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  1. Looking back, I have no idea how my friends once fit 4 people and their stuff in an old fiesta and made it to Glastonbury from Southport without the suspension shitting the bed. As for tips regarding getting around the trolley ban, apart from the method @dondo suggested, I can't think of much else. I'm in a similar position this year as we're coming in by coach so having to pack v. light (and hoping some of our friends manage to get lucky in the resale so they can take our booze down in their car!) but the queues shouldn't be too bad so hopefully will get in easily enough. Once in if any of our group are struggling, we'll probably leave them with our rucksacks while the others go off with the tents to find somewhere to camp. It's so much easier without lugging around all of your stuff!
  2. She was amazing at Bestival in 2016 but she doesn't appear to be active over the summer. I can't see her accepting anything less than WH headliner though so it's even less likely she'll make an appearance. A shame because her set was banging
  3. Kinkyinuit

    Other Stage 2020

    Honestly, they are amazing live. Their set in 2014 was more mezzanine and heligoland heavy but as a spectacle and musical treat they were perfect. Easily in my top 5 sets of all time at Glastonbury. Even though I'd love to see them again, I think them headlining the other is a bit of wishful thinking along with RATM appearing.
  4. Kinkyinuit

    Other Stage 2020

    potentially yes. They are active in June with a gap over Glastonbury and it's been 6 years since they last headlined so I wouldn't rule them out
  5. If it wasn't the 50th then I could see them sneaking into the 3rd from top but I think you're spot on here
  6. And he seemed to enjoy himself as well. Definitely the set of the weekend for me I'm telling myself that he's saving Glasto for 2021 when his farewell tour is wrapped up and can properly enjoy himself, rather than be in the middle of an exhausting tour.
  7. Kinkyinuit


    I found Pangea quite whelming. It didn't blow me away like the spider did from 2013 onwards but it also didn't disappoint (ok, maybe just a little). I think the lack of a show/performance was one of the reasons for that but is understandable given the lack of time they have had to work/rehearse with the crane. The strong winds didn't help either and because the moon used was a pre-existing work of art I'd imagine it would both be a health and safety and insurance nightmare to have up in anything less than perfect conditions. I'm optimistic about the future of Pangea though have no idea how they are going to continue developing it, which honestly is reason enough for me to be excited
  8. And there's nothing like an Azores Finger to perk up your day!
  9. The Weather Thread - Where science and stress collideTM I never thought obsessing over big dogs, sticks and jars, tables, graphs and charts would be such an integral part of my Glastonbury experience but I honestly don't know what I'd do without these threads, Aside from actually doing some work in the 6 weeks leading to Glastonbury!
  10. Oh yes, it has been a few of years since I've been but Indeed. He had broken his left wrist in 2018 which put him out of playing bass for a little bit, so he ended up using a load of his old kit and made a load of acid again.
  11. Kinkyinuit

    Queue Times

    Essentially, this ^ By the time noon comes round, the queues are pretty much gone, though Gate A can have moments of business due to an influx of coaches arriving. As for space, there will be plenty but just hardly any in the camps that fill up straight away. Saying that, it just doesn't feel right not getting there as early as possible. Even though it's not the optimal way, I just can't not do it
  12. It's one of the most cramped smoking areas that I've ever been in and just was a very unpleasant experience. As for the importance, smoker or not, it's always good to have a nice, cool place to go to when you get too hot or need a break. XOYO can get boiling so not having a comfortable smoking area is another little negative to add to the list
  13. Damn. Why does Liverpool have to be so far away from London!
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