopped about 10am. Something like that.
  12. hoils

    Deluxe diner

    Totally agree with this. For what it is and the infrastructure they obviously need to bring in to produce the food, I think the price is excellent. Having said that, it's Glastonbury and I fully expect to have no appetite by mid-Tuesday afternoon. Save decent grub for the other 51 weeks of the year.
  13. hoils

    2019 Headliners

    Could whoever persuaded The Who to cancel Paris be on the phone to Elton? I hear Montreux is unbearable at that time of year.
  14. No way Doves are big enough for a stadium. Either 2 nights at the Apollo or that godforsaken warehouse near Old Trafford, I would have thought. What a shitshow of a venue that is.
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