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  1. Lost lager: https://www.brewdog.com/lost-lager Electric India doesn’t seem to be available on the online shop atm, also I don’t think the sale is still on
  2. In no particular order: Christine and the Queens, Sigrid, Kylie, Vampire Weekend, Tame Impala, Janelle Monroe, Hot Chip (I'm probably going to end up at the Killers), Miley Cyrus, Lizzo, Michael Kiwanuka.
  3. Looks like Lizzo's crowd will have a large percentage of this forum in attendance!
  4. I think a nice citrus Ipa like Electric India or Elvis Juice taste perfectly drinkable warm, and my cans don't seem to get that warm anyway. I only drink beer until about the subs when I switch to spirits. It's not like you're drinking cans on beer that have been sat on a table in full sun for 9 hours.
  5. Not meaning to hijack the thread from the OP, but recommendations of stouts/porters in cans that are okay warm would be more than welcome?
  6. I'm clearly overly keen as I've already started compiling my beer stash as Brewdog had an online sale. I got a bunch of Lost Lager (not tried before) and Electric India (crazy delicious) cans. I'm only going to grab some stouts now and take spirits to meet my needs as can't be arsed with the weight this year!
  7. Dancing (Music's Too Sad With You and In Your Eyes both in close contention).
  8. Not sure about Michael Kiwanuka being a Park headliner. I see him as a similar size to Gregory Porter, didn’t he play mid afternoon West Holtz first time and then early Pyramid second? Maybe I’m bias as I want to see him but don’t want him to clash so would prefer an earlier in the day slot
  9. Hot chip have been added to my running playlist, they make a good addition. Physio has recommended basically keeping my knee permently strapped up with tape for 12-15 weeks, when my legs should be strong enough to prevent injury whilst running if I continue my exercises. To be honest they feel stronger already and running seems to be getting easier and more pain free by the day. Definitely back on track. This will be my “healthiest” Glastonbury yet based on the condition I’ll be arriving in 😊
  10. Hot Chip are Saturday, Janelle is Sunday
  11. I usually spend between £30 to £40 a day at Glastonbury, I would say I buy about 2 to 3 pints a day which probably means I'm spending roughly £20/25 a day on food. I always have breakfast but then the lineup and consumption of alcohol/other stuff decides whether I then have one more meal or two.
  12. Thanks for this, think this is what I'll get for my Quechua 3 man pop-up, I'm assuming it'll fit.
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