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  1. tjamest

    Frank turner

    Just realised that i have not actually listened to any of his more recent offerings so i will have to go: Love Ire and Song Sleep is for the week Poetry of the deed England keep my bones
  2. tjamest

    Frank turner

    One of my favourite festivals ever Cidy. Pity there was hardly anyone there, but loved it all from Frank opening the main stage to the closing Clash songs with the Justice Tonight Band.
  3. tjamest

    Avalon lineup 2019

    Well that's bought me back in. This morning i was seriously considering not trying for a ticket in the resales next week as i'm not sure i am physically up to it at the moment. In the past i have never seen anything in Avalon, but looking at that i could have a very nice weekend and stay around there all the time. So roll on next Thursday.
  4. THE ORIGINAL WAILERS Assembly, Leamington Spa – 21st June Engine Rooms, Southampton – 28th June Sub89, Reading – 30th June On sale 9am Friday from Gigantic Not original at all, but features guitarist Al Anderson who i played during the mid 70s and again in the early 80s
  5. If you look at the top of the page you should see 'clubs' just underneath the tabs which then allows you access to the solo campers group. I am not yet a member as am still waiting for the resale so don't know if anything has been discussed yet although it will become much livelier and clearer nearer the time. If by solo campers area you were asking where everyone will be camping i dont know (see above) but in previous incarnations the camp has normally been made in one of the outer fields near the coach drop off such as Darble or Pylon as they are normally less busy than the inner fields and easier for us all to find
  6. Just came on to post the same thing
  7. tjamest

    Coma Songs

    Coma - Anything that Thom Yorke sings on - I quite like the music of Radiohead but just cant cope with his voice Out of coma to shut up that pretentious overblown racket - Bohemian Rhapsody Out of coma and onto dancefloor - Sweet Soul Music by Arthur Conley
  8. tjamest

    Coma Songs

    I'll see your Bob Dylan and raise you a Radiohead.
  9. Hawkwind was my first ever gig at Chatham Central hall in 1975 when i was 14 Dont remember much apart from- They seemed to play Sonic Attack for ever They didn't play Silver Machine, Stacia danced naked but i had been too vain to wear my Joe 90 national health specs and couldn't see her from my balcony seat. We all got free badges from a big bag that was passed from seat to seat which at the time i put down to a nice hippy gesture, but in retrospect they were probably nicked from the merch stand Although Lemmy had been sacked the previous year they were still selling his "Lemmy a quid til Friday "T shirts. 44 years later it may be time to see them again
  10. Mattiel has a tour starting on July 1st. https://www.axs.com/uk/artists/1105000/mattiel-tickets
  11. tjamest

    2019 New Music

    I had Sinkane down as someone i wanted to see when he played in '15, but somehow was somewhere else and didn't make it. Mean Love his album at that time is highly recommended. I think he also has/had something to do with Caribou as well
  12. Probably - my first gigs in the mid 70's all seemed to be sit down affairs. Even at flat floor gigs everyone sat cross legged with just the odd 'idiot dancer' flailing away.
  13. Do they print enough of them now? I'm sure when i was there a couple of years ago they ran out very early on
  14. I am just off Ashley Road in Boscombe, close to the football ground - was ideal when they used to have bands at the Portman and for Boscombe Community Fayre. Isn't Kyps meant to be reopening at Parkstone Labour Club?
  15. Mr Kyps Guy? - Must have seen the Beat 3 or 4 times here over the years
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