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  1. The Clearest Blue

    Beer Prices

    It was very tasty, and I thought the extra percentage was worth the extra 50p, but only one bar out of the four I visited was selling it, once discovered I never bothered going to another bar.
  2. The Clearest Blue

    Beer Prices

    Oh and a bottle of wine at APE was £24
  3. The Clearest Blue

    Beer Prices

    £6.50 if like me you were drinking the 6.2% IPA
  4. The Clearest Blue

    2019 Possibilities (Non-Headliner)

    I would like the see Bears Den back, their early Other Stage set a couple of years ago brought me back to life. I'd also love a Hot Chip headline set somewhere on the Saturday night and would also like Frank Turner, Alvvays, Sigrid, Robyn, Lykkie Li, Crystal Fighters and Glass Animals to pop you over the weekend. On what stages these play I would have no idea.
  5. The Clearest Blue

    2018 New Music

    Well that’s lovelllyyyy!
  6. The Clearest Blue

    All Points East Festival 2019

    This please!
  7. The Clearest Blue

    Worst Headliner?

    Kanye gets my vote, but it’s my own fault because I went out of curiosity instead of genuine interest. Mind you Muse 2016 is worth a mention in so much as I didn’t know I’d seen them until my friend told me the next morning. I had been steadily backing away the goodies in the run up to the headliner as there was no one I was interested in, I assumed I’d spent the headliner slot dancing somewhere, apparently I was at the Pyramid haha
  8. The Clearest Blue

    The National

    I was about 10 people from the front and thought the whole set was spectacular, I’m a complete convert to the point my girlfriend snapped at me to shut up about how good it was haha
  9. The Clearest Blue

    All Points East Festival 2018

    Yesterday was much busier than last weekend so I’m guessing the capacity hasn’t changed that dramatically considering the fewer stages. Didn’t notice any effect on queues or ability to move through crowds though, just seemed to improve the atmosphere. Ground conditions were perfect as was the weather, mind you I’m rather bloody sunburnt now, plus the rum I easily managed to sneak in is not doing my head any favours. Caught The Districts - PSB - Cat Power - Future Islands - The National, brilliants sets by all. Special mention to the National, considering I’d never listened to them before buying a ticket (got a ticket because I wanted to see Future Islands again) that set goes into one of my all time favourite headliner performances!
  10. The Clearest Blue

    The Free Citizens' Movement to Bring Sufjan Stevens to Glastonbury 2017

    Lovely stuff!
  11. The Clearest Blue

    All Points East Festival 2018

    Easy as hell to get booze in IMO, I took a pouch of rum in my boxers the first day and then decided that was unnecesssary so instead put it inside my coat pocket that I folded up and put in my small backpack. They didn’t remove my coat from my bag either day just squeezed my bag from the outside.
  12. The Clearest Blue

    All Points East Festival 2018

    I took a hydration backpack all three days last weekend and noone blinked an eye, just gave it a cursory squeeze on entry, I did see people with larger backpacks though.
  13. The Clearest Blue

    Which Is The Best Day?

    I very nearly went Wednesday, it’s such a perfect day, but looking back over the last four years the Fridays have just been so spectacular! Have the energy to party proper, always stay up all night still going at it.
  14. The Clearest Blue

    All Points East Festival 2018

    Other than Ebay / stubhub / Twickets are there any other sites that are good for cheap tickets? Trying to find a cheap one for a friend for Saturday.
  15. The Clearest Blue

    All Points East Festival 2018

    I went all three days and was in trainers all weekend, didn't see any mud and my trainers are coated in a layer of fine dust. How the ground will hold up this week is anyones guess but please report back after Friday as I'm going again on Saturday! I saw a number of those with VIP bands in the crowd around me for bands which suggests that the view from the VIP area isn't as good as in the crowd. In regards to others drinks questions, the IPA was £6 a pint, Red stripe was available in pints and cans, there was also Heineken bottles (330ml), cans of old mout cider (both cherries and berries and kiwi and lime flavors), also spotted Strongbow on tap. There was a jagermeister bar that did different jager cocktails, tried one, it was vile. Saw vodka, rum, whisky and mailbu available at most bars, plus I spotted a Jim Beam bar to the left of the main stage.