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  1. Paul_F

    The Weather Thread 2019

    Definitely the soundtrack of this thread.
  2. Yet another walk - been out in rain, wind, sun, rain wind and sun combined over the past few weeks to break my boots in as my old pair decided to fall apart. Full on weather sim Now I know what clothes won't keep me dry so they've been sorted. Not that I'll need them obvs.
  3. My update is a lot more mundane. Went to Go Outdoors in Penrith to buy walking socks, kettle and coolbox. Total failure. They had no socks less than size 12, loads of totally crap kettles and only massive cool boxes. Back to trusty (ish) on-line shopping.
  4. Paul_F

    Old Music Thread

    And a bit of soul from a few years later
  5. Paul_F

    Old Music Thread

    One from 1962 that indulges my Hammond fixation
  6. Coincidentally I was introduced to these earlier this year. Never heard of them before then but completely hooked. I'd love it if they pitched up.
  7. This is a great thread Generally I fall into the "if it moves you or makes you move it's good" camp, but where my tastes came from I can only guess at. I was born in 1965 but my parents didn't really play much music until I was a bit older. What I did hear at home was The Beatles, The Monkees and later Space, Jean Michel Jarre, Boney M, Abba plus whatever was on the radio. My grandad though was a pianist and organist and he played a lot of the working mens clubs (miners welfares mostly) and he had a load of records of various keyboard inspired stuff. That's probably where my affliction for the Hammond came from and interest in Jazz or Jazz influenced music. My cousin had quite a bit of Northern Soul and Glam Rock records so that got thrown into the mix too. Punk blew this all apart with a totally new (I initially thought) noise. Got into the New Romantic sound after that, mainly OMD, Human League and Heaven 17. From then on I seem to have got in to different bands way later than everyone else. For example, I really did not get the Smiths when they were current - love them now. None of my mates were really in to music so it was hard finding new stuff back then, and now there is so much it's equally hard. I do love trawling through Bandcamp though and finding new stuff. I struggle with a lot of more recent material as a lot of it sounds bland and uninspiring to me. If I had to single out a genre that I least listen to it's rap I'm afraid. Everything else is fair game and some of the best music I've heard is probably the least commercial. But it did move me and make me move* * alcohol, and a tent in a field may have been involved.
  8. A few people have hinted at this but airbeds are not warm. If you need something that packs up small and light the Thermarest Neoair range are superb but a little pricey. Alternatively as others have said a camp bed and a cheaper insulating mattress would be my choice. I've used a Neoair in a bivvy in January and was comfortable and warm.
  9. I'm not part of any group trying to get tickets, no multiple registrations, no clever strategies - just plain old F5. I got tickets, others got tickets, others didn't get tickets. I'm not sure it's harder than previous years? There was always a strong possibility that we wouldn't get tickets and we were prepared to accept that. To be honest every time we get tickets I'm equally amazed we're successful.
  10. Probably about same experience as T-day. Payment went through no probs, about 15 mins to get through to booking.
  11. Round 2 is a new experience. Never had to buy a CV ticket before. Tension building etc etc
  12. Bimble Inn - best sesh I've ever had on Sunday 2016. P'ing rain outside, great craic, great music and way too much alcohol (is that possible?) inside. Oh and comfy loungers too.
  13. Great. And I'll have a hangover to boot (probably not my best plan for Friday night out out)
  14. Paul_F

    West Holts 2019

    Probably zero chance of this happening but I'd love to see these on WH:
  15. Paul_F

    Infusions 2019

    Second year I've made plum vodka. Also done a gin one this year to compare. We've loads of the things from one tiny victoria plum tree so don't want them to go to waste. The vodka ends up a lovely amber colour tasting like a fruity amaretto and is an easy neat drink (i.e. very dangerous). Hopefully the gin will be as good if not better.
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