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  1. Ride being added to that Phoenix Show makes it massive. Can't really miss that.
  2. Inflation will likely normalize til then and without the second weekend and the ciutat gigs, I expect it to be cheaper or at least the same. Also they probably slapped some extra on this year, bc they lost a lot of money on tickets purchased 2019/20/21 for much less and could not ask the required difference from those who already held these tickets.
  3. The other possibility is that they couldn't find a way to actually transfer everything drom REDTKT/Festticket to DICE so they are using this AccessApp Workaround before going full DICE in 2023
  4. Don't really expect the timetable this week anymore. Theyll stick to their two weeks I guess. Also they'd probably want any further cancellations incorporated, before releasing it
  5. Likely Radius Claused by Sonar
  6. The backbone of the EU-Economy
  7. If I remember correctly beers were 4€ for a 0,35l the larger ones were available but not at every bar
  8. Just noticed one of the sponsors is a cryptocurrency trading platform. I'm getting old
  9. Been like that most years, hasn't it? Adding the longer planning time and the increased likelihood of falling ill, it doesn't surprise me that there is a lot of fluctuation
  10. While I think thats true, acts like Interpol on the headline are also very debatable.
  11. Would you be okay if he were billed as Nick Dave and the Bad Seeds?
  12. That was how it worked the last years and there is little to suggest otherwise.
  13. The Nick Cave Day is my most crowded day so I could probably manage, but he was top of my list for WK1
  14. If they wait til then WK1 won't have any acts left to schedule.
  15. I agree it should be imminent. They're probably shifting stuff in the backend right now. Edit: and theyre back up again
  16. We've been having this conversation before and the only acts mentioned that are actually around are Björk and Grace Jones. Not impossible, but I still find both quite unlikely. Arcade Fire would definitely be the kind of act that does spontaneous things, but then they'd also need the "go" from their tour-promoter as an appearance at an international festival might impact sales. It really isn't that easy and there really isn't that much time left. On another note, is there any chance, Nick Cave would still be playing? Not really right?
  17. I agree, but is there anyone? With the money for two headline names they might get other options of bringing someone who wouldn't normally tour, but as noted before, Massive Attack weren't (properly) replaced anywhere else. Might just not be possible.
  18. nah, I guess the 15% are withheld capacity. Althoug 3 sepearate queues would be necessary to manage that
  19. I normally get into smaller acts around now, but I don't see any sense in that this year, won't probably be able to see any of them anyways. Need the set times for WK1 at least.
  20. The Map news is that all stages are hidden now and noone - including the artists - knows where they are now.
  21. This week should hold some news. What do you reckon will be the order of news? Map -> Timtetable -> Hidden Stage -> Ciutat?
  22. Partnering with Vueling to offer flights from the Main stages to the bits areas.
  23. I wouldn't expect a bigger stage on the Bits part, the bridge already is a nightmare before more popular acts. access had to be through the main entrance to make that happen and thats a huge detour.
  24. I really don't get the hate. Nothing wrong with that song in my opinion.
  25. Boy, haven't they learned, these (European) venues are by far too big for them.
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