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  1. Walking Boots 90Fresh and black tent 90 Power Bank 89 Lenor Bottle 49 +10 = 59 Air bed 45She Wee 20 Hats/Hat 82 Pillow 65
  2. Walking Boots 100 Fresh and black tent 80 Power Bank 85 Lenor Bottle 75 +10Air bed 40She Wee 31Hats/Hat 82 Pillow 69
  3. Walking Boots 100 Fresh and black tent 85 Power Bank 85 Lenor Bottle 70 (+10) Air bed 45 She Wee 36 Hats/Hat 82 Pillow 69 camp shower 10
  4. Walking Boots 99 Fresh and black tent 89 Power w*nk 69 Lenor Bottle 59 (+10)Air bed 49 She Wee 39 Hats/Hat 79 Pillow 69
  5. Walking Boots 100Fresh n’ black tents 90 Power Bank 69 Damp Showers 30Lenor Bottle 50 (+10)Airhead 49She Wee 40 Hats/Shats 85 Pillows 69
  6. Walking Boots 100 Fresh and black tents 90 Power Banks 69 Camp Showers 30Lenor Bottles 55 +10 = 65 Airbeds 59 She Wee 45 Hats/Hats 85Pillows 69
  7. Walking Boots 100 Fresh and black tent 90 Power Bank 70 Camp Shower 40 Lenor Bottles 50 + 10 = 60 Airbeds 69 Torches 9 She Wee 45 Hats/Hats 86Pillows 69
  8. Walking Boots 89 Fresh and Black tent 89 Power Bank 75 Camp Shower 40 Kettle / stove 29 Lenor Bottle 79 (+10) Torch 40 She Wee 40 Hat/Hats 69 Camping Chair 45 Pillow 69 Airbed 69
  9. Walking Boots 80Fresh and Black tent 90 (+10)Power Bank 65Camp Shower 40Kettle/ stove 40Lenor Bottle 55 +10 = 65Torch 65 Paper Soap 30 Wet Wipes -15Flannel 45She Wee 40Hat/Hats 75Camping Chair 55Pillow 70 Airbed 70
  10. Thanks. Yeh Briton isn't well ventilated. So sweaty after the 2 LCD gigs I saw.
  11. Thanks can you let me know support start time and Prodigy start time - I am going Friday.
  12. Have you been to your show? Any idea on set times?
  13. Bloke who noticed my watch dropped out of my rucksack on my run from Fontaines to Amyl. Would of been an expensive loss.
  14. Crowd loved every second. 2 hours of jumping. Not sure I’ve seen a crowd so up for a gig and on a Wednesday night
  15. So literally just crisps. So confusing. Whyy
  16. Crisps or everything in the snack department. Are biscuits aloud? What about instant porridge?
  17. Still no idea if this is a wind up. Currently at supermarket planning my snacks. HELP
  18. What are crisp like snacks ?
  19. mpdow2

    Paul McCartney

    Impossible decision. Just hoping towards the back people are still up for Macca as dont think the group will sacrifice Caribou
  20. mpdow2

    Paul McCartney

    So if we rock up at 835pm post Caribou how far back will we be? 🙂
  21. Thanks I was more worried he wouldn’t get in but seems fine with box office. Anyone know what the box office queue is like out of interest ?
  22. My mate just got here from oz and says he doesn’t have his ticket and was told they will pick up from box office. But then see tickets said it would of been sent out and there is nobody to call. Should he be concerned? apologies in advance if this has already been covered.
  23. Yeh its a tough one. I am hoping because the after hours lineup is so strong, the SEC may be less busy than usual and it will be fine. Also thinking of leaving Chems early...
  24. Thoughts on the ability to make overmono from chems? Thinking of doing the same thing.
  25. mpdow2

    The Park 2022

    We know they are Saturday and based on their billing on the poster it looks like they will be 3rd last. Around 6pm
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