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  1. Feel like Papa Roach are nailed on to do this to be honest. As for other bands, I'm not so sure.
  2. £82.50 for standing. Jesus, that is pricey. Much as I'd love to be there, I'll be giving this one a miss. Hoping they return for R+L/Download in 2021. 25,000 I believe? Actual capacity is higher, but part of the stadium behind the stage will be closed off.
  3. That would be unbelievable if The Killers are doing it. Already booked to see them in the Boro, but would more than likely happily go again to see them in Newcastle.
  4. The Killers said that Falkirk would be their only Scottish date on the tour, but I do feel like they will be added to this despite that. Be a hell of a booking.
  5. Feel like Catfish are in the same boat Royal Blood were in last year. People were so sure that they could headline, but a sub slot made sense. Feel like Catfish will do this as well.
  6. Sure I saw something about Dan from Bastille saying that they are mostly taking this year off, so I think they'll give it a miss this time.
  7. Haha, even The Amazon’s are getting tired of waiting. They really are just messing with us now.
  8. Can’t express how much your battery life is stressing me out. But yeah, much as I dislike The Courteeners, they are inevitably going to be there, aren’t they?
  9. I don't see him as Reading and Leeds headline material quite yet (if ever) to be honest, but yeah, could see him getting a special guest slot. Perhaps third down on the Liam Gallagher day? Would absolutely love for Liam and Lewis to absolutely rinse Noel on stage together as well, can't even lie.
  10. And yeah, feel like I change my mind everyday as to who I think is going to headline this thing. I'm going to go with LG > RHCP > Travis Scott/BMTH as well for my final answer. Seems the likely headliners this year to be honest. Biffy Clyro secret set. May just end up getting a day ticket for the Bring Me The Horizon day though to be honest. Other bands/artists I think will appear = Bullet For My Valentine, Skepta, slowthai, All Time Low, Sam Fender, Lewis Capaldi, Asking Alexandria, IDLES, BROCKHAMPTON, I Prevail and Papa Roach. Oh, and The Fratellis
  11. Chances of Tool never playing Reading and Leeds are incredibly high in my opinion. Download are more likely to snap them up in the future, like they did in 2019.
  12. All Time Low // Brockhampton // slowthai
  13. Never been to Download (hope to change that one day, if the lineups get better!), but 2014 is a year I look back on with regret, would have loved to have went that year. A7X and Linkin Park headlining, with Linkin Park playing Hybrid Theory in full must have been unbelievable. Throw The Offspring, Royal Blood, Fall Out Boy, Bring Me The Horizon, Bowling For Soup, Twenty One Pilots, The Pretty Reckless, Seether and The Used into the mix, and you've got (for me) one kickass lineup.
  14. They were so good, a really really top performance! I'm the opposite of you, went to see Panic, but was pretty gutted I missed Pendulum. Went to see Papa Roach after as well instead of catching Pendulum, who were pretty good, but damn, Pendulum in that tent must have been insane! Could maybe see Papa Roach potentially popping up again this year to be honest. I feel like I've said it a lot, but they would work nicely on the bill on the Bring Me The Horizon day.
  15. Only been twice, Leeds 2018 and 2019, but had an absolute blast both times, made some memories I'll never forget. It's a bit of a shame there seems to be a shift away from rock bands, but I've still seen plenty of bands and artists I've waited years to see, so can't really complain I guess. Out of the two festivals, 2018 was probably my favourite. 2014's lineup makes me envious though, would have loved to have went to that one.
  16. Any chance at all of Halestorm possibly making an appearance? Can’t remember the last time they did R+L, could fit nicely onto the main stage on the Bring Me The Horizon day.
  17. Completely agree, they were both really good I thought. KOL were the worst live performance I’ve ever seen on the other hand, looked like they would rather be anywhere but there. Wasn’t Kendrick late on stage at Leeds as well? Give me Fall Out Boy or Panic over Travis Scott anytime, although saying that, I’m just not a fan of Travis’s full stop. Will be pretty disappointed if he headlines, but kind of expecting it now. Honestly, a lineup of LG > Travis Scott/BMTH > RHCP might make me miss it this year, much as I like BMTH and RHCP.
  18. Stormzy just isn’t my cup of tea, that genre of music isn’t to be honest. I get a lot of people like him though, and he drew a decent crowd at Glastonbury, so fair play I guess, haha. Would probably watch him if there was no one on in The Pit or the Radio 1 tent at the same time I liked.
  19. I honestly can’t believe the hate that The Fratellis are getting They’re not the best, but they’re not that bad, howay! Put it this way, I would much rather see them than bloody Stormzy! Absolute scenes when they get announced, can’t wait to see the thread, haha.
  20. Completely agree. I've always wanted to go to Download, but this years lineup (on top of last years poor lineup in my opinion) have really pushed it down the wish list for me. I think it is just a case of the same old same old making people a little burned out. Like, I love System of a Down, but do they need to headline again, especially with no new material? Take a risk, have A Day To Remember headline, have Bring Me The Horizon headline. Get Foo Fighters in. Just not the same old same old. Give the opportunity for new headliners to perform. Feel like it is particularly disappointing for a lot of people that England get quite a poor lineup, while Download Japan get a cracking lineup, with MCR being the main attraction of course.
  21. I see Leeds Festival have updated their social media profile picture again to a higher resolution picture now. Feel like they are well and truly toying with us. Every time I see they've posted, I get excited.
  22. They have some good options to pick from when it comes to potential headliners I think (Blink 182, Bring Me The Horizon, Biffy Clyro), and as happy as I’d be with any of those, I feel it will have been a massive missed opportunity if they don’t get MCR. I’m optimistic, and I think they’ll get a good lineup going. Although I agree, Liam Gallagher was a poor choice for a headliner, in my opinion. Very safe, and his voice is gone.
  23. Was okay for me last year, the only horrendous clash was ATL and Bullet, with Silverstein being the highlight, but this year probably trumps it for me to be honest. Some acts I haven't seen before that I wouldn't mind catching (Billy Talent and State Champs), and Don Broco and Sum 41 headlining will be a riot, both fantastic live acts. I'm intrigued to see who the secret set (if they do it again) will be. Watch them go and pull McFly out of the bag or something.
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