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  1. Yeah probably would be terrible thinking about it!
  2. Speedy!! Well done and good luck with the marathon.
  3. Hatchie is the absolute best.
  4. Lovely debut single from Honeyglaze (produced by Speedy Wunderground). It’s got a Weird Fishes vibe to it.
  5. I’d love a few big name international acts like the ones mentioned above (Bikini Kill would be the dream). However, I hope they continue to emphasise the amazing amount of brilliant and young U.K. acts as well: Legss, Famous, Butch Kassidy, Deathcrash, Caroline, Anna B Savage, The Lounge Society etc. I could see Nadine Shah as one of the big names next year if she’s still touring. I’m sure Fontaines DC or King Gizzard would be popular headliners.
  6. They’ll do a low ticket warning as well on social media
  7. Oh very exciting!! Pixies are EOTR no?
  8. For me, Hard Drive by Cassandra Jenkins. Easily!
  9. Shed a tear when I saw her play this at Wide Awake!
  10. Enjoying it! These Things Will Come to Be is perfect! Added to my “electronic songs with emotional spoken word interludes” playlist!!
  11. Low to headline FO next year please
  12. This is excellent news. Was a huge fan of the Habit EP and saw her a few times and she was amazing. I loved the album as well but I felt like she was everywhere at that time and there was a bit of a backlash?? She was also touring so much and the last time I saw her she seemed very disengaged and it was a lot worse than when I saw her the first few times. I hope the break has been good for her and the band!
  13. I believe they ask the question about corporate sponsorship every year in their questionnaire. I agree that the independence of the festival is a massive asset but I think it’s just an interesting thing for them to ask to test out their demographic. As long as people keeping saying NO SPONSORSHIP, then they’ll listen (🤞).
  14. Is Lorde less likely given the Roundhouse dates?
  15. Yeah agreed re SFA. Seems quite likely. GM also liked SFA’s promotional video for their anniversary on Twitter. Definitely think Phoebe could do it. She’s immensely popular despite only having two albums. Would love to see it.
  16. I have my ticket for 2022. Nick Cave is in Europe in August. Mac Demarco also.
  17. Lazarus Kane and The Mauskovic Dance Band were great. Gave up on Porridge Radio quite quickly, partly due to the sound and partly to be at the front for squid. Squid were a mixed bag - dipped a little when they seemed to just jam for ages which was a bit rubbish for a festival set but Narrator and The Cleaner were brilliant. Saw a bit of Dry Cleaning but wasn’t that impressed. Really disappointed with BCNR, found them incredibly boring sadly. Crack Cloud were fantastic and definitely the highlight for me, along with Self Esteem afterwards which was very emotional. Loads of food and drinks options which was great and was amazing to be back in that environment. Covid checks were rubbish just a token glance at my phone, which was disappointing.
  18. Was the best part of the gig when I saw them!
  19. Instrumental perhaps? Or just no singing from Geordie? One of the other band members sings sometimes I think
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