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  1. So many Rumours... can only mean one thing Fleetwood Mac replace Massive Attack
  2. Wonder why they are changing the beerstand layout in front of the second main stage, it'll block the view for many people
  3. Releasing stuff in the afternoon/evening wouldn't make much sense, as they'd need to do overtime for possible technical issues coming up and proper response-management on Social Media
  4. I don't think they'd do that either, theyd just write "tba" or "Secret act"
  5. c'mon Gabi, give us the timetable!
  6. My biggest fear right now is that the mid-tier acts are gonna spread all over the newly extended grounds and it will be even harder to catch who I want to see. Possible nuclear escalation of the war follows on second place.
  7. I've had a lot of those encounters, but I'm quite sensitive too. Definitely loving it that there are hardly any agressive or too-drunk-to-care guys at Primavera and if there are, people won't let them behave like shit. The guys selling drugs in the crowd are a bit annoying, but I guess you get them anywhere
  8. Definitely location. Parc Del Forum is not particularly beautiful in itself but the elevated areas give you a strange feeling of standing on the edge of the sea and in the middle of the city simultaneously. Also some of the mid-size stages are just excellent. Sound is good at nearly all stages, which is rather uncommon for most festivals I know. Atmosphere is great overall, though the audience is extremely chatty, so don't expect the most involved crowds at anything but the big acts.
  9. I also had a nap in the bushes once which is a good place to rest, but there is a risk of someone peeing on you that is much lower in the Auditori
  10. Main stages are opposite each other and the acts on them don't clash. There are like 10 minute pauses between M1 and M2 acts so you have time to grab a drink and turn around
  11. WK1: BCNR Pavement Porridge Radio The Armed The Caretaker Wk2: Dry Cleaning Sky Ferreira Sofia Kourtesis The Smile Yeah Yeah Yeahs Only Counting Acts I havent seen before
  12. Honestly, its getting ridicolously late with the schedule... It would be nice if they'd at least let us know, when its gonna come.
  13. 2016: LCD Soundsystem pre-show at Barts, Sigur Ros, Idles 2017: Arcade Fire, Broken Social Scene, Pinegrove 2018: Nick Cave, Spiritualized Auditori, Slowdive, OPN 2019: Sterolab, SOPHIE, Low, Tim Hecker, JPEGMAFIA
  14. The news on the website don't reach as far back, but normally the schedules would've arrive around now. With them announcing that they'll release them 2 weeks prior to WK1 and 16 days to go, it could be any day now. And I am banking on today
  15. So what will happen today? Timetable or map? 🍿
  16. Jokes aside, before the Internet came to be omnipresent, thats how most festivals handled schedules.
  17. Thats 13,99 with Ryanair and only if you book in advance.
  18. Well I wouldn't risk catching covid on a plane anyways
  19. It would not really suprise me, but part of it ist at least outdated. I have definitely seen bar personel hang around at the fest after their shift. Also many of them conversed fluently in Spanish with other guests which gave me the impression it was their mother tongue. Not condoning any of it, but my experience at least suggests that not all of that was true in 2019 at least
  20. Most famous I've seen is Erlend Oye (he didn't play that year). Guys everwhere. Third time I met him at any festival. Edit: Upon googling Big Jeff I can confirm I did see him too which led to me not seeing much of Deerhunter in Sala Apolo
  21. I'm amazed at the level of pure stupidity on social media right now. People honestly tearing up, because two midweek gigs wer canceled one of which would've been a 20-minute or so showcase-appearance by an act playing both weekends and the other a world-famous DJ playing a 280 PAX venue with technically close to 200.000 people elligeble for access. Just mental to take it for granted you'd get into that. How the hell did these people think they were going to get into every single ciutat show? How naive can one be? Communication-wise, PS should've waited much longer before releasing the midweek lineup, especially the big names. They're doing a terrible job at PR - as usual - but ther anger is down to peoples absurd expectations.
  22. Speaking of Beck, his booking agent also does Kings of Leon, which could replace one of the headline dropout
  23. Lost Girls is a Jenny Hval Side Project. Maybe Beach Bunny just asked for an early slot
  24. I was always suspicious about that Jamie XX gig, would've been a nightmare security-wise to fit one of the most famous DJs in the world into a 280 capacity club. Imagine the Brawl outside.
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