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  1. 0nly about 60 years after Runaround Sue and The Wanderer and really just a bit of MOR blues rock, but definitely helped me through this summer
  2. Favourite albums of the yeare are: 1 Billy Nomates - Billy Nomates 2 laura Marling -Song for our daughter 3 Fontaines DC - A hero's death 4 Keleketla - Keleketla 5 Fiona Apple - Fetch the boltcutters 6 Tony Allen & Hugh Masekela -Rejoice 7 Ashley McBryde - Never will 8 Doves - The universal want 9 Dion - Blues with friends 10 Working mens club - Working mens club Favourite songs: Christine and the queens - People i've been sad Khruangbin - Texas sun Mungo's hifi - The beat goes ska Laura Marling - Held down
  3. Nearly put this one down myself, but instead i have gone for the first reggae album i bought when i was 16. Blackheart Man by the mighty Bunny Wailer
  4. He had to cut short his Bournemouth show on Tuesday so that is probably connected https://www.bournemouthecho.co.uk/news/18279624.review-michael-kiwanuka-o2-academy-bournemouth/
  5. Only a few of the original members left in the band, but that last album really rejuvenated their live set last year and stopped them becoming just a self tribute act
  6. It wasn't nice was it and as far as i remember it got worse when punk became more stylized and there were loads of identikit Sid Vicious clones. I heard that it started with John Lydon having to spit on the ground as a consequence of his meningitis and he possibly ended up spitting into the crowd who then returned the favour and it then escalated from there, but that could just be a myth
  7. Hammersmith Odeon used to be terrible for this as well, until too many stood up for them to stop. On the other hand Canterbury Odeon had no security at all, just the normal cinema box office staff and the first few rows of seats would be reduced to to matchwood by the crush within minutes of the band coming on. It is always weird to remember that there was never any security barriers at that time, there was just a massive crush against the stage for the lively punk / new wave gigs while at the more sedate ones even at standing venues everyone was still sitting cross legged on the floor
  8. Very jealous of the Live Stiffs tour with Elvis C, Ian Dury, Larry Wallis, Nick Lowe and Wreckless Eric.
  9. I went the other way. It was my new girlfriends birthday coming up then my mate phoned up with a spare ticket to The Clash at The Lyceum on the same day. Safe to say i am still in a loving relationship with The Clash 40 years later
  10. Hawkwind at Chatham Central Hall in 1975. Lemmy had been sacked a few months earlier but i remember they were still selling his 'Lemmy a quid 'till Friday' T shirts
  11. Great stuff, Thanks a million https://www.seetickets.com/event/idles/the-1865/1509300
  12. Great spot, Cheers https://www.idlesband.com/ticket/the-1865-southampton-uk/
  13. Expensive, but liking the new F&B 4 person inflatable... https://www.decathlon.co.uk/air-seconds-42-fb-tent-id_8572950.html
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