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  1. Is it? Everyone on the weather forum has gone to bed so I have no idea what the 18z is or even where to find it 😂
  2. No, but it was my first year and I remember thinking we'd "done a mud year", I soon found out what a mud year really was.
  3. Nope, it pissed it down during the Saturday headliners.
  4. bombfrog


    If you've got a spare £3k... http://www.cornucopia-events.co.uk/glastonbury-festival/
  5. All conversations at the moment are focused on Brexit, that's the bloody problem!
  6. bombfrog


    Do you know that the new design will be the same? E.g. an inward facing circle of speakers?
  7. I agree with this. Trouble is, we all have a different idea of what "paying people properly" means. If the minimum wage was £10 and there was a business that could create a job that paid £9 an hour and somebody without a job that wanted the opportunity to earn £9 should society deny both of them that mutually beneficial opportunity? It's a complicated subject and I think we've got it right setting a minimum wage that stops opportunitistic employers from employing "slave labour", but in my opinion it needs to be a realistic minimum for all parties concerned. If it's set too high then companies just stop creating jobs or go under.
  8. He was the least shitty shit in a bunch of shits. Doesn't matter though, king of the shits was always going to win it.
  9. But the point is that every business is differnet. Some would be able to support a minimum wage of £50 (Facebook for example), some would have to stop trading if the minimum wage was increased to £12. There is no magic price point which is fine for everybody.
  10. Two things I can think of: 1) Widen the gap at the top of the pyramid field where it joins the field behind Mandela bar. Nearly died there trying to get into headliners twice. Lots of people getting pushed up against the fence and crushed. 2) Either stop putting entertainment on on the WEdnesday and Thursday or increase the capacity massively. Right now you have 100,000 people on site from the Wednesday and entertainment in tents like Stonebridge and Williams Green which just results on massive crushes and lots of disappointed people. It really is an incredibly well organised event though. Most of the things in this thread are niggles.
  11. bombfrog


    Is it ever a bad idea to add more lasers?
  12. bombfrog


    There seems to be two, one on the left and one on the right.
  13. My mate just texted me this photo from the site. He can't say where he's working but it's from one of the better parts of the site.
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