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  1. My message was yesterday, rained most of the day here in Belper. Haven't seen any rain today though thankfully. I used to live in West Hallam, Pavillion Court specifically. Nice little village.
  2. Dave_c


    Ah right, got it.
  3. Dave_c


    Is that supposed to be the glade dome? Not very dome looking if so.
  4. Dave_c


    Awesome if so, sound can be pretty terrible in that field
  5. Dave_c


    What are these? Possible repeaters for other stage?
  6. I'm in Belper and it's pissed it down all morning!
  7. Dave_c


    Damn, the sound of milky milky is a Glastonbury staple, just like long drop doors banging. Wonder why they are no longer doing it.
  8. Dave_c

    Mobility Problem

    Not quite the same level of mobility issue but I went in 2019 with a broken collarbone. Stayed around the fringes and avoided large crowds and was fine (apart from the odd drunk moron asking me what I did then proceeding to hug me and bang into it!). Leg injury is a different ball game though. As others have said, I've seen people on crutches and as long as she has friends to look after her I'm sure she will be fine but it will be a case of pick a stage and stay there most of the day. If it's a muddy one then it will be inherently more difficult. Hopefully she finds a solution and doesn't miss out!
  9. Dave_c

    Sam Fender

    Had a wee listen to this guy this morning as don't know much about him. Anyone else get major Killers vibes from his music, he even sounds like Mr flowers in some songs.
  10. Another option is to just pick one you aren't that familiar with. We went to M83 in JP only knowing 2 of their songs and they were fantastic.
  11. https://www.cadetdirect.com/pits-bits-rinsefree-expandable-military-wipes?gclid=Cj0KCQjwnNyUBhCZARIsAI9AYlE4j-mT53ewcVOUu3LJkfZH4SQVFtO6w1NJylvR0fsoeen1z659DAQaArmeEALw_wcB I use these, much better than baby wipes/wet wipes.
  12. I don't understand that train of thought. Why does she have to speak out about it? Why does saying nothing equate to being pro war and pro Putin? Let us not forget the war crimes that the West have committed that nobody spoke out against. If we were to take your approach nobody would be playing Glastonbury.
  13. I'll be on the road from the Midlands, planning to leave around 8am.
  14. Agreed, there may be other information out there that I'm not aware of.
  15. I've just been doing some research and from what I can tell people are upset that she hasn't used her platform to speak out against the war. Seems to be some history with Nastia who has called her out on it. I don't see any evidence that she actively supports the war in Ukraine. There does seem to be an expectation on famous people these days to use their platforms to support whatever the flavour of the day is, and if they don't they are somehow supporting said flavour.
  16. I suspect 99% of them won't know anything about her political views. I didn't until seeing it on here.
  17. Agreed, can't imagine 2016 without wellies, it was grim enough with wellies.
  18. Yeah I just spotted Roger Sanchez. Plenty of electronica to go at this year for me.
  19. Probably Foals Friday, don't know for Saturday, Bicep Sunday
  20. Dave_c

    Arcadia v4.0

    Yeah, definately more acts to be added. The special guest I would imagine is in the hole on Friday night. Sunday is clearly missing a lot of acts.
  21. That's what I was thinking too
  22. What's the story with the Arcadia lineup. 1 hour slot on Sunday night? Something clearly missing there.
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