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  1. But the run up had already been much better than this year. This has to be the wettest winter we've had for a long time.
  2. Somebody needs to make a fake poster out of the best ones here once we're done.
  3. That just makes sense though, doesn't it? Doesn't mean they're going to be used for a lockdown, might just need their help.
  4. Yeah, I'd still like to know whether Orbital were playing or not. And the Arcadia line up. Just out of curiosity. I think I could handle it without depressing myself. It'd cheer me up to know how good it's going to be next year I reckon (even though I know many of the acts won't carry over).
  5. If we're doing song names as well then Bob Dylan could pop in to do a quick rendition of Knockin' on Heaven's Door?
  6. Had to post the video as I doubt anybody actually remembers "187 Lockdown"
  7. Flume The Cure The Vaccines Corona (obvs.)
  8. Every day we get on with our lives, we get excited by stuff, disappointed by stuff, and yet every day somewhere there are kids with cancer. How very dare we think about anything less important than the most important thing going on in the world? How dare you ever enjoy a meal while there's a war in Syria? How dare you give a bad review to an album when there's somebody somewhere listening to Coldplay? Context and perspective are your friends.
  9. Cancelled? postponed until next year? Swapping the 2021 festival with the 2025 festival and giving 2020 ticket holders first refusal on 2025? They're all the same thing, it's semantics. What we're talking about here is what's fair, and even my friends without tickets agree it's fairest to roll over tickets to those that are already emotionally and financially invested in this year. Plus, it makes sense for the festival to have sold next year's tickets already (*) * Unless some quirk of their insurance means that they have to cancel to claim, in which case they call it cancelling but offer people the chance to get tickets first to a completely separate event. Again, semantics.
  10. I nearly posted that but wasn't sure about licensing etc. Let's just say that's exactly what's happening until somebody says otherwise.
  11. Not selfish at all. Let's pluck whatever we can out of this.
  12. * It's only 463 days until the gates open. * Once all this isolation stuff is over the party is going to last for weeks. * With an extra year to plan, 2021 is going to be the best festival ever. * You've all saved over £500 on average on tickets travel and food. Buy yourself something nice. Add yours below.
  13. We've done this over and over in the other thread. The people who already have tickets are much more emotionally and financially invested in it than those that didn't. Even my mates without tickets think it's fairer to carry them over.
  14. Don't know whether this helps or night but I've been thinking about the partying that's going to be done once this is all over. It's going to be like the World Cup, Christmas and everybody's birthdays have all come at once.
  15. To deliver the bad news? Who knows.. There's 242 people browsing this thread right now though :d
  16. Weirdly, I'm not as disappointed as I thought I would be, I guess I hadn't yet let the excitement levels peak and it feels a bit like a fallow year now. Start looking forward to the next one, unless it's just postponed of course.
  17. Landlords might be fucked too here. I know for a fact that landlords aren't all rich bastards, some of them rely in the income of renting a flat out as part of their monthly income which they need. Just getting in there before the inevitable....
  18. I have posted my opinions and the discussion was good for a while, but why is it wrong to ask people to stop posting fake news, unsubstantiated rumours and bad science and to check their sources before sharing? That advice works everywhere on the internet, not just here and it would improve the quality of the discussion no end. This is a fantastic forum but right now I'd say I've had better discussions about Brexit in the Daily Mail comments section
  19. Why should I leave. Is it unreasonable to expect that people just stop posting shit? I've been a member of this forum for 15 years and I've never seen anything like it.
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