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  1. Was that the place on the left side of the WH stage that did Halloumi and/or fish with chips peas and curry sauce? Can't remember what it was called but it was very, very good.
  2. I managed to avoid most of the crushes. Knowing your way around it makes it a hell of a lot easier as you can take longer routes to places and get there quicker as you avoid the masses on the most direct route.
  3. Exactly the same as me but have no tests currently.
  4. Best - Bayou at West Holts Worst - Paellarina or whatever it's called
  5. This forum is bonkers. So every person that annoyed anyone is automatically Torie scum and we all must hate Tories. Hating people for having different political views to you makes you the bellend, not them. It's a very left wing attitude to hate people with different views, it's a sad state of affairs really. And before you all jump on the bandwagon, don't automatically assume that I am one too. I don't think this year was any worse than any other year in terms of number of dickheads around. Ignore them and move on, there was an overwhelmingly larger contingent of nice lovely people having fun.
  6. Are we still saying Ezra for John Peel?
  7. Worthy view is like Merseyside 🤣
  8. The crush at the park/Arcadia was actually made worse by security trying to have an in/out system either side of the tree, which wasnt apparent to anyone until they got to the security and had to double back to go around the tree.
  9. Dave_c

    BBC Coverage 2022

    They did indeed, shame they only played for 1 hour 15 though. Sound on other stage was way better with the new repeaters.
  10. Dave_c


    Not sure about the campsites as I'm in worthy view, but there are plenty of toilets in and around the stages.
  11. Ah sorry, thought you meant pilton palais.
  12. It's in the acoustic field
  13. Dave_c

    cash or card

    Two food places I've visited so far refused cash and it was card only.
  14. I walked into worthy view with a bag for life full of big bags of crisps, clearly visible, and nobody said a thing.
  15. Indeed, wonder what's gone wrong there. Maybe I'll get upgraded to a massive yurt 😀
  16. I counted 29 rows, maybe they meant 29. Suppose I'll find out tomorrow.
  17. Apparently I'm in row H39. Am I being daft or does that not exist on the map?
  18. Any luck anyone? Still not received anything for Worthy View.
  19. The weather will be fine. It's not going to be a 2016 or 2007 etc, it'll be mostly dry with a bit of rain and potentially some mud over the weekend. Perfectly manageable and not enough to spoil the fun.
  20. Repeaters on the other this year should make it much, much better.
  21. Dave_c


    Cheers, think I'll grab a case to go with the haze. Good question on the rose, I read it in a Somerset accent!
  22. Dave_c


    Haze is the best!!! Anyone tried the thatchers Rose? Might grab a case of that too.
  23. Sorry that's what meant. If you can buy it on the day for general parking I see no reason why you can't do the same for WV if you are staying there. Probably 5 to 10 quid more than if you buy in advance.
  24. Pretty sure you can buy it when you get there, you can for the normal car parks.
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