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  1. New additions to Saturday. Not heard of any of them before apart from Amyl & The Sniffers (don’t like them much).
  2. Very strong first single for Katy J Pearson. New album on 8 July.
  3. They won’t headline in the usual sense as Kraftwerk, Beach House, MK and Metronomy are the headliners. The options for them are to sub the Mountain Stage, headline FO, play an after dark set on the FO or some new after dark Mountain Stage slot. GM have hinted at some surprises so the latter option could happen…
  4. Excellent news!! I think we may be missing one of the FO headliners. My current thinking is MS subs are Parquet Courts, Kae Tempest and Cate Le Bon And FO is Bicep, Low and someone to be added. I personally don’t see Ty Segall quite at that FO headliner level.
  5. Maybe this is the album where Destroyer finally clicks with me. Should on paper be something I really like but can never seem to get into his albums.
  6. Pretty good! Not that exciting as the ones I am most interested in are already at Green Man (Keely, Mdou Moctar, BCNR and Deathcrash). Really like Giant Swan and Oklou. Used to like Yumi Zuma back in the day. Not familiar with the others really but will give them a listen.
  7. Ah no worries!! Someone was asking about whether anyone had seen Slint at Green Man when they played a while back (2014 I believe).
  8. Saturday 23 July. Tickets on sale this Friday. Line up coming “imminently”.
  9. That new track is pretty wild! Just got round to listening to it.
  10. Yeah been loving Minyo Crusaders as well. I’m really hoping they headline Walled Garden on the Thursday evening when Metronomy are playing.
  11. So many! My favourites are: Ichiko Aoba (incredible folk musician from Japan with a big discography but I'd recommend starting with the most recent) KEG (one of the best newish UK bands around imo. Very fun and very good live) Deathcrash (ditto - although they've been around slightly longer. Not everyone's cup of tea but a very good post-rock band) Keely Forsyth (her debut album from a few years ago was unbelievable imo - can't wait to see her) Indigo de Souza (great indie rock/singer songwriter - she's released two really fun and emotional albums) Unschooling (great French indie rock band. They seem like really talented musicians - check this out: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=64xcXF2e5sE) English Teacher (another great new UK band - check out R&B, which is a "banger") I also like Balimaya Project (16 piece west-african jazz group), Lime Garden, Blue Bendy, Lemondaze, Tara Clerkin Trio, Tenderhost and Robocobra Quartet.
  12. Who else do we know? I've taken the view that if their website doesn't list Thursday (or Thursday - Sunday), then it might be right. Thursday: Metronomy (not confirmed but billed as a headliner and fourth down) , Yves Tumour (tour page) Friday: Low (website), Mdou Moctar (website) Saturday: Bicep (website) Sunday: Ty Segall (website, although not 100% sure about it as it's just generated from Songkick but it does have other festivals listed over that weekend so might be right) Kraftwerk either Friday or Sunday as they are at APE on the Saturday.
  13. Not for me. It makes me sad that I don’t like their post Reflektor music. Used to be my favourite band.
  14. When are we thinking for the second announcement? End of this month?
  15. For some reason I am completely uninterested in this album and/or new singles despite her being one of my favourite artists. I’ve got the impressions that the recent stuff and the new album from her socials is just not going to be for me. Has any of it been any good? I should probably just listen but am interested in everyone’s thoughts.
  16. Happy Jenny Hval release day everyone 🎉
  17. The Barkley Marathons are starting in a few minutes. Awesome event that might interest some on here! The hardest foot race on the planet. There are some great documentaries about it. Coverage for the event can be found by following a chap called Keith Dunn on Twitter lol.
  18. Says they’re only playing at two festivals. Have they already been announced for another or does that leave GM as a possibility?
  19. Haha I thought that might be the case! The version of Ever New is SO powerful.
  20. Totally obsessed with Beverley Glenn-Copeland now. Was only really aware of Keyboard Fantasies prior to the announcement. There’s a Live At Guess Who? recording available to stream which is really good and gives a good indication of what to expect I suppose. There’s a song on there called Deep River (don’t think this is on any of their albums) which is made for a Sunday night Walled Garden singalong.
  21. A new one day festival outside at Ally Pally. Tickets currently £40 plus booking fee.
  22. Looks good. Sadly I’m away for that date
  23. Set list (15 song limit): 1. Kate Bush - Running Up That Hill 2. Ride - Vapour Trail 3. Cocteau Twins - Heaven or Las Vegas 4. Radiohead - Reckoner 5. Sufjan Stevens - Casimir Pulsaki Day 6. Stereolab - La Boob Oscilator 7. Portishead - Roads 8. Charli XCX - Track 10 9. Aphex Twin - Windowlicker 10. Hannah Diamond - Fade Away 11. Penfold - I’ll Take You Everywhere ENCORE 12. Talk Talk - New Grass 13. Death Grips - I’ve seen footage 14. Fishmans - LONG SEASON ENCORE 15. Bjork - Hyperballad / Pluto (a la Voltaic tour)
  24. One of the best months I can remember for new music . 1. BCNR 2. Big Thief 3. Beach House Have also really enjoyed Cate Le Bon, Caroline, Animal Collective, Huerco S. Disappointed by Mitski 😞
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