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  1. Except it's not guidance it's mandatory vaccine passport, jabbed or test, "Like many other events happening this Summer, we ask all ticket-holders aged 18 and over to demonstrate their COVID-19 status upon entering the festival by supplying one of the following: Proof of full vaccination– both doses received (with the second at least 14 days prior to the festival) or Proof of a negative NHS Lateral Flow Test– taken prior to travel on the day of arrival at the festival or Proof of natural immunity– based upon a positive PCR test within 180 days of the festival (including 10 days self-isolation following the result)." it remains to be seen how much this delays entry and how strictly they adhere to these rules.
  2. in which case your first line "I don't need to I can rely on you for that" doesn't make any sense. Still, I don't blame you for not thinking about it, no point risking changing your opinion.
  3. It's a pretty simple calculation, if I'm wrong just explain why.
  4. As maths was never my strong point I'm reluctant to criticise an expert, but does this figure of 2.4% case hospitalization really mean 1075 in 10 days time? The hospitalization rate is steadily falling and 10 days ago it was at 3%, if it continues to fall, in 10 days time it could well be at 2% in which case the admissions will be lower than he suggests, all this on top of the fact that the cases figure is directly affected by the amount of testing, it is not the absolute true number of people currently infected just a guide based on how much testing has been done, so there is no way to predict how many people are going to be ill enough for hospital based on this figure, (the true number of people infected will be far higher than 44777) if he was referring to the test positivity rate and making a guesstimate of overall cases from that I might be more inclined to accept his figures. There is an old saying, "lies, damned lies and statistics", the number of false assumptions and misinterpretations of data during this crisis is staggering, people should be questioning every "fact" presented.
  5. It was an example, so far there has been no festival running without restrictions, lets wait and see just how free we are in a few weeks, I suspect there will now be a push for vaccine passports for entry to events, if you listened to Johnson yesterday he said this isn't over by a long way and suggested businesses should consider using covid status as a condition of entry. He claimed it would be up to the businesses concerned but if you are reliant on a council licence there could well be pressure to bring in such a system to ensure the venue is "safe".
  6. They haven't ended yet and they could well be reimposed if things change rapidly, I've got a ticket for Watchet at the end of August, if that goes ahead as normal you can crow then and I'll be happy to be wrong.
  7. Also, Watchet, Farmer Phil's and Equinox still listed and looking good now, will believe it all when I see it but things seem to be going the right way.
  8. "On Jun. 6th both the UK & Indonesia had ~5.5k cases. today they had similar amounts too", you have to wonder if these people are really that stupid or are trying to use these figures to further their personal agendas, it's certainly not science, it should be obvious to anyone with half a brain that the cases in Indonesia are far higher than in the UK, the Indonesians have to date tested 73,766 people per million population, the UK 3,147,387, how can you start to compare cases reported when the level of testing is so different? Figures from https://www.worldometers.info/coronavirus/
  9. So, over a year ago i pointed out that the vaccines don't stop you getting the disease and questioned the need to vaccinate the young and healthy, we now have people in this thread double jabbed and catching Covid even though the majority of the adult population have had at least one jab. The jab clearly cant stop transmission of the disease just reduce the effects, so why are we continuing to demand younger people and children get jabbed? It won't eradicate the disease and these people are not at risk from severe Covid it will just be a flu like effect for the vast majority of them. We may as well just let it run now the vunerable are protected. Hoping to reduce "cases" (positive tests) by continuous vaccinations won't work.
  10. And emergency rules extended for 6 more months, with an extension to next September still likely, https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-scotland-scotland-politics-57593253
  11. You post that on here with no sense of irony?
  12. You've been saying that for the past 6 months, the reality is the vast majority of the public have fallen for the constant propaganda and blatant lies about this "pandemic", the variant story has been concocted to keep this going until the winter flu season starts and they can then create the same panic about the NHS being swamped, the Greek alphabet has 24 letters, we are only up to no.4, we have a long way to go yet. It should be blindingly obvious to everyone by now that they are running to a prepared timeline and have an agenda, the conspiracy theorists know it, the regulars on here are still blissfully optimistic that "it's just a few more weeks". Unless people rebel (and there's little sign they will in large enough numbers) we can say goodbye to the freedoms and leisure and tourism we took for granted.
  13. Just spotted this in the other thread, looks like Neil is coming over to my way of thinking!
  14. What will it take to convince you that your world view is wrong and theirs is right? If the government continue with restrictions for the rest of the year will you accept any reason they come up with to justify this? If we are on the verge of reopening and events are going to return to normal why has Boris just got married with 30 guests when he could have had a proper do in just a few weeks time? He has said he's going to celebrate with friends and family next July, maybe that gives you a clue when things might be normal again.
  15. Maybe it is true! His facebook page has the announcement, (I'm assuming it hasn't been hacked) https://www.facebook.com/YuliEdelstein Seems a strange way to make a major announcement though, the comments suggest they are doing it because they were going to lose a legal challenge, very interesting development.
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