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  1. I downvoted the unnecessary dig at The 1975 earlier (especially as their new single is quite good as it sounds like The Charlatans), but Arthur is fair game.
  2. bombfrog


    Now, Pearl Jam I would see in a heartbeat.
  3. bombfrog


    This is a bit "meh" for me. Depends whether it's a set full of "Love in an Elevator"s and "Walk this Way"s or all that "Don't want to miss a thing" and "crying" bullshit. File under "massive band, big booking but never really liked them".
  4. bombfrog

    Lewis Capaldi

    Above Noel Gallagher?
  5. She was fantastic on the park stage last year, opened the friday morning and gave it everything despite the time of day and the relatively small crowd. Have a feeling if she's there next year she'll get a slightly better slot!
  6. I've pissed off way too many people on here for that ?
  7. Elbow, I remember them. Have they written a second song yet?
  8. bombfrog


    I've always been torn over Foals. Went from thinking they were just indie landfill to quite liking some of their songs (Mountain at My Gates, In degrees) to really liking the new one (The Runner) then delving deeper and finding a lot of stuff I don't like. I think they're at their best when they're playing heavier stuff. Not sure I'll ever like the singer's voice, but would definitely see them headline if there wasn't a mega-clash.
  9. bombfrog

    Drop the deposit.

    Erm... why? Loyalty is normally rewarded. Not to mention the fact that getting a ticket means more to those that love the festival than it does to those that have never been. This makes no sense to me.
  10. I understand it depends on personal experience, I've just not heard of so many people not even getting the holding page. Not for a few years anyway.
  11. I say this as somebody who did get tickets in the end (woohoo!) but some friends didn't. In 2018 and 2017 the website seemed to cope much better. Whether you got tickets or not you generally got the holding page, not this year. I've also heard many more stories of people getting kicked out after putting details in and I was given confusing messages after getting through to the reg page for friends. Firstly I was told that I had to "choose a different ticket type" (there was only one - deposit) and then "Cannot find the event you were looking for". Having made so many improvements, I'm not sure how it could actually get worse year on year. I think they've been tinkering.
  12. That's good to know. I'm still thinking of giving it a go though
  13. Does anybody have any positive experiences trying to access the site through a vpn, or by logging onto a virtual machine on Azure or AWS? I have an Azure VM and I'm thinking of using remote desktop on one of my monitors to access it through the server but no idea if that's a waste of time or not.
  14. I think we need to be more specific about this. When you hit f5 (in chrome) you get the loading spinner on the tab. If the spinner disappears immediately the you've with got the page or you know it's safe to refresh. This never happened to me though. I have 200mbit Virgin broadband but each tab was taking about a minute to timeout. On the few occasions I got holding page it was after 30 seconds of trying to connect. So, if I'd have refreshed after a couple of seconds it would never have worked at all. So, to refresh immediately or wait? Open multiple tabs and give each one chance to timeout before refreshing? You'd need nearly 60 tabs to get anywhere near the throttle limit. Anybody have any clue?
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