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  1. Red Hot Chilli Peppers at Leeds in 07 were terrible. The last gig of their world tour and they just seemed burnt out and ready to go home.. Loads of extended jams and not a lot else as far as i remember.
  2. Hi Hannah, If Neil (admin) is ok with it you will probably get a lot more views and interaction if you post this in the Glastonbury thread which gets alot more traffic.
  3. I was hoping to go, but unfortunately i am not going to be able to make it. Have a great time and don't miss Misty in Roots on Saturday.
  4. tjamest

    The Rock Slot

    Same for me - my one and only experience of them must have been at the same Leeds festival as you and i just assumed they were some sort of novelty band. Just had a look at the lineup for that year and remembered that the Prodigy were brilliant, we couldn't be arsed to hang around for another hour and a half to see Guns and Roses and BRMC played one of my favourite festival sets ever in the NME tent.
  5. Frightened the life out of me first time as it deflated almost instantaneously with a loud pop
  6. https://www.seetickets.com/tour/julia-jacklin 3 Julia Jacklin dates in December
  7. I bought and used it at home for a few days as an extra bed along with https://www.thermarest.com/ie/neoair-voyager and found it amazingly comfy, although nearly fell off it a couple of times. Struggled to use it in my tent though as i hadn't thought about my pop up tent only being just over a metre high and once perched on top of this i was near enough scraping the top of the tent with my nose.
  8. Had a hay fever attack at Wilkswood Reggae Festival the other week. (goddamn hay bales!) and ended up having a half hour, mid afternoon snooze in my delightfully dark and cool Fresh n Black to recover. Worth the price for that alone.
  9. tjamest

    Musical Confessional

    One of the hottest, sweatiest, most enjoyable gigs i have been to is still The Ordinary Boys supported by the Subways and Hard Fi about 15 years ago.
  10. I came to the party late and went to first aged 51, loved 11, 13 & 15 then struggled in 16 with the mud and again in 17 due to ongoing knee injuries. I was unsuccessful getting a ticket this year and rather than being devastated was in some way relieved as my memories of the painful times are now beginning to overtake the pleasurable ones. I will be 60 in 2020 and will still try for one last hurrah, but if it is not to be then i feel i will be happy to concentrate on a few smaller festivals which are a lot easier to physically manage.
  11. It might, but with all the added publicity for the 50th it may also increase the amount of bucket listers wanting to go
  12. Bad news for Viagogo is good news for us. https://www.theguardian.com/money/2019/jul/17/google-suspends-ticket-website-viagogo-from-its-search-rankings
  13. tjamest

    Glastonbury Tattoos

    Works for Rocket from the Crypt, but obviously we are talking slightly different numbers here!
  14. I remember reading last year that they had hoped to have a permanent home at the Somerset location, however previously to that as far as i remember they had been to Tewkesbury,(which i know was a one off as it was a replacement for the Winchester venue), Milton Keynes, a couple of different Essex locations, The Hop Farm and another venue in Kent. That's what i meant by struggled to find a home.
  15. Yeah, they seem to have struggled to find a home - the one i went to a few years back was in Essex and that was no where near full although really enjoyable.
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