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  1. Thought I'd start a thread here for the brilliant Vida festival. They've now fully announced their line up for 2020. I think it looks fab - treat yourselves to a Wildside ticket and all beer, wine and cava is included for free... bargain... https://www.en.vidafestival.com/lineup Sean
  2. Nah, I'm a friendly, strange but self-aware, old man... I think there's a difference!!
  3. My review for eFestivals of this years Rockaway Beach should be complete and published in the next couple of days. I'll share a link to it here when it is. Really interested to read the comments above. I had a fine time at my first Rockaway Beach and my review largely reflects that. The value on offer really does make it stand out as a winter festival. I was actually pretty taken aback by the demographic of the crowd - given the focus on breakthrough and emerging, there were more punters of the vintage variety than I was expecting - and some of them did seem to have missed the memo that we're no longer in the 1970's. It's an absolute shame that creepy, old men can still get away with things at gigs.. down to all of us to stamp such behaviour out I guess.. Best, Sean
  4. I'm very glad that I put the criticism in then... Part of me didn't want to be negative about the weekend at all but a right clanger was dropped in the bars - and you could tell it was pretty much down to mismanagement from above...
  5. And here's the efestivals review to go alongside the photo gallery.. Lovely to meet up with a few of you over the weekend... https://www.efestivals.co.uk/festivals/boomtown/2019/review.shtml Sean
  6. There are some right nasty, sociopathic people out there right?? Back last year, on ticket day, a friend of mine was initially unsuccessful but then was approached (on Facebook) by a distant 'friend' who said that she lived locally, always got allocated a number of tickets and would be willing to pass them on. Delighted, my friend then contacted three others to say that they were being helped out and that their disappointment at not getting a ticket was short-lived. Conversations with the 'local' continued. No money was exchanged with the 'local' seemingly wanting to come across as beyond generous. The local openly posted on my friend's FB page, loving the glory she was getting in helping four of them out. Everything was going great so camper-van tickets and car park tickets were secured. Train journeys were booked from Scotland. In April, the local sent my friend an E-mail saying that she's fully paid for the tickets but wanted no money from the group until the names on the tickets were transferred. Seemed reasonable if a little odd. This group of four discovered yesterday, after a fair but of chasing, that the tickets probably never existed. The local is still spinning lies, saying that the tickets were delivered to a previous address and desperately trying to cover tracks. On the one hand, the local apologises and on the other can't divert from her ridiculous story. I'm lucky to have only been scratched by this. I was due to travel down tomorrow with one of the ticket holders and so it's been a bit of a mad scramble to make alternative plans. But at least I have my ticket. These guys are distraught, gutted to have fallen for such nonsense but happy, at least, that no money exchanged hands. I'm still in shock that people can behave in such a way to others. See you all (hopefully) at the eFestivals meet tomorrow where a little bit of my faith in humanity will no doubt be restored. Sean
  7. I’m doing Secret Vida next week, their foray into a local Finca. It’s an ace concept to not announce the acts until they play - and the Rat Pack ticket looks similar to a Wild Side..
  8. And they added ‘Beirut’ yesterday..
  9. I did quite a few European festivals in 2018 & enjoyed Vida more than any other. In a lovely setting just in the edge of Vilanova, Spain - it’s well worth checking out. They’ll never have massive names but the setting and the people make up for that. Get a wild side ticket and beer, wine and cava is free all weekend!! Just announced Hot Chip, Superchunk and a few others to add to The Charlatans.
  10. News of one of the bills outstanding - probably not a good idea to annoy the local constabulary I reckon?? https://www.dorsetecho.co.uk/news/17262423.bestival-owes-dorset-police-more-than-140000/?ref=ebln
  11. Jarvis once sat behind me on a train journey from Sheffield to London. Knowing that people wouldn’t believe me I took this photo whilst he was sleeping. I realise it’s a pretty awful thing to do..
  12. His other headline Pyramid set still ranks as the best pyramid headline set I've seen at Glastonbury.. and that was with the added pleasure of some twat in the crowd standing behind me and pissing.. The man's older now but I suspect he still knows how to entertain... I'd be there..
  13. And my fave Spanish festival of this summer, Vida...
  14. What is it that appeals to you about Bestival? The line-up? The general cheeriness of the crowd? The price of the beer?(!!!) Have you looked into BeatHerder? Smaller than Bestival but has a quirky feel.. Failing that, how about an international one? Big names at reasonable prices.. Sean
  15. Is it really three years since myself and Kerplunk went... some insights here.. it was a great festival then although by the end of the weekend, you've had your fill of Psytrance and yearn for a guitar or two.. https://www.efestivals.co.uk/festivals/noisily/2015/review-overview.shtml Sean
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