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  1. Kinkyinuit

    Secret resales

    If only... Ah well. I had an amazing time and made it regardless. If anything, all of the stress, the twists, turns and bags made it all the sweeter once I got there!
  2. Kinkyinuit

    Secret resales

    Nothing arrived in the end. Fortunately I didn't put much down so didn't lose as much as I could have! Still surprised it all worked out in the end, though learned a lot of lessons from the whole thing
  3. Kinkyinuit

    Secret resales

    Over my Glasto lifetime I've probably done all that and then some. Never all in one go but I do feel I need to adjust my Glastonbury karma. After this year's exploits, I've definitely tipped the scales over to sir David blagenbrough levels
  4. Kinkyinuit

    Secret resales

    Having only managed to get tickets on 2 occasions, it doesn't feel right not having a stress filled week or some element of blag to get in.
  5. Kinkyinuit

    NYC Downlow

    Exactly. I was flattered to be asked tbh. I wasn't made to be felt uncomfortable or coerced. As with most situations, if you approach it with a sense of humour and respect, you can't go much wrong.
  6. Kinkyinuit

    What made you cry at Glasto?

    The last 15 minutes or so of Kate tempest had me welling up. Such a powerful display of emotion. The last song really made my eyes sweat. Aside from that, Nile Rodgers talking about his cancer story nearly had me crying, which makes it the 2nd time that's happened at chic.
  7. Kinkyinuit

    NYC Downlow

    Though oddly enough, there was an awful lot of sausage on the menu at nycd
  8. Kinkyinuit

    NYC Downlow

    The whole dark room issue is the one that causes me the most trouble in regards to tourists who don't understand what they are, take a look and then get offended/shocked. It's hard to mitigate this from happening. They could have a notice or a sign by the dark room explaining this but that runs the risk of turning the dark room into even more of a sideshow/exhibit than it already is. Curiosity is one thing but I don't feel comfortable with people going in just to gawp at what goes on in there when they have no intention, respect or knowledge of what that space means to the culture. I've always been curious as to how depraved the dark rooms can get, but as someone who doesn't have an interest in participating, I find it disrespectful to go in just to look (side note: one time at berghain, my friend wanted to see what goes on in one of the dark rooms and decided to have a look. He took 2 steps in before quickly exiting. It took him 30 minutes to process what he saw before he could tell me). Essentially, the lgbt community preaches tolerance and respect. These values should be shared by all those who access the space, regardless of how they identify and should treat the space with the respect that the community have arrived so hard to attain.
  9. Kinkyinuit

    NYC Downlow

    My view is the NYCD is a safe space for all sexualities, but also exists to highlight the history of gay culture. As a venue, it's wonderful. It's dark, it's sweaty, the atmosphere is great and the music is amazing. that said, jut before I entered, one of the guys said to me "we've got one rule for guys in here. Tops off, dicks out". While I found the exchange funny and not to be taken too seriously, I can understand how those less accepting (not necessarily homophobic, just not been exposed to the scene) could find it threatening somewhat. Especially when hearing here that men had been coerced to or been fondled, that seemed to cross a line, especially if the roles were reversed and a woman was told to get naked or inappropriately touched, an uproar would be guaranteed. while I'm glad that spaces like this exist and thoroughly enjoy them, I can't help but think that some people view it like a safari. However, that is always a risk that a place that pushes boundaries takes I suppose. tl:dr it's a good place. If it's not your cup of tea, don't go. Simple.
  10. Kinkyinuit

    Secret resales

    Annoyingly my shifts got in the way of the Thursday secret resale meet up. After that, things get a little blurry
  11. Kinkyinuit

    Kate Tempest - Extraordinary

    I wouldn't be surprised if she got a pyramid slot by 2020. The trajectory she's had at Glastonbury, it's the next logical step.
  12. Kinkyinuit

    Glasto 2020: Passing the torch?

    I had the same thought myself. For me, this year was so perfect, it felt like the most fitting good bye to Glastonbury I could do. The weather was perfect, I did it justice and felt I got as much out of it that I could. In a way, I was ok with this one being the past because it was so good. In recent years, I've found I can not sustain the levels of excess and partying that I did in the past without being a husk of a human being by sunday. This year i was able to pace myself and had a better time (even though I worked out that there have been hours in previous Glastos where I had taken more illicit substances than I did all weekend). It may have nearly took me a decade, but I've finally learned how to party smarter and harder. So I've still got a few more in me!
  13. Kinkyinuit

    Kate Tempest - Extraordinary

    I've been a fan of her since the sound of rum days. She played at the club I worked in a few times over 09/10 and even then you could tell she was destined for bigger things. Her insight, passion and ability to break truths down was apparent back then. I've lost count of how many times I've seen Her but every time was special, every time it's brought me close, if not to actual tears. This year was no exception. I felt like I was put through an emotional wringer throughout the set. It was cathartic to say the least but left with this wonderful feeling of positivity and love. She truly is something special and should be required watching for everybody
  14. Kinkyinuit

    Clash regrets...I've got a few

    I had a super Sunday at west holts planned, ended up staying on the pyramid because I couldn't be arsed trekking over there and finding my group afterwards. I still had a great time and had already previously seen moderat and justice so didn't feel like I missed out too much. It's times like that where I wish I could clone myself
  15. Kinkyinuit

    New security measures in place

    I had a legit epo band. Apart from it being checked to make sure it was legit, I only got searched once going in. Even then because I was chatting away and having a laugh with the staff, they only did a cursory check of the front pocket of my bag before sending me on my way. From what I heard from my friends, the queues on the Wednesday were pretty long and tiring, exacerbated by the heat and moving at an annoyingly slow pace which didn't allow for breaks from having bags on backs. The main thing is, everyone survived and everyone had a mostly safe festival. I don't know how many (if any) dangerous items were found, but glass and flares still made it through so I'm not entirely sure what it achieved.

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