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  1. Can't see it...you'd be well annoyed £30 to see him and he played the same place 2 days later for free! Thinking maybe Editors
  2. Our little 'un is 3 and has been going to camping festivals since she was born...loves it! A buggy with a decent rain cover is probably the best advice I can suggest...if they get knackered and want to crash they can go to sleep and you can watch whatever you like (although was difficult getting into the Woodland you will have no problem watching Suede on the main stage) One of the highlights of my life was having the babby on my shoulders going absolutely batshit crazy to Flaming Lips and Chemical Brothers at Bluedot last year!
  3. Brave...normally get mine 2 days before to reduce the risk of me caning through it after a bad day at work!
  4. It sold out in 10 minutes so that doesn't bode well!
  5. Anybody heard any rumours on the support? Given Killers are big fans of British indie wondering if James might be shout. Touring at the time and free that day Expecting somebody decent given the ticket price!
  6. We bought one of them a few years ago...best £300 I've ever spent. Dead sturdy, piece of piss to put up and surprisingly easy to put back in the bag!
  7. Is it me or is it getting harder to spot Wetherspoons pubs? Was in one for an hour last week before my other half said 'Surprised you agreed to come in here as its a Wetherspoons'. Nearly spat my rank room temperature ale over the dirty table (to be fair, the signs were there) The Wetherspoons gimp can sod right off and take the Vac dickhead with him.
  8. Levellers Friday night headliner...happy with that. Don't normally bother with the Friday and seeing them at Beautiful Days but got to be worth the train fare to Cov
  9. Think they've said on Facebook the Woodland will be slightly bigger this year and there will be loos inside so no need to go out and queue up to come back in....result!
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