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  1. I have my ticket for 2022. Nick Cave is in Europe in August. Mac Demarco also.
  2. Lazarus Kane and The Mauskovic Dance Band were great. Gave up on Porridge Radio quite quickly, partly due to the sound and partly to be at the front for squid. Squid were a mixed bag - dipped a little when they seemed to just jam for ages which was a bit rubbish for a festival set but Narrator and The Cleaner were brilliant. Saw a bit of Dry Cleaning but wasn’t that impressed. Really disappointed with BCNR, found them incredibly boring sadly. Crack Cloud were fantastic and definitely the highlight for me, along with Self Esteem afterwards which was very emotional. Loads of food and drinks options which was great and was amazing to be back in that environment. Covid checks were rubbish just a token glance at my phone, which was disappointing.
  3. Was the best part of the gig when I saw them!
  4. Instrumental perhaps? Or just no singing from Geordie? One of the other band members sings sometimes I think
  5. Agreed. Although in the evening when I’ll be running in between Snapped Ankles, BCNR, Crack Cloud, Black Midi (🤞) and Self Esteem I’ll get a few cans so I don’t need to keep going back to the bar!
  6. Someone posted the map superimposed on the google maps image of the park a few pages back. Will be a fair amount of space in the park still.
  7. Also, I remember reading something about your first drink being free if you rolled over your ticket from 2020. Anyone else remember that?
  8. Did anyone else realise DJs were playing in between bands on some of the stages (e.g. Moth Club and Bad Vibrations stages)!? Hadn’t seen that announced before.
  9. 1. タイムマシンが壊れる前に by 溶けない名前 (Shoegaze/dream pop) 2. Sinner Get Ready by Lingua Ignota (Experimental - quite scary lol) 3. Untourable Album by Men I Trust (Bedroom Pop)
  10. Both Dry Cleaning and Snapped Ankles were announced as replacements for Scalping and Dream Wife, so that was the implication. However, the organisers could of course move acts around so we don’t know for sure.
  11. The Comet is Coming and Girl Band please.
  12. I was kind of thinking the same. However, i get the impression that they’re a fairly small operation who I’m sure are doing their absolute best to organise a festival in very challenging and fast-moving circumstances. I’ll wait until after the event to pass judgment. I’m sure it’ll be fantastic but I’m assuming there will be some “teething” issues given its their first year even before considering the Covid complications.
  13. No Black Midi is gutting but solves the clash with Crack Cloud. Was planning on seeing Scalping as well so that’s a shame. Wonder who’s on the back up list!?
  14. To be fair this could be for The Mighty Hoopla or Cross The Tracks which are in Brockwell park on the Saturday and Sunday…not sure if they’re all sharing stages.
  15. Appears to be a least a couple of tented stages based on what I saw in Brockwell Park today
  16. Thanks Guys! Crack Cloud it is - I definitely prefer them on record. Can’t wait!
  17. Can anyone weigh in on my Crack Cloud v The Murder Capital clash?? Anyone have any strong views either way? I’ve not seen either.
  18. I’m wondering whether one or both of Moth Club and Bad Vibrations stages are tents. Otherwise might be sound bleed issues as it looks like they may be pretty close together!
  19. Wonder how many people will miss the memo that Idles are on in the afternoon and not the last act
  20. I think it’s usually in the area between the Lido and the fields by the Herne Hill station gate. I was there this morning and it looked like they were beginning to outline where the stages would be - various cones laid out near the Herne Hill gates.
  21. Clashes could have been even worse to be honest. It’s nice that Porridge Radio and Squid are also on early in the day.
  22. Tentative plan Lazarus Kane > Regressive Left > Mauskovic Dance Band > Porridge Radio > Squid > [try and see bits of Los Bitchos and Mandrake Handshake] > PVA > Scalping > [bits of Lynks and Kikagaku Moyo] > BCNR > Crack Cloud > Black MIDI > Self Esteem
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