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  1. Definitely going to catch Kylie, whether I'll be in gold hot pants depends is still up for discussion. I'll more than likely see Miley. I wouldn't exactly describe myself as a fan but Mrs Inuit is so I think the decision has been made for me on that one (unless there's a clash that prohibits it). Janet is the one I'm least sure of. Apart from Scream and Best Things In Life Are Free, I can't recall many JJ songs I'm a massive fan of. Whether I see her is clash dependant
  2. It's got to be Can't Get You Out of My Head. The hook is a pure earworm
  3. Unfortunately a lot of the 'leave means leave' brigade have no time for facts or experts unless they are Patrick Minford, and even then they only selectively choose his arguments for a hard brexit
  4. Didn't know his dad was welsh and had a Hungarian mother
  5. That's a dream of a line up right there
  6. I'm hoping for an Aphex Twin secret set (in a microvenue or anywhere for that matter) most of all. As long as there'll be some decent DnB and techno to whet my whistle, I'll be a happy camper but by the time I get to the naughty corner I'm usually in a questionable state so if it bangs, I'll be loving it
  7. Easy Pass Out. It's the wristband that is issued to workers (and some campers) that are camped outside of the main site. Having an EPO means you don't have to show your ticket or get a pass out when exiting/entering the festival
  8. My thoughts exactly. It is a nightmare scenario.
  9. Indeed. This year's line up may not be the best compared to previous years, especially as it is lacking a massive marque headliner but I'd say it's easily as strong across the board as anything else in this country. We haven't even seen or have any idea what's going to be on Arcadia, the SEC, Silver hayes, the acoustic field, Avalon etc so there's still a few surprises in store. That and most of all, part of the fun of Glastonbury is getting completely blown away by something unexpected. It'd be interesting to see what people thought what would be the highlight of their festival compared to what it actually was
  10. Kinkyinuit

    Clashes 2019

    Yup, that's my line of thinking at the moment. Though where is he going to play? John Peel?, one of the dance stages/tents (god forbid), West Holts is a non starter due to it already being stacked with headliners and him subbing Wu Tang Clan doesn't make sense to me. Maybe, just maybe, he's been working with the Arcadia people to do something absolutely mind blowing. I can dream.
  11. Kinkyinuit


    I'm in the same boat. Love Wu Tang and I can't see them phoning in a headline set but they are up against Jon Hopkins and Hot Chip. Unless the timings are very forgiving, I doubt I'll end up seeing them this time. It's a shame because Enter the 36 Chambers is one of my favourite hip hop albums of all time. I've just got to pray that where ever Jon Hopkins is playing, it's after the Clan. + 1 for that, it was bloody marvellous.
  12. I'm with Super Nintendo on this. If I had to pick just one, C.R.E.A.M. edges it by the tiniest amount
  13. Aphex Twin. He's active (for him) again and playing Coachella so I am hoping he'll make an appearance on the farm in some capacity. I can see him being a late announcement, if at all. He'll probably just end up playing all weekend in a micro venue in the SEC for all of 4 people.
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