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  1. What’s up my friends of the black and despairing variety. I’ve really got into punk music over the last year. Is punk well represented at download and if it is what bands would people recommend from the lineup ? Merci becaoup
  2. Radi0Head

    Billie Eilish

    We don’t go anywhere when we fall asleep billie you stay right where you are
  3. Radi0Head

    Billie Eilish

    She’s on the same row as WH headliner, so I’m guessing something of that calibre. UNPOPULAR OPINION WARNING ⚠️ billie Eilish is an industry plant and her music is unoriginal. Hip hop have been doing this for kinda music for years. As soon as some white girl starts singing over it blows up.
  4. Also Glastonbury 2.0 I see as a good thing the G needs some decent competition all the big festivals are trash tier in every category except for the music they book.
  5. BBC involvement isn’t a negative simply because it’s the BBC. Corporate interest isn’t necessarily a negative. I agree with comments made by Stu_Kent. if anything BBC will helps raise the profile of the festival helping them bring in more revenue which in turn will help them improve the festival. Change is inevitable and if that change means growing as a festival in size and scope (e.g. booking an act like gorillaz) this isn’t inherently a negative. Sure some growth is bad but we can choose to be a part of it. Suggesting something is dying because it’s getting bigger or booking more well known acts resulting in a loss of some ‘illusion of romanticism’ seems wrong to me.
  6. Okay re: the question Is the end of Boomtown near? Price is going up but this is proportional to the cost of the festival and the anticipated amount of ticket sales. There will be lots of forward planning at Boom town HQ to make sure it doesn't go under and it would take something catastrophic to rock the boat that much. Sure Glastonbury is big competition for Boom town, but Glastonbury is sold out. Where are the festival laypeople going to go for their hedonistic summer time pursuits? Here we have two types of laypeople the Reading Graduates and undergraduates. First festival ever? please see Reading. Reading graduate? you'll probably be more open to alternatives. Hence we have a lot of people gravitating to Boomtown. Moreover Glastonbury's audience is a lot older than Boom's. A lot of my (young) friends don't even know who The Cure are and think Stormzy sucks (Lol yh grime is 4 kidz and a ---> thinking booking SMILING EMOJI) so have no interest in the Glastonbury or it's chin stroke allure. Boomtown's musical repertoire is probably way off course from its inception but this is deliberate, young people like getting fucked up on pingers and ket to fast and repetitive beats, so boomtown (indirectly) sells its tickets by providing the opportunity to do this. Over zealous security? More like lazy horses not being woken up by a hordes of pilled up wasps. Compared to most festivals Boomtown's security is inadequate. Sure they check you on the way in but that's standard at most festivals. Also Boomtown is one of very few large festivals with nothing separating arena and camping. This is all surplus to the point, festivals are dangerous places. Security is a blessing and keep us safe. I guess repeat attendance is one big ticket seller for Boom-town and yes if you do the same thing over and over it can get boring. That said Boomtown is constantly changing and at a rapid rate. Last year we had the new Punk area opening up ticket revenue from punks. This year we have more techno than ever before opening up ticket revenue from even more people. Also consider Boomtown in the context of other british dance festivals main competitors include creamfields, WeAreFSTVL, SW4 and elrow. Elrow is the only real competitor with boom here. The others are glitter fests. TL;DR - No Boomtown isn't dying
  7. Unpopular but relevant opinion, see picture.
  8. Watching these back now, I think the bands would of had livelier crowds at a cemetery...to the point at which slowthai didn’t finish his set... rant over the sets I’ve watched so far are all awmazing... Especially the little sims set wow!
  9. Didn’t know they were making another sequel to the human centipede. Roll on the dogipede
  10. Mainstream media covering debachuery in a positive way? I never excepted to read that in The Guardian
  11. Radi0Head

    Snapped Ankles

    I have here one unlisted full live show for a snapped ankles set. I hope this brings enjoyment and strong ankles to at least one of my brethren
  12. Think the co-op shops that I've seen at other festivals have been brilliant. Lots of stuff to buy, including booze and fags and all at a reasonable price. Option to pay with card as well was excellent. Plus the DJ set in the co-op? Good to see the G is following suit with other festivals.
  13. Yeah complete dross if you’re tone deaf
  14. No parquet courts, Fontaine’s DC, DMAS, the smashing pumpkins and bring me the horizon. Lots and lots of pop music where’s the rock and punk?
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