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  1. This seems ok so far to me
  2. My first year taking the kids, all under 10, youngest is 2. The Tuesday night queue might be my only change to get monged out of my mind
  3. Basically all of the days within the high to medium confidence range are great and any that are completely unreliable at this stage are shit
  4. Id hazard a guess that the acts on the stages will be significantly more diverse than the audience. That is to say that the bit within the festival's control is more diverse than the bit that isn't. We've pretty much established that there are no barriers to minorities obtaining a ticket over and above those that everyone else faces. So what you seem to be saying is that differences in preferences between various groups are "a problem". I have no idea what steps Glastonbury would take to change the preferences of a race category or minority group and anything that they could do would seem to be a vast overreach. We should either be agnostic to or celebrate these differences in preferences rather than problematize them and set them at someone's door to address. That's just weird.
  5. "A new low" so to speak
  6. They told us this weekend was going to be a write off for rain too. Anything beyond next Wednesday is guesswork
  7. I have no idea how you guys spend so little. I bring loads of my own tins etc and me and the missus will still do £100 a day each most days, sometimes less sometimes more.
  8. Just for full disclosure briddj - can we have a quick flick through your CV to verify your credentials here? I mean I'm already fully aware that there's almost no point checking this far out but I'd like some reassurance that I'm not being led up the garden path by the ramblings of a mad man off of the internet using MS Paint on a map of Western Europe
  9. Correct. At what point does Glastonbury then lose what makes it special in the first place in the quest to be "more representative". Averages are incredibly boring more often than not.
  10. Yeah I wasn't trying to imply a causal relationship. Just pointing out that the tickets weren't sold out before the announcement as had been said. And that in this instance the announcement of the greatest living rapper at the time didn't spark mass ticket sales from black would be festival goers. It just shows what a complex, multi-variable situation it is and how pointing to any single factor as the "reason" or "solution" is a fool's errand. There are no solutions, only tradeoffs. And in most cases just ascertaining whether or not there is even a "problem" is difficult let alone trying to solve it.
  11. I have no idea how you think that's what I'm saying
  12. I'm choosing to think like this. Days 1-4 (high confidence): The heavy rain over this weekend and into Monday is no longer being forecast. WIN Days 5-7 (med confidence): Dry and warm for the 3 day period while people are arriving and settling in. Days 8-10 (low confidence): ignore for now
  13. And you said that the announcements for your list were made after the tickets were already sold. Jayz was announced when there were still loads of tickets available and they still didn't sell for months to anyone regardless of their background. So as well as your statement being factually incorrect the announcement of a non traditional act when tickets were available did not have swarms of different demographics taking up those available tickets as you suggested it might, in fact it had swarms of nobody buying them.
  14. They were still selling tickets for 08 after the festival had started.
  15. It's a while since I heard it but it was definitely a thing in at least the first one or two years I went from 2008
  16. Just cos it's a shit hole doesn't mean it's not Trudeau
  17. Well let's fucking hope it's not a cycle cos I couldn't do 2020 and 2021 again
  18. Good luck having a conversation about averages within groups and avoiding stereotyping.
  19. Yeah the initial sat/sun/Mon downpours seem to have disappeared and as we get closer to gates opening on wednesday and confidence increases in the forecast it seems more and more unlikely that the ground will be in bad shape on arrival which would be the first major battle won in the weather war.
  20. I live in Belfast where we don't have any black people to discriminate against. So as not to let that hold us back we spent a significant part of the last 60 years discriminating against and often killing other white people for the unforgivable crime of their parents having gone to a different church or school to ours.
  21. Work was fucking horrendous today but at least kept me out of this thread for a bit. 2 more days this week and one next week. I'd love to pretend I could not read this thread til the weekend but alas I would be lying.
  22. The question is - should the sistxrhood be more inclusive?
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