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  1. yep, there are a few banks of portaloos along / near the queue so you won't be caught short.
  2. I'd probably only go as high as £350, unless I won the lottery in which case money becomes no object and then I'd pay whatever it takes to get all of my crew in. Being quite happy to volunteer to get to glastonbury, I can't justify paying over the odds when I know I can get in for the price of a few shifts
  3. Kinkyinuit

    2020 wishlists

    1. Daft Punk - They were always going to be at the top of my list but they are firmly in the 'never going to happen' category 2. Aphex Twin - Either in a tiny venue under a moniker to 5 confused people or on West Holts 3. Fleetwood Mac - this is more for Mrs Inuit than me. The way that FM have refused to play Glastonbury until they were offered the right amount of money never sat right with me. I'd still go along and have a grand old time though 4. Massive Attack - it's been a few years since they've last been 5. Queens Of The Stone Age 6. Kate Bush - Along with Daft Punk in the 'never going to happen' list 7. David Byrne 8. Tool 9. Easy Star All Stars 10. Modeselektor Then there's Led Zeppelin, who controversially I'm not sure if I want to see them if they're only a shadow of their former selves.
  4. I'm in a similar boat. While Jon Hopkins was one of my highlights of the festival and enjoyed every second of it, Stormzy's set appears to be one for the ages so was a little bit gutted that I missed a slice of history there. I wish I stayed at Kate Tempest and watched Hot Chip instead of leaving early for The Chems but at the time it felt like the right thing to do. Aside from that, I felt I made mostly the right choices. There's a few regrets in the sets I missed due to laziness / wanting to minimise walking in the hottest parts of the day but overall I did ok
  5. Yeah I was in the same boat for a couple of the days. All of the anxiety of worrying about other peoples' enjoyment kinda shat on my own a little. Then there was the issues I generally have in that I can be very introverted at times and really struggle to maintain conversations / banter if I'm not in a great place. It's so frustrating as when I'm on form I am chatty and good company to be around, but when I'm not it just feels so awkward and then as soon as I become aware of the awkwardness, it's a vicious feedback loop. Fortunately the people I was with knows what I'm like and know not to take it personally if I'm being quiet but it's still incredibly frustrating at times. Generally though, things were ok. There was a couple of occasions where I felt really flat, low and/or fragile but it's to be expected I guess. Though I have come out of the experience feeling like I'm ready to make a few changes. I want to properly give coming off my antidepressants a go so I need to fully schedule how I'm going to do that and generally live a much healthier lifestyle, so it's all good really.
  6. Kinkyinuit

    Is It Too Hot?

    I love the heat but found saturday really hard work. It didn't help that I was nursing a tremendous hangover so all I could do was drink water till it was cool enough to drink. Weds-Fri was really hot but was just manageable. Though getting stuck in a 5 hour queue at Gate A and a 10 hour journey (having to drive from Liverpool, via Brighton) wasn't the ideal start to the festival. I pretty much was pouring water into my cap to keep my head cool. It worked a treat and at least fooled my body into thinking I wasn't boiling alive.
  7. Quite easily, I only caught their Shangri La set and it was one of the highlights of the weekend for me. I'd love to see them on a larger stage.
  8. I wrongly assumed that after Glastonbury, I'd stand a chance of actually having productive days at work. Work is still the same struggle as it was before and found myself staring longingly at the webcam, wishing it was last week again. The fear has already started to sink in for T Day but I'm confident that I will find a way in, whether by a ticket or volunteering. But in a massive bit of good news, the director of where I work has just treated me and Mrs Inuit to an all expenses paid holiday to Abu Dhabi for the Grand Prix in November, so that's taken all of the sting out the post glasto blues!
  9. Exactly. The man took a (very expensive) gamble which didn't pan out as intended. I'm not sure if he was fully aware of the risks involved (tbh I can not be bothered to go through and check) but I'm sure the vast majority of us would do similar if we had the same level of disposable income. Personally I feel sorry for the guy, I've fallen victim of a scam in the past (fortunately only lost £45 as was fairly sure it was a scam) so to see someone lose an eye watering amount of money and a place at the greatest party is a terrible thing, no matter how much the guy earns.
  10. Kinkyinuit

    Lessons learned

    It's a game changer, probably one of the few good ideas I've had this year!
  11. Kinkyinuit

    Lessons learned

    One thing I definitely got right was always having vodka and Kahlua with me to have White russians or Espresso Martinis depending on if I was walking past somewhere that sold milk or iced coffee
  12. I think I met the guy who did that. He'd been on the Twix since wednesday night, got caught by the police once and had his grappling hook taken off him and spent the next day edging round the site until he came across a telescopic ladder that someone had left or planted and made his entry.
  13. Kinkyinuit

    Lessons learned

    We fell victim to this as well, 5 hours in that sun with our stuff was a killer. Just was glad that I decided to pack relatively light on my first trip. Otherwise, I can only think of one major error in the strength of the rum and coke I made on the Friday. It was basically petrol and spent most of the night trying to get rid of it (because for some reason, adding more coke to it seemed out of the question). If anyone was at mybaby at the truth stage and was given ridiculously strong rum, I am sorry. If it makes you feel any better, I was in a horrendous state on saturday. Having a hangover on the hottest day of the year was not the most pleasant of experiences.
  14. Kinkyinuit

    Flops 2019

    WH was looking really sparse 15 minutes before he came on but it seemed to fill out to a reasonable level. I really enjoyed the set and was one of the highlights of weekend for me but yeah, Stormzy looked like he put in the performance of the festival. Just a shame i couldn't be in two places at once!
  15. Kinkyinuit

    Flops 2019

    I also found them quite underwhelming to be honest. I'm not sure whether it was down to the sound being a bit weak where I was or how wiped out I was from my earlier hangover but I struggled to get into it. The same could be said for Fat Boy Eats Everything, once again I couldn't get into it and find my groove. I'm more inclined to think it was down to how I was feeling that day rather than anything else as everyone else seemed to be having a grand old time. I was only whelmed by Pangaea. Clearly there is a lot more still to come from it and I was not expecting the same level of polish and spectacle that the spider had towards the end but it was still a bit of a let down after getting my mind blown by the spider for the last few years.
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