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  1. Ran the furthest I have ever ran in one go yesterday clocking in at 12 miles. It took me 1hr 40mins so I feel like I'm in good shape for my half marathon in five weeks. I trialled an energy gel thing for the first time and it didn't upset my stomach and definitely improved my energy towards the end of the run so think I will be continuing with them.
  2. Currently have zero gigs booked for the rest of the year so trying to decide what to shell out for in the coming weeks. Thinking of: Modern Nature, Local Natives, Ezra Furman, Mystery Jets and The Correspondents. But I think I need to drop one or two for cash saving reasons but not sure who to cull.
  3. Mystery Jets tour was mentioned on Radio 1 last night, saw them last year at tramlines and at £17.50 for Bristol trinity I’m in
  4. Oh yeah I did know that but put it to the back of my mind as they're not coming near my ends.
  5. Well from the top of my head Friendly Fires, Bon Iver and Elbow all have albums due out and so I'd expect tours to follow,
  6. You have my admiration, I have the upper body strength of a T-rex
  7. Crickey that's quite the list! Good to have them written down though so you can crack on with achieving them! My goal for my half marathon is sub 1hr 50min. My 10km PB is 49:53 and my 5km is 24.36, however I'm going to my second ever park run on Saturday and I'm optimistic about setting a new PB as my half marathon training has built my endurance ability so much I reckon I can get in under 24mins at least.
  8. Has anyone set themselves any specific fitness goals like running x amount of miles in the year or a specific race or iron man event etc? As well as my half marathon in September I'm considering planning a day where I take the train to Bath and then run the 16 miles back to Bristol, thought it could be a fun challenge to work towards.
  9. Well three of half marathon training smashed: Distance ran: 52km Distance Cycled: 68km Weight Lost: 4lbs Excellent progress this week, legs are feeling very strong.
  10. The Clearest Blue


    Are we still expecting a tour announcement? A decent chunk of time has past since the rumour?
  11. Thanks for this, that’s decent, think I’ll go. Cheers
  12. Yeah I can imagine that would be a bit intense, thanks for the heads up.
  13. What’s Ezra Furman like live? Considering going to see him but money is tight and I wasn’t sure what his live show would be like?
  14. My score for bands i saw is 1,964, not really sure if that shows anything, maybe I don't have very niche tastes?
  15. Week 2 of my half marathon training completed: Distance ran: 48km Distance cycled: 68km Weight lost: 0lb Weight gained: 2lbs Whoops, guess I need to bring my diet in line with my exercise, I’ve just been so hungry all week haha.
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