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  1. An amazing graffiti-styled jumper that's now my favourite item of clothing A pouch of baccy that was found outside my tent on Thursday morning Renewed respect and love for Billie eilish and Kendrick Lamar and lorde Desire to get ALL my friends tickets next year A new passion for warm cider An overriding feeling that normal life just isn't enough anymore About 50 hours of lost sleep that I'm still not 100% caught up on!
  2. Yeah I remember tryin to enter in 2016... Can't remember the specifics but I believe we were in a queue a fair few miles from the site, in daylight, with people getting out their cars to play cricket..! Then once off the road and driving across the fields, cars were getting stuck trying before they even got to the car parks. Was pretty chaotic. Not to mention how many 100s of wellies were lost to the great quagmires at the entrance to the park and on the west holts side of the pyramid! Still had a great time, and LCD Soundsystem closing the other on sunday remains one of the best performances I've ever seen, or will ever see!
  3. Next time... Forget about the clashfinder obsession. Maybe check times a day or 2 before the fest, make a note of 5 or so must sees and leave the rest to luck of the wander. Get more sleep. I arrived 1am weds morning and joined the queue, but couldn't sleep till weds night and then was woken up at 6.30am on Thurs. Plus was up for nearly 24hrs on Friday, so I was exhausted by Sunday. Spend more time in the sec. Did it I previous years but not really this year, and really missed it. Ignore any and all listings like TLC, mcfly, legends lot etc - too big crowds! Much rather go for a small act that has some surprises. Small stages > big stages!!! Get a sim with a decent company. This year could barely use my phone at all 😕
  4. This is it. I don't blame anyone in Russia for not speaking out. I'd be scared to for sure! Plus, the media control there is so strong that who knows what they'll be being told. I'm sad that she wasn't at glasto, it's exactly the kind of place that should look past borders and how countries act. Glastonbury is a place where people's opinions on things can and should and will be challenged!
  5. Bomei

    Neil Young 2023

    Just heard that NY and Crazy Horse have yet another album in the books, for release next year... Plus Michael teased in 2019 that he was gonna be around in 2020 so maybe he's gonna be booked in for one soon? I saw him at BST in 2019, co-headlining with Bob Dylan and he fuckin smashed it out the park with the promise of the real! Put Dylan to shame if you ask me, and I was more a fan of Dylan at the time! Not many people can rock as hard as Neil does, especially not in their 70s! Plus he's perfectly aligned with the festival's ideals, so maybe he's wanting to come back? However I can't see Neil agreeing to a legend slot. Very possibly headlining Other, but headlining Pyramid would be what he wants, nothing else. What do we think? Am I just a Dreaming Man or is this Old Man gonna rock glasto Like A Hurricane?!
  6. My most controversial opinion? Probably that I really like the abundance of activism at the festival! I'm so glad it is going back further down that route with the CND logo on the Pyramid and the earth on the Other, the posters on the Truth and Park stages, the (absolutely heart wrenching) tyre turtle, the greenpeace stewards asking to talk to us about issues. I get that people want to come to the fest to escape from all that, but for me it reminds me what started the festival. It also feels right - music, hedonism and activism all together - empowering and strengthening people together!
  7. Bomei


    I was camped in a large-ish group in oxlyers and on weds night someone went into one of our tents and took the 2 cccupants' phones and one of their day bags (which had their wallet and more in). Proper shitty as it was their first glasto and mightve out them off coming back! They still made the most of the rest of their time though. In 2015 someone came into the tent where me and my friend were sleeping, but we woke up in time to catch him and got the typical "sorry wrong tent" before he asked if we had a lighter - pretty sure he was after some stuff. (also in oxlyers) Interestingly, the same night this year that my friends tent was robbed, I was woken by a guy coming into my tent - nothing was taken and he left pretty fast. When I got up shortly after I saw that there was some random persons bag there, with some bits in but nothing valuable - I assumed whoever came in had robbed it and dumped it in my tent, but actually that guy legitimately couldn't find his tent so he was going around searching! He left his bag in mine for safekeeping and ended up sleeping in a different randomers tent! He came back a couple days later and we had a mini reunion, was quite nice tbh.
  8. I love the spider at arcadia, but I also feel its time for a shake up. I loved the lasers and lights this year, and felt the balloon acrobat was interesting albeit a bit out of place... The sound does need a change though. I love the idea of some kind of central "monument" as the dj booth, and I don't know how hard it is to get 360 degree sound to be good, but why not have outward facing speakers?
  9. Bomei

    Kendrick Lamar

    How often does kendrick perform "i" live? I feel like that was a really special and rare moment to be a part of, when he brought that one out!
  10. Top things I did this year were: Clipping a Carabiner onto my belt to hang my water bottle from (next time gonna get a soft collapsible bottle instead if a rigid one though!) Use my beanie hat stuffed with my fleece for my pillow (stupidly comfortable for how simple it is!) Have rehydration salts before and after sleeping - meant no cramp and little hangover! Take a camping stove and coffee/tea/porridge for mornings Take fireball whiskey - great for sore throats and getting drunk!
  11. I've got an exped synmat lite - love it! Cost around £120 but it's for wild camping as well. It's light, easy to inflate, super warm, super comfortable, doesn't deflate and is surprisingly robust.
  12. There's something about that place, it isn't just me that feels it - what makes this festival more than pretty much all others? For me it's how it reflects the real world. It isn't just an escape, where you go and forget about the world outside. It's a focusing lens, where the things which really matter - progressive politics, green activism, community spirit, defiance, love - are brought to the fore. Being there reminds you of what it means to be alive! It helps you fight your own battles and others' battles! I love how it blends it's roots of protest movements and paganism with the newer rock and rave cultures, its a true meeting of the waters so everyone who goes can find something new to learn! Things like the burning of the phoenix and the lotus moved me deeply, and I hope they continue both into next year! And finally - I love how it really is a place to let go and really be yourself. I found myself embracing my gender identity more than I've been able to ever before this year, which was a beautiful moment!
  13. 100% with you! There seems to have been so much discussing on what wasn't good, and so little celebrating what was and always is a magical 5 days! It wasn't perfect (though the weather got close!) but it was exactly what was needed. I cried as I set foot through the gates and I was crying at the end as the lotus went up in flames. Its not a music festival - it's a festival of life and being alive!! Can't wait for next year, to bring some new friends to the fest for their first time, to explore more of the hidden corners, to push myself to the limits of endurance in a cathartic dance once again, to celebrate everything we have and everything we've lost!
  14. Hey hey! Just about recovered from my 4th Glastonbury now and decided that after lurking here since January I should join the cult! It was my first fest since 2015 but felt like no time had passed since we last set foot in it - there's magic there, no doubt about it! Can't wait for next year, whatever happens - that valley is home for 5 days!
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