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  1. Just popped into Tesco for a meal deal and came away with four cans of the MOTH espresso martini and 4 for 3 felt like a good deal. Also picked up some Hobgoblin Ruby as I think this will still be nice slightly warm in a field. Almost there with the booze supplies now.
  2. I’ve not tried that wine and peoples taste in red wine differs greatly, but I quite like the Primitivo that Lidl sell in cans. Whilst it won’t be winning any awards I think it’s very drinkable and so I’ve picked up some cans for Glastonbury. As it’s in can form it’s easy enough to just get one to sample before bulk buying.
  3. I sampled the funkin nitro espresso martini and thought it was vile. I saw the moth ones in Tesco last week but the price put me off, might have to just go for it though
  4. Had a ‘lightbulb’ moment earlier today in Lidl, they had one of my all time favourite beers, Wild Beer’s Pogo. Light, fresh and citrusy, I think it’ll be the perfect Glastonbury beer!
  5. Do we think they will add a second London date on the Friday? I can’t do any of their UK dates, currently looking into flying to Milan to see them.
  6. Running plan is still on track, I have a 500mile target for the year but I’m trying to front load it, works out to roughly 42miles a month and I’ve now done 211 miles, so roughly a month a head of where I should be.
  7. That’s very cool, he was great at Japan! Wish I could even run a sub 20m 5k, my PB is 22m!
  8. I’ve managed to get up to a decent level of running again, nothing crazy, averaging around 30km a week across 4 runs. Feeling fitter and think this will see me in a good position, fitness wise, for the festival. Don’t seem to be losing any weight though, might need to stop the snacking between meals and boozy weekends!
  9. In 2019 I took the least alcohol I’d ever brought as I decided to just buy more pints from bars, which I enjoyed doing in the heat. But if it’s £7 a pint I’ll be reversing that approach as that just feels like it’s taking the piss.
  10. Just bought a pillow from ikea, comes vaccuum packed so it’s small and light to carry in, then on the way out, once I’ve drunk all my booze it fits easily in my bag.
  11. Think I’ve got my drinks down to the perfect formula after five festivals. A couple of cans of breakfast beers (strong & fruity such as Elvis Juice) for each morning, then bar drinks during the day, trip back to the tent before subs to fill my camel pack with Gin’n’tonic (tonic needs to be fairly flat to prevent it inflating the camel pack on your back whilst dancing), usually take about 1.5 litres of gin. Then after headliners I have a hip flask of bourbon to swig as I desire. Although after reading through this thread I think I’m going to add a daily can of espresso martini to my packing list.
  12. Hoping to get back out and running this evening after a week off with my second dose of Covid this year. 8 pounds down since Christmas and hoping to drop at least the same again before the festival.
  13. Bagged some tickets for Future Islands in Cardiff in November 🎉
  14. Saw Gang of Youths at O2 Academy in Bristol Wednesday night and they were bloody fantastic!
  15. 13/18 still going from my group.
  16. Gave yesterday, donation number 15, didn’t have the biscuits I like though 😕
  17. Back at the running after a prolonged break, after my Half Marathon last September I haven’t really done any. So going to have to build up slowly as I feel like I’ve lost a lot of fitness. Hoping to be back in shape for Glastonbury, which is definitely happening this year!
  18. I ran the Bristol half, and the signage and marshalling directing runners right and left for 10k and Half was pretty clear, unless you were completely zoned out I don’t know how you’d miss it.
  19. Well it was a lot warmer than I would have liked, but I managed to get round the Bristol Half. Although it was a PB I still didn’t manage to come in under 1 hr 50 mins like I wanted, happy with 1:52 though, always next time.
  20. Thanks for the advice, I will definitely listen to it coming from someone with your experience! 🏃🏃
  21. What would be advise for a taper for a half marathon? I have Bristol Half on Sept 19th, I did a 18km on Sunday and a 10km last night, I was intending to do two more 10km’s this week and a 16km on Sunday, then perhaps one, possibly two, 5kms next week. Am I overdoing it or slowing too soon?
  22. 2 couples now have lockdown babies so dropped out and requested balance monies returned. The final couple have been invited to a wedding aboard the same weekend, they have yet to request the balance money back.
  23. If it helps give some hope to the ticketless, we were a group of 16 going to Glastonbury 2020, we are now down to 10.
  24. They definitely have them on the royal gate entrance Hackney side, my girlfriend got pulled out by the pup despite only having some lemsip on her
  25. When we went in yesterday at 2pm there was no queue, on approach to the gate they checked our COVID pass, then scanned our tickets but didn’t ask us for ID. Then had coats/bags searched and had to walk through a metal detector then past dogs (had three mates come in at the same time who were carrying and they didn’t get detected by the dogs). I took in a pouch of rum which was easy enough to do, then only had to buy cans of coke and ask for cups with ice at the bars.
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