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  1. Did today’s run, as I’m so out of shape I’m only doing 5km atm. Was super windy today but managed to shave 1 minute off yesterday’s time. My aim is to get my 5km time back down to 24mins (my Pb) within the next few weeks.
  2. Went for my first run for three and a half months yesterday. I’ve been travelling South East Asia and was forced to come home three months early due to the pandemic. So I now find myself in self isolation with no job and very little money after spending a lot of money on the flight home. I’ve decided to try to get into a healthy routine to try and prevent getting depressed. In the morning I’ll go for a run, then I will do an online Spanish lesson and in the afternoon my girlfriend and me will do a 30 day yoga challenge on YouTube. Yesterday was the first day and I’ve woken up with very sore legs!
  3. Hope everyone’s okay, this is sad news indeed but understandable. Glastonbury was going to be the crowning jewel of my six months career break, returning to the U.K. from SE Asia just days before it. Now it looks like I’ll be returning a lot sooner and no Glastonbury and likely never have the opportunity to long term travel again. Seems it’s all just coming crashing down at the moment.
  4. Sat in a cafe in central Da Nang, sweating like a pig and as I’ve been on the road since Christmas I thought I’d check in on here to see if there is any line up news. Seems to still all just be speculation still at this point. Booked my flight back to the U.K. for the fest though, gives me roughly 4 months to get to Kuala Lumpa.
  5. The Clearest Blue


    Based on the comments on the NME article on FB this seems to have gone over better than the Macca Annoucement.
  6. 12 miler today, my legs hate me, currently recovering on the sofa and sulking about the cost of being injected with rabies.
  7. Managed 11miles and gave up, decided it wasn’t worth trying to reach higher mileage on a hangover.
  8. Had four vaccinations the other day and my arms have been so sore I’ve not been running. Going to get out shortly for hopefully a ten miler in the sun ☺️
  9. Had to throw on a running jacket for today’s 10 miler, it’s getting chilly out there, still in shorts but a t-shirt won’t cut it against the wind.
  10. La Roux was great in Jon Peel 2015, would be more than happy for her to return to the farm
  11. I’m a cyclist and it drives me crazy when other cyclists don’t think traffic lights apply to them
  12. Love both Rex Orange County and King Princess
  13. A treadmill 12km yesterday followed by a road 15km today has led to a lovely side of foot blister. I’m sure tomorrow’s speed intervals will sort it out ?
  14. After a full two week break from running after my half marathon, I’m about a week and a half back into my running schedule and seem to be getting back up to fitness quite quickly. With no races planned now until the back end of 2020 (I’m out of the country from Christmas until Glastonbury) I’m going to use the next few months to concentrate on setting a new 5k PB at a local park run. Without some sort of goal there is no way I’ll keep it up.
  15. The Clearest Blue

    Rum club

    The last two years i've brought along a bottle of Havana Club 7 year old rum, delicious and always bring a few cans of ting to go with it. I do prefer bourbon though, my favourite being Makers Mark but I take Buffalo Trace to the festival as a cheaper alternative, that I just sip straight from a hipflask.
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