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  1. Trying to keep expectations so slow, but Rage would be an instant day ticket grab for me, would go absolutely off. Hope that rumour that there are fewer guitar acts on the main stage is false though, is a main stage day full of rock bands again too much to ask? I suppose Rage would make up for it though 😀
  2. Cometh the hour, cometh the man? Also, as if you’s actually got the pages to 300, absolute mad men
  3. They were class at Leeds last year, will definitely be trying to get to one of their tour dates at least. Slam Dunk have really smashed it this year for me like.
  4. Would be shocking if they scrapped The Pit/The Lock Up, but as I've previously said, I just get the impression they half arsed it last year. I can understand to a degree not having anyone clash with Foo Fighters, but not having anyone clash with Post Malone was baffling. Enraged me that Reading got BFMV as well, and Leeds got nothing.
  5. A Day To Remember playing 'What Separates Me From You' is the dream for me if this second day comes to fruition. Could also see them getting Fall Out Boy back at some point in the future. Maybe not for this rumoured second day, but perhaps for the cruise? They were the first SD headliner after all, would be coming full circle almost.
  6. Would love that cruise, not gonna lie. Can see people in the comments from the Midlands raging though, haha. Surely the cruise would give them the chance to get some slightly bigger bands as well?
  7. Can see State Champs appearing on the bill to be honest, but I can't see Sum 41, Don Broco, Billy Talent or The Used appearing this year, cool as that would be.
  8. That Slam Dunk lineup is hands down the best festival lineup this year by a mile, fingers crossed that Reading + Leeds comes anywhere close to that.
  9. That addition of the show on the 18th changes everything for me, might be able to do that date. Decisions, decisions... Also, the inner emo in me was hoping Silverstein would be supporting these, but they are in Belgium or something on the 18th, haha. Probably going to be Yungblud like. Taking Back Sunday would be decent, don't know if they are free around then though.
  10. Yep, buzzing with Royal Blood. For them to get two bands who subbed Reading + Leeds last year is very good. Friday day ticket looks very likely for me now.
  11. Out of the Big Weekend lot, it has to be Biffy and Dua Lipa returning to R+L, surely.
  12. Alter Bridge subbing Maiden, didn't see that coming! Bowling For Soup and Frank Carter are decent additions like.
  13. Got a nagging feeling that it might be Royal Blood actually. Would absolutely love that to be honest.
  14. This all kicked off a bit... Honestly, would love to see Gorillaz booked, but just can't see it happening unfortunately. Think they are more likely to put on their Demon Dayz Festival again somewhere (hopefully in the UK). Would love to be proven wrong, wanted to see them for years. Still just got this nagging feeling that they won't get a rap headliner to be honest. Blink 182 > Bring Me The Horizon/Biffy Clyro > Liam Gallagher, screw it. Just keep Courteeners as far away as possible please.
  15. Official announcement coming on Monday, Radio 1 at 7:30am.
  16. Would absolutely love it if Royal Blood headlined, fingers crossed it happens one day (can't see it being 2021 though). They were class at Leeds 2019!
  17. I'll be giving MCR a miss this year unfortunately, June is a busy busy time for me. Anyway, best of luck getting tickets later today Killjoys, and hopefully a second date does get announced!
  18. Beginning to think that there won't actually be a rap headliner this year to be honest, they normally play on the Sunday of Leeds (Saturday at Reading I believe?), and obviously Liam Gallagher has that slot now. Could be wrong, and obviously that pattern can change at any time. Wouldn't object to all the headliners being rock artists/bands, just personal preference though.
  19. Ten acts I’d realistically like to see play 1. Bring Me The Horizon 2. Bullet For My Valentine 3. Blink 182 4. Sam Fender 5. Halestorm 6. Catfish and the Bottlemen 7. All Time Low 8. Biffy Clyro 9. Lewis Capaldi 10. New Found Glory
  20. A very very strange venue, I have to agree. Feel like we'll be seeing more rock gigs at Stadium MK as the years go on to be honest.
  21. Everyone just chill the fuck out, seriously. It's a festival forum for Christ's sake, relax. Anyway, back to R+L, my biggest hope for this years festival (other than no Courteeners full stop) is that The Pit/The Lockup improves dramatically. Seems like they really half arsed it last year, especially on the Sunday, with no clash with Post Malone I believe? Having Shikari clash with ADTR was just cruel too. Anyone know why they didn't have anyone clash with Post Malone? Just seemed a weird decision to make.
  22. Feel like Papa Roach are nailed on to do this to be honest. As for other bands, I'm not so sure.
  23. £82.50 for standing. Jesus, that is pricey. Much as I'd love to be there, I'll be giving this one a miss. Hoping they return for R+L/Download in 2021. 25,000 I believe? Actual capacity is higher, but part of the stadium behind the stage will be closed off.
  24. That would be unbelievable if The Killers are doing it. Already booked to see them in the Boro, but would more than likely happily go again to see them in Newcastle.
  25. The Killers said that Falkirk would be their only Scottish date on the tour, but I do feel like they will be added to this despite that. Be a hell of a booking.
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