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  1. I'm half relieved I had to fly home early, the organisation this year is giving me anxiety
  2. Yeah, I'm home and well now! Just had a streak of bad luck. I was already in the plane on wednesday when security at Hamburg Airport fucked up and someone went through unsearched. Police emptied out the entire airside, we had to go back through security and after a 6 hour waiting ordeal missed our flight. Our luggage went to Barcelona though. Since neither the Airport nor the airline gave the slightest fuck, I took it into my own hands, took a train to Berlin and flew to BCN with the very first flight in the morning not really having slept. Almost collapsed in our airbnb as a consequence, missed the entire Thursday and realized that starting a job and moving into a new place just 2 days after coming back from PS would probably not work if I had no physical resources left, so I decided to go home before going deeper into the trouble
  3. Back from Barcelona. Had an absolutely terrible time unfourtunately (very little to do with the fest though), so i had to quit after WK1. Luckily I had many friends around that took care of me. Wish everyone a very pleasant rest of the festival. At least I had 1,5 days of great gigs
  4. That one is maintained by someone on here and is very accurate, but hasn't had the latest update woven in
  5. While Lingua Ignota and Bikini Kill were two of WK1 most interesting Acts, I probably wouldn't have managed to watch them anyway so I'm alright. But that really is another hard blow. Love Lets Eat Grandma, but clashing with Pavement.
  6. After 5 years of PS, I know virtually half the plane when I'm boarding 😄
  7. Have you notified the authorities so they can call for Dinosaur Parents to come pick him up`?
  8. Anyone of the locals caught sight of the Merch? Need another Sweater.
  9. Newest map version shows a "lounge" at the 2017 hidden stage spot, so probably no hidden stage after all
  10. As long as they don't move the festival to the metaverse, I don't really care about NFTs. But 9€ for a Gin-Tonic is basically asking for smuggled Gin
  11. I guess eventually The Caretaker will throw you out though
  12. Guess you could just ..... lay Low
  13. I mean, they are fun but the newest Album just does nothing to me. Wish they'd weave in more Innerspeaker.
  14. Why on earth are Einstürzende Neubauten on the main stages? If a bad screams Primavera-Stage, its them. Maybe logistical reasons for all the cutlery involved, but Mordor makes it a no for me.
  15. I mean, you won't miss out on them but its gonna be crowded. Burna Boy and MIA will draw many people, but arguably are drawing quite different crowds
  16. Yeah I find it dangerously optimistic to put Caribou, The Smile and especially Disclosure on Ray-Ban.
  17. In the past, straying to the exit from Mordor gave an incentive to stop at Ray-Ban and watch whatever was playing there. Now the comfortable way to bed will probably be chosen by more people.
  18. The front is okay but if you are at the right side or the back, thousands of people are pushing in when the main stages finish. Especially in the back you'll have trouble getting out, because the stairs are so narrow and too many people are coming down Hoping that the exit at Mordor will relieve this situation a bit though.
  19. Its not about the main stages though. Caribou is simply too big for Ray Ban, if there is no similar act. Same goes for Bauhaus and Nick Cave possibly. Mordor is big enough to fit everyone on the fest if need be, but Ray Ban is dangerously small for the late-act to be someone famous. Flying Lotus and FKA Twigs were so crowded, we left both of them for fear about our safety
  20. in 2019 it was - in all honestly - very ejnoyable there. The fake-grass makes it possible to sit down, no more dust and because of the large number of performers from diverse music styles the annoying people in the crowd (dude-rock-guys mostly, althoug I admittedly like the same music as them) weren't there so much.
  21. Jip it can get really annyoing. I was coughing for an hour or so every morning for the next five weeks or so. Nothing really bad, but annoying as fuck. And I'm <30
  22. I've had four shots and still felt like utter shit when I had it. Really comes down to a bit of luck.
  23. If The Strokes drop out there is no way around a partial refund. They'll be fine for WK2 likely, but WK1 is really the gods chosing now.
  24. I probably won't realise this is happening until I have set foot on the holy grounds.
  25. They probably agreed that MA will return in 2023 and keep the money. Also, none of the suggestions on here were realistic, apart from, maybe, Mitski and shes maybe half the size of MA (cause the 16 yo Tiktok Goths hyping her now are hardly gonna go to PS) Once Again: If no single festival has replaced MA decently that is in all probability because they can't, not because they don't want to. PS has the privilege of being sold out and they don't have to care that much, but for other fests it would've been vital to replace headliners. And the would have if they could have.
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