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  1. We're looking at camping at webbs ash but just wanted to check if it's likely to flood at the bottom near Mandela bar? May look to go more into the Hawkwell area if so. Thanks all
  2. Also ended up In E11 Longer walk than expected but now chillin in gate C
  3. Also, can I park in any car park with my parking pass? Someone mentioned you have to park in the colour pass you have?
  4. Hi all, quick question. Staying in Frome tonight and heading to site at like 2am. On the website it says to approach site via A303 and then head north on the A37, however, I was wondering if we can approach from the North on the a361 and head south down the A37? Were aiming to que at gate B for Big Ground or Webbs Ash. Any help would be greatly appreciated Buzzin to be in the Farm
  5. Hi all, Apologies if this has already been answered but looking for some advice as its my first year. Aiming to arrive to park at 3am Wednesday morning and join the que at B. We aiming for Big Ground or Webbs ash and wanted to know if we will likely get a spot or do we need to join at 9pm tonight? I have 6 x tents to pitch. Cheers
  6. In the que at B! Work this next week is going to be a struggle.
  7. Thanks mate, now ordering. Comfy glasto inbound
  8. Getting lured in by this now. Could you share the link please? Cheers
  9. Foals Macca Pet Shop Boys / Bicep
  10. Similar to the above, my partner may not be able to come to Glastonbury now and wants to know if there's anything she can do about a refund? I know it's past May 6th so not looking likely, ant thoughts? Cheers
  11. Hi all, First glastonbury after trying to get tickets for like 10 years and trying to work out where to camp. Theres a group of 10 of us in 5 tents and liking the look of big ground, webbs Ash or pylon (but it seems to have been cut in half by staff camping). A couple of us will be arriving at around 5am on the Wednesday morning with all 5 tents to try and secure a spot at big ground/webbs ash but unsure how likely this is as I know they both very popular? Any advise would be great. Cheers
  12. After 12 years of trying, I finally got tickets. Over the moon
  13. Billie Eilish / Sam Fender The Strokes / Dua Lipa My Chemical Romance / AJ Tracey
  14. Can't get in now. Was in earlier and now no joy
  15. Anyone having issues streaming to chrome cast? Can play on my phone but as soon as I cast its not having it? Cheers
  16. Hi all, city wide festival in Norwich just announced its line up today. Anyone heard if this before or been?
  17. Hoping for Royal Blood, London Grammar and Kooks with Blossoms on Thursday.
  18. With London grammar just being announced for all points east does that make them more of less likely to play?
  19. Blossoms would be Thursday again surely? I know it's not likely but I'm just hoping it's not the kooks.
  20. I mean, I'm happy but where's the proof?
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