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  1. tjamest

    Nick Cave

    First gig for 18 months and first proper sit down gig for god knows howlong. Dont ask me for a setlist as ive no idea, but obviously mostly Carnage with a few Bad Seeds tunes, one from Grinderman and a bit of a T. Rex cover. Nick resplendent in shiny slipons, dark grey slacks and a moss green blazer. Warren sat playing his synth on his lap, Johnny Hostile on everything else and 3 great backing singers Came on at 8.10 and played for 2 hours inc 2 encors v.respectful crowd where i was, listening in total silence right to the end of each song, but heartfelt standing ovations at the end. A few first night nerves and mishaps, but an extraordinary show which will only get better
  2. First gig for over 18 months coming up on Thursday and excitement levels rising to those I've not had since I was as a giddy teen many years ago. But it is Nick bloody Cave!
  3. tjamest

    Nick Cave

    I know what you mean. Im flying solo so it was only an extra £30.00 and it will be my first gig for nearly 18 months so thought id go for it.
  4. tjamest

    Nick Cave

    Row D Poole Lighthouse for £88.00. After the initial rush you can now go straight though and quite a few tickets still available
  5. tjamest

    Nick Cave

    Wow thats brilliant! Currently number 104 in queue for Poole Lighthouse
  6. tjamest

    2021 New Music

    Enjoying Lonelady, Faye Webster and Sault this weekend
  7. New album out by these guys. Would fit in nicely mid afternoon at WH
  8. I remember seeing these guys at a Radio Caroline Roadshow in the late 70s
  9. After losing too many of his generation over the last few months, its good to see Burning Spear looking well. He's pissed off a few Rastafarians in the comments though.. https://www.facebook.com/burningspearmusic/videos/575420090089466
  10. Bugger. Bunny was my gateway into a 45 year love of roots reggae after buying Blackheart Man in 1976 when i was 16 and will be sadly missed
  11. Its my favourite of the 3 I went to. Patti Smith, The Libertines, Steel Pulse, Frank Turner in Strummerville and both Alabama 3 and Public Service Broadcasting in the Glade.
  12. 0nly about 60 years after Runaround Sue and The Wanderer and really just a bit of MOR blues rock, but definitely helped me through this summer
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