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  1. Hugh pressure is the act I'm looking forward to seeing most
  2. Even the notion that a group as hugely diverse as "people with dark skin" would have shared cultural values is ridiculous to me.
  3. That's an absolutely heroic response, cheers
  4. That's really interesting. From your post it would seem that (on average) black people don't necessarily have Glastonbury on their radar to the same extent and even express surprise that you are attending. Do you think then that the reasons for these differing cultural norms are just due to a benign lack of interest either through lack of word of mouth and having fewer friends attending or do you think there is a more worrying feeling of perhaps not being welcome or the festival not being "for" them? And then off the back of that do you think the festival then has an obligation to try and actively counteract that perception and do you have any ideas on how they might go about that?
  5. gherkin8r


    Planning on arriving in car park on Tuesday night this year and entering through gate B to try and ensure we get a spot in Cockmill family camping. Anyone any idea what sort of time the queueing will start and what time Is need to be queueing to guarantee getting into family camping at cockmill?
  6. What is this queue party people keep talking about? Should I leave my son with the rest of the family and get right on it?
  7. All bring well I will have been in the queue at PGB for a few hours and not far off going through the gates
  8. Doesn't Gav reckon you always add a couple of degrees? I reckon 18 and above is fine.
  9. Is Australia as racist as the weather thread? Very few black people in there. Maybe it's just how the thread is perceived by the outside world but I'd doubt it would feel welcoming to any BAME forummers.
  10. I have done some work on the fund accounting in the past. The valuations models used by the fund are pretty interesting.
  11. The question is whether there is a genuine problem and if so what needs to be done to address it. Of course a festival ticket costing in excess of £250 is a luxury item and will mean some people cannot afford to attend or for a larger number it will mean that their spending priorities lie elsewhere. That isn't a race issue however and it's very difficult to see what could be done to encourage more people to attend who can't afford to attend or have other priorities for how they spend their money. There seems to be a pervasive notion these days that any disparate outcome when you slice people up by almost any variable such as race, gender, sexuality etc is evidence of discrimination. It would be a miracle if those differences didn't exist.
  12. But similarly it shows that with a luck of the draw system there are no discriminatory forces at play. Which would suggest strongly to me that the under representation of black or Asian faces Vs their proportions in society at large is due to a lack of interest in the festival from those demographics.
  13. I think based on the fact we are bringing our 3 kids aged 2, 8 and 9 I'd rather have it too hot than too muddy. Based on the likely difficulty navigating the site in bad mud and keeping them from getting covered in mud from head to toe constantly.
  14. I've never been as glad to have a cool bag full of I've cold ciders. I was dipping my hat in the ice/ water and putting it back on which was glorious
  15. That Saturday was ridiculous. We were at John Peel tent for She Drew the gun and Gerry Cinnamon and it was just unbearable. Had to go and lie on the shade for a bit between 2 tents. The ground in the Mandela bar was just completely covered with people seeking refuge from the sun
  16. Rocket lounge is one of my favorites.
  17. I'm officially done with work now. I can't focus on anything for more than a few mins, motivation has completely disappeared and productivity is 0. The stupid thing is when I come back I'm going to have double the work to get through and double the depression. I absolutely hate these weather model run things every 6 hours but for some reason wish they would make them every 3 hours anyway.
  18. What stage is Hugh Pressure on?
  19. Even the country file forecast next Sunday is only really reliable for the Tuesday and Wednesday in my experience. So fuck knows why I'm getting concerned about the forecast for the weekend this far out.
  20. It's true. I don't know if I can do 4 new runs every day this week and into next. Or rather I know I SHOULDN'T but absolutely will.
  21. Ah man what's the fucking point
  22. I'd love to go to PH and JA but imagine the crowd will be big for the acoustic and not workable with 3 kids aged 2-9. Aiming at going to Little Simz, kids better not plan any sort of Billie Eilish diddle.
  23. Little simz, Paul McCartney, Kendrick
  24. That's pretty much spot on
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