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  1. This is probably the way im going to go, ill have to email Love FIelds and make sure i can get on site without an official ticket in hand, the rest of the group will be going via coach so can keep me up to date on arrival time. just means ill take the kids on my own Tuesday and catch up with everyone Wednesday. Anyone know of any official site campervan tickets for sale......?
  2. That's not a bad shout, we've got the coach at Manchester on the Wednesday bit of a ball ache but needs must i suppose. Ill have to find out when love fields open as i recon id struggle picking a camper ticket up at this stage!
  3. HI All, My self and 5 lucky pals where lucky enough to secure coach tickets way back when. Since then we've had a little lad who we want to bring with us along with our 5 year old. As this is going to change our festival somewhat, and are lucky enough to own a campervan, I'm toying with the idea of getting a Love Fields pitch to allow us an easier ride with the kids. The obvious issue is we don't get our tickets until were on the coach, and then id need to get the van down there. I'm aware this is defeating the object of the coach ticket, but things change in however many years its been. Last time i got on the coach (i think 2016) the tickets where given out to the lead booker with all the tickets in an envelope. Does anyone know if that's the same situation every year, as in theory this would leave myself able to drive the van down with the kids and meet the rest of the group down there. any help or opinions appreciated
  4. I'm probably way off but aren't The Who, touring next year. Looks like they finish in Vegas the end of May and nothing after.
  5. Fortunately neither, ? he's still in the oven! He's coming out on Friday ?
  6. Not only that, unlike a lot of great things in life - Glastonbury seems to get better and better the more you see. This years going to be a different one for me, but I'm sure, no less fantastic.
  7. That's what I was thinking. Looking forward to really seeing more of the circus fields, green fields - exploring through their eyes. But damn it's going to be so different!!! Are you camping or pre erected? We've booked worthy view but am really wanting to get in the thick of it - trying to convince the Mrs is gonna be difficult
  8. upshitcreek

    The Joke Thread

    On a wall in a Pay toilet I saw written "I sat here, broken hearted, paid my penny, but only farted" makes me laugh to this day
  9. Exactly my feelings. Going to be a different Glasto all round for us ?
  10. You did well to keep going after 2007 ? funny the acts you see down the bill. I remember seeing Ed Sheeran on bbc introducing with a hundred or so others.
  11. Just trying to think back to my first Glastonbury and couldn't remember so googled the posters to find the line up. The act that stuck in my head where NIN - looking back I can't believe Willie Nelson and David Bowie where playing that year - I'm sure I would have seen them both as have always been a fan, although my 14 year old self might not have been bothered ?. I do remember looking at the "fence" and just seeing a constant stream of people including kids throwing them selves over. A guy walking round with a billboard with "I have absolutely No Acid For Sale". A truly magical place for a young impressionable lad and I have had the bug ever since. I have since got engaged and had my honeymoon at Glastonbury, this year we're taking our 3 year old daughter and 7 month old son - (who I've yet to meet) I'm sure it will have as much of an impact on my daughter as it did me. Just wish I hadn't indulged as much and maybe I'd have remember more - surely I saw Bowie !?!?!
  12. I think extreme mud then heat is the worst - either 2010 or 2011 (possibly neither) The stickiness of the mud was just off the scale. Walking across site was such a hassle.
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