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  1. 1. Sing about me, I’m dying of thirst 2. King kunta 3. Wesley’s theory 4. The art of peer pressure 5. HiiPower
  2. Tomorrow at 10am I reckon. Good to know re Honeyglaze. They would be nice early on at the Walled Garden. I’ve been listening to a a band called Kyoto Kyoto today - who I’m sure some here are familiar with - who sound pretty great and the sort of band that GM would be interested in. Seem like a Black Midi/King Gizzard hybrid.
  3. Blimey this Friday has a lot of potential! Big ones for me are Hatchie and Haru Nemuri. Spiritualized and Kathryn Joseph should also be good. Also: King Gizzard, Fontaines DC, Pusha T, Psychadelic Porn Crumpets and Claire Rousay.
  4. I’m at Mitski! This will no doubt be an amazing show for anyone who can get tickets.
  5. Did anyone see Balimaya Project last year? Good? Bad? I’ve stumbled across a few videos of them performing at EOTR last year and it looks great.
  6. Incredibly excited. Kendrick ska album incoming.
  7. lessthanwill1

    Nadine Shah

    Worrying tweet from Nadine Shah. Hope the worst hasn’t happened. EDIT: Not sure if this sort of thread is appropriate actually. Please remove if so. Seems like her friends/management are on the case.
  8. Agreed re rising. Would really like Mandrake Handshake to be there! In addition to your list, I could imagine Sprints, Vlure, Personal Trainer, Wunderhorse and Eades being added. Yeah think Wet Leg would go down very well early doors on the Mountain Stage. I’m no expert on the bookings but that sounds right to me. I’ve noticed a few of the bands on the line up are supporting/playing alongside bands that are also on the line up on their current tours (e.g. Dry Cleaning and Maria Somerville; Valerie June and Buffalo Nicholls) and I suspect that has something to do with the booking agents. GM also seem to have good relationships with particular labels (e.g. Heavenly Recordings) and I wonder whether there is any sort of arrangement in place in that respect. My absolute dream job is to be a festival booker would love to know more about how it works.
  9. Fantastic. Not quite as good as 50/50 but obviously very different songs. 50/50 is absolutely crazy. Can’t wait for an album from them!
  10. I think in their case it would be fine as I suspect a lot of people missed them last year! There’s usually the odd repeat booking. I think there’s a couple already (Melin Melyn and Katy as you’ve said). Pictish Trail plays every year as well!
  11. So 2nd announcement next week... 123 acts played GM' 21 across the main four stages (including after dark slots) by my count. I think there are 83 equivalent acts on the poster. I've excluded the DJs already announced that just play between acts (big jeff, adam walton, huw stephens). So that's 40 acts to be announced (plus Chai Wallahs at some point) assuming we're looking at the same number of acts as last year. They'll probably hold a few acts back for when they announce day splits. So I reckon we could be looking at potentially 25-35 acts next week. That sounds high but i think my "maths" is right! I think this next announcement is likely to be split up into: 2 to 3 bigger acts: My guess for these would be BADBADNOTGOOD, Diiv and Sons of Kemet. This would be quite boring in my opinion but solid. Some after dark DJs: I have a feeling HAAi will be booked for this. Floating Points also seems quite likely. My other guess is Raf Rundell. Some more middle-of-the-road size-wise acts: Wet Leg, Let's Eat Grandma, Beak>, Bonny Light Horseman, Metz, Fionn Regan, W.H. Lung etc. Some acts from the EOTR line up: I would like to steal Audiobooks, Mandy Indiana and Yasmin Williams Some acts I've never heard of! EDIT: Actually...if Wet Leg are booked this year, where do you think they would play? They could be pretty high up thinking about it...
  12. Very niche U.K. bands do not play 3 back-to-back shows at Wembley Arena nor do they have 3 U.K. no. 1 albums.
  13. Thoughts on Caroline Polachek being added? She doesn’t really seem like a typical GM act to me but if you recall she was sort of announced for GM 2020 before it was cancelled. She appeared on some of the posters that artists were posting to announce that they were playing (e.g Caribou, see below). When I asked them about this, GM said she was not currently playing but would let me know if that changed…At the time, it seemed to be that they were holding her back for a second announcement that obviously never came. She’s playing APE the week after GM so she’s around.
  14. Ahh okay! And who are Marshall and Ruby?
  15. I like it. Particularly the slight change up/piano that comes in at 2.51. Seems like it was written for the new Sally Rooney show as suggested.
  16. I’m a big believer in this, in theory. The perfect scenario is obviously to have a mate or a few mates that are on your exact wave length but that’s very unlikely - particularly at Glastonbury where the music is so varied. I often go alone to day festivals and if I go in a group, I will happily ditch them to make sure I’m in good positions to see the bands I want to see. When I was younger and went to Reading Festival, I would often spend the days alone to make sure I saw everyone I wanted to see whereas my friends were more interested in drinking in the campsite. I was so obsessed with Arcade Fire in 2010 that I spent the entire Saturday on the barrier and saw none of my friends the whole day until they finished haha. However, I do prefer to go to festivals in a group overall if not just for the mornings and late night stuff. I’m not sure I could attend a 5 day event like Glastonbury on my own - I think I would find that very lonely to be honest but it would be interesting to hear others’ thoughts on that.
  17. I’m hoping they essentially play all of HEY WHAT because the sequencing of that album is just perfect and then tag on a few older ones. EDIT: This is conditional on them not clashing with Beach House which would mess me up
  18. Low have been mixing in a few oldies recently in their setlists, including the fantastic When I Go Deaf. Would love to hear that at Green Man.
  19. Sorry to jump in (but I can’t help myself!). If I were to recommend five things to get someone into electronic music - particularly someone going to glasto- they would be as follows: (Prelude: grab some good headphones!) 1. Explore the Chicago House/Trax Records compilations e.g. Frankie Knuckles presents 2. Listen to Selected Ambient Works 85-92 3. Watch some of Glastonbury’s favourite electronic acts’ sets on YouTube: Orbital, Chemical Brothers, Underworld, Justice, for example. 4. Listen to the classic dance floor tracks from the last decade or so. For me, this would be: What’s A Girl To Do (Fatima Yamaha), Inspector Norse (Todd Terje), Final Credits (Midland) and Au Seve (Julio Bashmore). 5. Listen to Balance 005 (James Holden Mix). It’s on Spotify. An incredible tech house mix.
  20. So good. Loving the singles so far. I am often guilty of hyperbole but I honestly think they could be one of the best bands in the world! I absolutely love the juxtaposition of Katie’s vocals against the band’s pummelling and brutal guitars, plus the Gilla Band esque “synths” (not quite sure what it is they use to create the more industrial type noise on some of their songs). I’ve said this before but when I saw them live they nearly blew my ears off it was so loud (in a good way).
  21. Agreed. There’s a lack of top quality noisy rock imo on the line up currently.
  22. I think their high billing at EOTR effectively rules them out.
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