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  1. So good. Loving the singles so far. I am often guilty of hyperbole but I honestly think they could be one of the best bands in the world! I absolutely love the juxtaposition of Katie’s vocals against the band’s pummelling and brutal guitars, plus the Gilla Band esque “synths” (not quite sure what it is they use to create the more industrial type noise on some of their songs). I’ve said this before but when I saw them live they nearly blew my ears off it was so loud (in a good way).
  2. Agreed. There’s a lack of top quality noisy rock imo on the line up currently.
  3. I think their high billing at EOTR effectively rules them out.
  4. Hoping GM follows EOTR next week. Anyone spotted any likely acts based on tour dates? We have Diiv courtesy of @dpdp. I would be surprised if BADBADNOTGOOD are not announced given they are playing Pukkelpop, Paredes de Coura and Lowlands over GM weekend (which I think leaves one day for GM?) and it's been five years since they last played. I've just noticed that Bruno Pernadas is playing Paredes de Coura - would love to see him added. Also at Paredes who seem like GM acts or have played GM before: Boy Harsher, Porridge Radio (maybe not again so soon), Kelly Lee Owens (ditto), The Comet is Coming, Haai, John Talabot. I would like to see Yu Su added from the Pukkelpop line up. There are some others from Pukkelpop that seem fairly likely: Wet Leg, Tamino, Yard Act, Arlo Parks, KOKOROKO, NewDad, Sons of Kemet. There are some great acts at Canela Party in Spain the week after GM. Ty Segall, Torres and Sugar Candy Mountain are there who are already announced. Others that could play GM: Dan Deacon (yes please!), Deerhoof, Ghum, Metz, Omni, Preoccupations.
  5. A reasonable reaction to one of the best songs of all time!
  6. Lamb are amazing. I would be all over that. For fans of trip hop with beautiful and ethereal female vocals.
  7. Hope BCUC get added to Green Man.
  8. As someone who has always failed to get tickets, this has annoyed me intensely!
  9. Yeah I think it’s fantastic. I saw Robin Peckfold describe it as folk music’s A Love Supreme.
  10. lessthanwill1

    Kae Tempest

    Need to give it some more listens but found it a bit inconsistent personally. Really enjoy the singles but the rest fell a bit flat for me. The trouble I have with Kae’s music is explained by my indifference towards lyrics though so that’s really on me. She’s obviously a very talented lyricist but that’s not the most important thing for me.
  11. This is very much along the lines of a hell of a lot of U.K. bands right now but it’s pretty great nonetheless.
  12. Could be! However, I think his tour poster has him down playing Thursday and they don’t usually have after dark slots on the Thursday. That could change of course! Or the date isn’t right in the poster!
  13. lessthanwill1

    Wet Leg

    That Friday is insane!
  14. Yeah could definitely see that happening. Likewise with Planningtorock.
  15. Today is all about Daniel Rossen (Grizzly Bear). The singles have been fantastic. It’s a progressive/psychedelic folk album. Not heard it in full yet but very excited. I get the impression that it lies somewhere in between Fleet Foxes Crack Up and Richard Dawson’s Peasant.
  16. Ahh good spot. Because they’re in Europe on the Saturday and Sunday? Definitely seem likely for Friday in that case. Would assume they would be fairly high up in the FO if not a headliner.
  17. Enjoying the reviews! I feel the same way about Mdou Moctar to be honest in terms of the songs being similar. That said, I plan on being down the front just so that I can watch him shred close up. Look forward to hearing your thoughts on Jenny Hval. I’m enjoying the album and I think it’s right up there with her best stuff. I am absolutely obsessed with American Coffee.
  18. Haha I’m so keen. It’ll be generic sadly. Maybe we’ll get something in the next few weeks!? Given EOTR went first this year, I kind of think they’ll do their next announcement before GM but maybe that won’t necessarily be the case. Also, great to hear positive feedback re: Charlotte Adigery. Think she’s on my “hoping to see” list now.
  19. Yeah i honestly don’t get it and haven’t really gotten over it lol
  20. lessthanwill1

    Wet Leg

    I’ve never really understood the industry plant criticism levelled at bands. Isn’t the whole idea of a record label to promote and develop a band so that they become successful? Not the band’s fault if they do so quicker than others. I thought at least one of Wet Leg’s members has been active in the music scene for ages in any event.
  21. Will have to check this out, thanks! I’m very into my album artwork and will often buy something in a store based on the artwork alone. My absolute favourite is probably And Then Nothing Turned Itself Inside-Out. Here are my favourites:
  22. Two artists that have grown on me massively since the announcement: 1. Charlotte Adigery 2. Valerie June. I think the former’s new record is really interesting. Really fun dance record. I reckon she would be great late on at the Walled Garden - potentially headlining. Love Valerie’s voice and I’ve really gotten into her after watching some of her live videos, which bring her songs to life a bit more as they didn’t immediately capture me. I can see her being middle of the afternoon on the Main Stage.
  23. 1. Jenny Hval (Classic Objects) 2. Sweet Trip (Seen/Unseen) 3. Nilufer Yanya (PAINLESS) Aldous Harding a close 4th. Absolutely love Passion Babe.
  24. lessthanwill1


    Ribs and Buzzcut Season though. My two favourites!
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