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  1. Given that the line up is terrible compared to last year the number of clashes can only be down to some trolling on the organisers part. Bought tickets for this year on the strength of last year's line up and the early announcements. Very disappointed.
  2. Prophets of Rage are going to have the NIN slot surely?
  3. I'd rather they booked someone scratching their nails on a chalkboard than Florence. If she is announced I hope someone decent is on at the same time.
  4. The1975? Starting to regret buying the early bird tickets now.
  5. Just back in the UK. Highlights for me were Justice, Arctic's, Odezsa and last night's headliners. I crashed before Underworld unfortunately. Lowlights Getting in on the Thursday, we got dropped off at the Uber drop off point at about 5:30 and cheated by hanging around near to the search point to get on site by the time Gang of Youths were playing. Even at that point in the Thunder bitch tent the bar was unorganised and I feared for the rest of the evening. The sight of customers having to hold the card terminals above their heads at the merchandise stands to pay for their t-shirts was just embarrassing. Two euros for a 330ml bottle of water in that heat with only one point to refill is actually bordering on criminal. No water to flush the toilets after Slaves on the first afternoon. That's a failure of basic human sanitation. The police shutting the roads to prevent Uber drivers from getting to the pick up point was very unwelcome at 3 or 4 in the morning. Oh and screw you Massive Attack. Although things improved (we took plenty of cash on Friday and Saturday) it would take a confirmation that they've improved the infrastructure and another stellar line up for us to go again next year.
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