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  1. Anyone know if the Birmingham date has an Amex presale?
  2. This is good news indeed
  3. Anyone got a spare Jamie T presale code?
  4. You just need to click the ‘no purchase necessary’ bit on the presale purchase page of his website
  5. Ah yeah found it thanks! Just click the ‘no purchase necessary’ bit
  6. Anyone know if you can get in the Jamie T presale without actually buying the album?
  7. Saw you front and centre at Hobo Jones on Friday morn, then at Crowded House and then again at Self Esteem. Always from a distance but it was fun playing ‘spot the hat’ over the course of the weekend!
  8. We all need some of that magic in our lives, can’t wait to get my fix!
  9. Last day today, then Deliveroo and 50years Glastonbury BBC doc tonight ahead of 6am departure for the fields of dreams tomorrow 🤓
  10. These have been a daily staple for me the last 2 festivals, is this there usual spot? Not aware of Yeomans bridge? Thanks
  11. Good decision I reckon, I have mates that all have different approaches, but the most consistent and effective way to get in across the years has always been the coach!
  12. I’ve always taken the coach, every year I arrive at gate A roughly around 7am, the queue usually starts moving around 7:30am and I’m usually in and set up by 10/10:30 am. I do recall seeing a second queue in 2019 that wasn’t moving, I assume it was the car park queue though and the coach queue was being prioritised.
  13. Comedy Garden in Bristol last night was £5.50 for a 330ml of beer or cider, or 4 for £20.
  14. I always take enough booze but end up buying 3-5 additional drinks a day on site and I’ve never spent more than £300.
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