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  1. Wednesday at the latest really. If they are not here by Tuesday I'll have to ask the organisers to let me collect on the day. Bit of a faff but I think I can speak for all of us when I say we bloody need this weekend!
  2. My brother in law is at Bloodstock and just called me, apparently food prices have shot up (he has been going to and working at festivals for years so not like he is a festival virgin surprised at the prices) Might be due to fewer food stalls being prepared to gear up right at the arse end of the festival season, or Brexit, or Covid, but think might be worth taking a few extra quid or few extra packets of Quavers just in case.
  3. 'The Chocolate Noddy Winners'?
  4. Not yet mate but congrats! I'll keep checking!
  5. Cheers. Nah, nothing at all. Still shows as 'tickets will be despatched by Special Delivery' and only 94% of tickets sent out. Cutting it very fine!
  6. Did you get an email saying they had been despatched first or did they just arrive mate?
  7. They've been mentioned a few times already on here but Dubioza Kolektiv are well worth a watch as well
  8. Same here. Bloody useless! Lets hope if when they finally arrive they have them right because we'll have bugger all chance of getting sorted before we go otherwise.
  9. The problem with seetickets is you just can't get in touch with them. The Beautiful Days organisers are the only ones responding.
  10. Yeah that really surprised me. Thought that day had a really strong line up and we had a brilliant time. Loads of people left after J&MC as well so looked even emptier for Editors (shame, they were brilliant)
  11. Be well happy with that! A few are showing showers.
  12. Says on seetickets 89% have been sent now, which obviously means they weren't all sent yesterday.
  13. Think this is shame. Would have definitely gone if we werent already at a festival that weekend. From memory don't think the original one sold that well so you wonder if they'll bother again...see, this is why we don't get the nice things in Birmingham
  14. Cheers. Think I must have got confused as have done various days in the past.
  15. The forecast a week or so ago was glorious sunshine for the whole weekend, now the rain is starting to creep in. Definitely, definitely won't be moaning about the weather though, feels like we are there against the odds!
  16. It says on the website the site only opens at 6pm on the Friday...can anybody remember from previous years if thats right?? Could have sworn we were there all afternoon in previous years...maybe not
  17. Looking on Seetickets looks like they havent sent all the Bloodstock tickets yet and that starts on the 11th! Not great
  18. I havent heard a dicky bird so asked them on Twitter but copied BD in and got this response
  19. Think he has moved back over here...something to do with the constant fire. He was at the England final. Two blokes sat in front of him posted a picture saying how gutted they were he didn't ask to 'Sit Down' once... I'd be more worried about bands from overseas like Dubioza Kolektiv.
  20. Got a feeling we might get De La Soul...touring round the time of Bearded and in and out of the UK. Would see them fitting in nicely before Flaming Lips on the Sunday. Idles before Patti Smith and Johnny Marr before Placebo. None of these will probably happen but FLAMING LIPS ON THE SUNDAY! What a way to end Bearded. Gonna be epic!
  21. I feel your pain...got Beautiful Days 2 weeks before and Camper Calling the week before...think I'll just about manage the Friday night at Godiva then hibernating until Bearded Theory May 2022!
  22. According to Seetickets they have despatched 71% of the Beautiful Days tickets...I am one of 29% still waiting
  23. Just been confirmed...good shout. Happy with that, seeing them twice in a week now
  24. I have the same thing mate. Seetickets are shit. Not sure they actually show as being despatched even when they are sent out.
  25. Decent booking if so, even if they are playing bloody everywhere. Funnily enough seeing them week before at Camper Calling
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